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Brian Johnson

I am sitting in Naples today waiting for the Hurricane effects to clear out so that AIG will bind insurance coverage which will enable title transfer on my new 2017 Tiara 44 Coupe. It’s a good time for me to compliment you for the performance of your organization. Pete Kostuk could not have been more thoughtful, competent and professional in the sales and education process. I have purchased my two prior Tiara’s used from their owners. This is my first new Tiara. Pete volunteered to take me to St. Petersburg to see the boat and arranged for a Captain from your office there to take us out on the boat. Our conversations that day and since convinced me to make the purchase. Never pressure, just enlightenment and encouragement. The following day I took my wife up to see the boat. The staff up there were very accommodating. Everyone else that I have met with your firm has been extremely competent and professional. The only glitch was that AIG refused to bind coverage on the boat until the storm effects have passed without damaging the boat. Here again your staff offered to “close the sale in escrow” since I am leaving town Sunday for one week and quickly amended the paperwork appropriately to accommodate my wish. I know that high performance organizations need good people on the front lines and the back office, but I also realize that ethics, training and attitude come as a result of fine leadership, so I compliment and thank you both.


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