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Jim & Donna Peltier

Again, with your help, our insurance coverage was completed today, and tomorrow, a year after our first visit we have attained our objective.
In my continual buying, and selling of these wasteful toys I have had more experiences then one might want, some good, and some terrible. However, none more pleasurable, or professional then the service you provided us, in the sale of our last vessel, and our recent purchase.
Your patience, and knowledge was exceptional, not in “selling” us a boat, but rather by building a relationship that enabled us to find and buy the boat we wanted.
Donna, and myself enjoyed working with, and feel you are the best.
I have wasted greater sums of money, certainly more foolishly, but……never with such enjoyment.
Thank you again, YOU are the best, and I look forward to our next endeavor, knowing you survived this one.


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