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Bertram is a company that has a unique story that originated from a single prototype that participated in and won the Miami - Nassau Race in 1960. The unique hull of the boat was unlike the hulls of competitors, with the deep-V running the length of the boat instead of tapering off into a planing surface. This hull design is one of the main features of Bertram yachts, and it allows for speed and stability in even the roughest of seas.

It all started with Moppie, the 23’ prototype that turned the heads of boaters because of its breathtaking performance. The unique prototype was able to cruise at 30 knots in rough seas which were unheard of at the time. Onlookers off Newport were stunned and before the day ended, Bertram had been commissioned to make a 31’ version of the boat. Thus, Bertram Yachts was born and started producing 31s from Hialeah, FL. The first production fiberglass hull Moppie won the Miami - Nassau race the following year in 1961, setting a new course record. Latter Bertram Yacht was purchased, and the large capital infusion from Motor Products Corporation went into building a new factory and provided funding for the development of future models.

Today, Bertram produces three models that are all evolutions of the original deep-V hull design. The highly desirable Moppie lives today at 35’. Outfitted for fishing, it is a serious threat to schooling mackerels or bottom fish, able to quickly get to an angler’s favorite spots while offering carefully designed storage, state of the art electronics and a flybridge for easy fish spotting. Moving up the food line, there are two larger models being produced - the modernized 50’ and 61’ convertible fishing models.

The yachts designed by Bertram are built with care and meticulously crafted with fine materials. As experienced boaters themselves, the craftsmen take every detail into consideration to achieve not only elegance but also utility and performance. Since 1960, these yachts have been known for their speed and stability, products of the revolutionary deep-V hull that shocked onlookers off Newport. The ability to handle rough seas while at full speed makes these boats a capable offshore companion for any angler.


bertram Yacht's Fast Facts

  • Began from a prototype that won the Miami - Nassau Race in 1960
  • Known for their deep-V hulls
  • Bertram specializes in offshore capable sport fishing yachts
  • The first Bertrams were manufactured in Hialeah, FL
  • Today they are located in Tampa, FL

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