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Dennis H.

I very seldom reach out to a company that I have done business with but am so inclined to do so this time. We recently purchased a boat from Galati and our sales rep was Jim Nelson.

Having been in the heavy construction equipment business starting my career as a sales rep myself I have become a critic of sales reps over the years.
I have to let you know that we were fortunate to have contacted Jim when we started looking at boats.

The Tiara we ended up purchasing is the largest boat we ever bought and there certainly is a lot more to purchasing a boat of this size than I had experience with.

Jim has been there for us throughout the purchase and certainly had to deal with my lack of knowledge.
I had many questions and he was extremely responsive.
Furthermore, his style, honesty, and knowledge was excellent.

What really prompted me to write today was the fact that he called me to see how I was making out and if I had any questions.
He is there after the sale; remarkable!

It is fairly easy to sell something to a willing buyer, but to be impressive deserves being recognized.