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New Viking Yachts For Sale

Authorized Viking Yachts Dealer

Galati Yacht Sales has been the exclusive dealer for new Viking Yachts for sale on the Gulf Coast for more than 20 years, and we’ve serviced the brand long before that. Our goal of consistently exceeding our customer expectations parallels perfectly with Viking Yachts’ mantra to build a better boat every day. It’s the perfect combination of a great product backed by great service and a knowledgeable team.


Our Viking Specialists go through countless hours of new product training at the Viking Yachts factory. This ongoing training benefits our new Viking Yachts buyers because you can rest assured that your sales professionals understand the product, performance, build process and can help you determine the best features and options for your boating needs.

Viking Yachts range from 37’ to 93’ and are manufactured by skilled shipwrights in New Jersey at the Viking Yacht facilities. Additionally, Viking Yachts have a service facility in Riviera Beach, Florida, often referred to as Viking South. Viking Yachts are 90% built in-house except for components such as engines, transmissions, pumps, hoses, air conditioning units, electronics and entertainment systems, virtually everything else is produced by the skilled craftsmen at Viking Yachts.

When considering the purchase of a new Viking Yacht, you will want to think about the type of boating you will be doing – fishing or cruising or maybe a combination, will the boat be owner-operated or captain-maintained, will you be joined often by family and friends, how far of a range will you normally travel – your Galati Yacht Sales new Viking Yachts Specialists can walk you through all the options so your days on the water become the best memories of your life.

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The Viking Yachts Billfish was introduced in 2017 and is the perfect entry to the Viking product line or for a sportfisherman who is looking to downsize from a larger sportfisher or needs a versatile day boat as part of the fleet.

Viking Convertibles combine the functionality of a sportfish with the amenities of a motor yacht. Viking Yachts Convertibles range from 42’ to 92’ and are perfect for long-range cruising and big-game angling.

The Enclosed Bridge takes comfort to the next level with a totally climate-controlled helm station, reached via a staircase in the salon, as well as from the exterior ladder on the mezzanine level in the cockpit. The enclosed bridge easily serves as a totally unique second salon with refrigeration, an entertainment system and a view that can’t be beat whether underway, anchored in a secluded cove or even at the dock.

With three distinct models in the Viking Motor Yacht line, there have never been more options for making your own unique, one of a kind motor yacht. Whether you choose the Viking 75 Motor Yacht, 82 Cockpit Motor Yacht or the 93 Motor Yacht, you can be confident that your boat will live up to your expectations. The Viking Motor Yacht Fleet has all the bases covered.

Viking Open Yachts are the epitome of an athletic and racy express cruiser with their sleek sheer line, raked stem and razor sharp entry.

The Sport Yachts line is an exciting take on the Open models. Keeping with the same inviting and practical interior and deck layout, the Sport Tower adds a custom designed tuna tower available overhead stowage compartments for fishing rods and gear while the Sport Coupe can be outfitted with a fiberglass mast or radar arch, as well as custom paint schemes.

in-stock-flag New Viking 38 Billfish Yacht

Viking 38 Billfish

As owner/operator vessels, they offer simplicity and ease of maintenance, serving as ready-to-go fishing machines as well as...

in-stock-flag New Viking 46 Billfish Yacht

Viking 46 Billfish

Joining the Viking Yachts fleet in 2019, the all new Viking 46 Billfish is the next step in the evolution of the popular...

New Viking 44 Convertible Yacht

Viking 44 Convertible

As with the 44’ Open, this new 44’ Convertible is designed for those who find this size Viking fitting their needs for...

New Viking 48 Convertible Yacht

Viking 48 Convertible

The Viking 48 Convertible is an exquisite addition to the already impeccable fleet offered by Viking Yachts.

New Viking 52 Convertible Yacht

Viking 52 Convertible

Please welcome the new 52 Convertible to Viking’s fleet of world-renowned blue-water tournament contenders!

in-stock-flag New Viking 54 Convertible Yacht

Viking 54 Convertible

Viking Yachts reaffirms its domination of the mid-size convertible with the new Viking 54. The three-stateroom, two-head...

in-stock-flag New Viking 58 Convertible Yacht

Viking 58 Convertible

Scheduled to make her public debut at the 2018 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, Viking Yachts is proud to introduce...

New Viking 62 Convertible Yacht

Viking 62 Convertible

The Viking Yachts 62 Convertible composite cored hull is resin infused with a high modulus of Dupont’s Kevlar, carbon...

in-stock-flag New Viking 68 Convertible Yacht

Viking 68 Convertible

The Viking 68 Convertible features the attributes of all the larger Viking Yachts yet delivers the handling and efficiency...

in-stock-flag New Viking 72 Convertible Yacht

Viking 72 Convertible

The Viking 72 Convertible is the newest addition to the Viking fleet. Following in-suit of the the Viking models before it,...

