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Bertram Yachts & Boats For Sale

Bertram is a company that has a unique story that originated from a single prototype that participated in and won the Miami - Nassau Race in 1960. The unique hull of the boat was unlike the hulls of competitors, with the deep-V running the length of the boat instead of tapering off into a planing surface. This hull design is one of the main features of Bertram yachts, and it allows for speed and stability in even the roughest of seas.

Frequently Asked Questions About Used Bertram Yachts

Do they still make Bertram boats?

Yes, Bertram boats are still made in Tampa, Florida, under the Italian-based Gavio Group, acquired in 2015.

What is the biggest Bertram?

The biggest Bertram currently in production is the Bertram 61 Convertible. This sportfishing machine is tailored for the open water and highlights exceptional seakeeping abilities, along with luxury accommodations and elegant designs — the 61 Bertram offers plenty of space for family and friends on extended trips. The 80 Bertram is the biggest yacht ever launched by Bertram, back in 2010.

Why are Bertram boats so good?

Bertram boats are among the best sportfishing boats to buy. They are crafted with the latest technology and deliver unmatched performance standards and comfortability. These boats also have a strong heritage, stemming from the revolutionary deep-V hull design that allows for greater speed and stability in even the roughest waters.

Where are Bertram boats built?

Bertram boats are built in Tampa, Florida, in a 120,000-sqft waterfront facility, formerly home to Lazzara yachts.

What happened to Bertram Yachts?

Bertram Yachts is still in business, operating under the Italian-Based Gavio Group. In 1960, Richard Bertram started Bertram Yachts and had great success with the 31’ Moppie. In 1998, the Ferretti Group acquired the brand, where the focus was on creating larger sportfishing boats. In 2015, the Gavio Group acquired the brand, with a portfolio including Baglietto, Cerri Cantieri Navali, and Bertram. The acquisition allowed the company to focus on releasing the recreated 35 Bertram, based on the brand's original boat, the 31’ Moppie, and the release of a 61 Convertible and 50 Convertible. Bertram also announced a new European Division for the iconic American brand in 2022.