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I recently completed a search for and purchase of my used 2018 Prestige 560 Flybridge. From our first chance meeting at the Ft Lauderdale Boat Show to our current text and email follow-up conversations Miss Judy Torrey impressed me as exactly what I could have asked for in a broker to a first-time boat owner.
Though having not owned a boat before she deftly assisted me in all facets of the qualification, search, feedback, contact, offer and contract procedure, survey, repair/costing, closing, and post-closing experiences. Her experience as a yacht captain were essential. She could recognize my shortcomings, but my potential, having sailed small ships in the Navy and being a current widebody airline pilot. She was hardnosed when warranted with sellers’ brokers or suppliers and even me at times, but knew immediately when to back off and let circumstances play out. She knew instinctually when to fight the current and when to let go and let it help the process.
There was no detail too small to escape her attention. She tracked down and made sure all warranties were transferable and transferred in the end. She gave me the resources to find dockage, service work, safe passage of the new boat to the W Coast, and important contacts such as a training captain.
I had no idea of the complexity and enormity of the transaction I was to undertake, and I don’t know if I could have done it without Judy Torrey. I do know that anyone else would have left holes in the wake of the deal. Judy left none and I am now a very confident and excited owner of a beautiful vessel. Thank you very much for hiring her. She is a 110%’er