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Paul Greig

I feel that I should address you as Joe given all of the great things that Pete Kostuk has said about you and your fine company. I am writing this letter to commend Pete for his hustle and persistence during our “romance” period and ultimately the purchase of a Tiara 44’ Coupe. My wife, Susan, and I met Pete at the Miami Boat Show and had no intent on purchasing a Tiara at that time. Pete walked us through all of the Tiara offerings and made an impression upon us regarding his knowledge of the Tiara brand and the service focus of Galati Yachts. After the show we did a good amount of shopping alternative brands. Pete continued his follow up with us during this educational period. Once we decided that Tiara was the right vessel for us, Pete worked with us to locate a boat that met all of our requirements. You are fortunate to have Pete on your staff. Pete is absolutely passionate about the boating lifestyle. I am sure that he will continue to be a great asset to you in the future. Both Susan and I would be please to act as a reference for both Pete and Galati Yachts.


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