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Bob Camastro

My name is Bob Camastro. My wife, Laurie, and I have recently taken delivery of a Tiara 3100 from Galati Yachts. This is our first boat purchase. I am writing this email to credit your entire organization. Right from the start, Jim Nelson was accommodating and professional. Even though Laurie and I were not sure exactly what we were looking for, Jim always remained patient and enthusiastic. Honestly, we started out only going to Galati to look at some boats. My business partner is an experienced boater and was to have us deal with “his guy” in Ft. Lauderdale. In the end, we just felt comfortable with Jim and your organization. Our initial feelings have since been vindicated by the service we have received from Mike Galati and his staff, including Dan Busby. As the owner of two Mercedes-Benz Dealerships, I tip my cap to everyone at Galati Yacht Sales. I have since used my experiences with your organization as an example for our businesses. Laurie and I look forward to many enjoyable years of boating. It is our expectation that the people at Galati will be right there with us!

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