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Ed and Ann Roussea

The long awaited day has finally arrived when we can all say “It’s a done deal.” I’ll bet this is the longest boat sale of your career. It certainly was no small feat, right from the beginning last November with the boat being in Bradenton, your being in Palmetto, our being in Punta Gorda and the seller being in Tennessee. Just the logistics was enough to make one’s head buzz. And then there were the various times when it looked as if it was a “no go,” but you diplomatically and caringly persisted, even making trips here to Punta Gorda to follow up on things after you had relocated to another yacht sales brokerage, in another city.
When we first looked at the boat in Fort Myers, we thought of you as the seller’s broker. Before long we came to feel that you were indeed our broker as well. Your diligence and concern for fairness on both the part of the seller and the buyer was exceptional. You certainly seemed to go the extra mile for each of us and it is very much appreciated on our part. You always kept us informed as to what was going on. Your openness and honesty is refreshing, and your attention to detail is above average.
In the future, should the occasion arise, we would be delighted to do business with you again in the capacity of either a buyer or seller, and we definitely would recommend you to anyone we know. Thank you again for all your efforts.

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