New Viking 80 Convertible Yacht

Viking 80 Convertible

Like all new Vikings, the 80 Convertible hones its blue-water DNA from its stable mates.

New Viking 92 Convertible Yacht

Viking 92 Convertible

Coming soon! Luxurious, elegant, seaworthy, supremely fishable, and completely splendid!

New Viking 62 Enclosed Bridge Yacht

Viking 62 Enclosed Bridge

The Viking 62 Enclosed Bridge is a showpiece in the Viking Fleet.. The composite cored hull is resin infused with a high...

New Viking 68 Enclosed Bridge Yacht

Viking 68 Enclosed Bridge

The Viking Yachts 68 Enclosed Bridge is a great option for those who want to extend the fishing season or who need the extra...

in-stock-flag New Viking 72 Enclosed Bridge Yacht

Viking 72 Enclosed Bridge

The interior of the Viking 72 Enclosed will feature a J-shaped sofa, a U-shaped galley with custom granite countertops,...

New Viking 80 Enclosed Bridge Yacht

Viking 80 Enclosed Bridge

Like all Vikings, the 80 Enclosed Bridge hones its blue-water DNA from its stable mates.

in-stock-flag New Viking 80 Skybridge Yacht

Viking 80 Skybridge

A popular Viking innovation, the 80 Skybridge features a climate controlled helm station easily reached from the salon, as...

New Viking 92 Enclosed Bridge Yacht

Viking 92 Enclosed Bridge

Luxurious, elegant and splendid! Welcome to the Viking 92 Enclosed Bridge Convertible, the largest model built in Viking’s...

in-stock-flag New Viking 92 Skybridge Yacht

Viking 92 Skybridge

From top to bottom, the Viking 92 Skybridge is a true masterpiece. From skybridge to engine room, this yacht lives up to...

New Viking 75 Motor Yacht Yacht

Viking 75 Motor Yacht

Viking created a new chapter in motor yacht construction with the design of the new tri-level 75 MY.

in-stock-flag New Viking 82 Cockpit Motor Yacht

Viking 82 Cockpit Motor

Viking Yachts 82 Cockpit Motor Yacht is the latest addition to the Viking Motor Yacht family.

in-stock-flag New Viking 93 Motor Yacht Yacht

Viking 93 Motor Yacht

The Viking 93 Motor Yacht breaks the ground in motor yacht styling and delivers outward-bound horizons with style and...

in-stock-flag New Viking 38 Open Yacht

Viking 38 Open

The Viking Yachts 38 Open shares similar traits as the 38 Billfish, however she differs in the command deck and bridge...

in-stock-flag New Viking 44 Open Yacht

Viking 44 Open

With the 44 Open,Viking Yachts bolsters its reputation for building the finest express fish-and-cruise models in the boating...

New Viking 48 Open Yacht

Viking 48 Open

With its sleek sheer line, raked stem and razor sharp entry the Viking 48 Open melds perfectly with the one-piece...

New Viking 52 Open Yacht

Viking 52 Open

Serious Anglers should take a close look at the Viking 52 Open Yacht packed with all of the features that you would come to...

New Viking 44 Sport Coupe Yacht

Viking 44 Sport Coupe

Creating a model within a model has been a successful path for Viking as demonstrated by the Viking 44 Convertible and 44...

New Viking 44 Sport Tower Yacht

Viking 44 Sport Tower

The 44 Sport Tower will be a sharp looking rig with its fitted Palm Beach Towers’ tuna tower. Add a pair of outriggers and...

New Viking 48 Sport Coupe Yacht

Viking 48 Sport Coupe

The Viking 48 Open, 48 Sport Tower and 48 Sport Coupe share a commonality of plush comfort and entertaining amenities.

New Viking 48 Sport Tower Yacht

Viking 48 Sport Tower

The 48 ST (Sport Tower) is a sharp looking rig with its fitted Palm Beach Towers' tuna tower.

New Viking 52 Sport Coupe Yacht

Viking 52 Sport Coupe

The Viking Yacht 52 SC (Sport Coupe) features the eye-appealing profile of the Viking Yacht 52 Convertible with its...

New Viking 52 Sport Tower Yacht

Viking 52 Sport Tower

Delivering unparalleled performance under the most challenging of sea conditions, Viking’s new 52 Sport Tower is sure to...


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