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New Valhalla Boatworks Center Consoles For Sale

Valhalla Boatworks center consoles are the latest brand from the legendary builder of Viking Yachts. The brand was developed to fulfill a strong desire for high-end center consoles built by the Viking Yacht Company.

The new breed of center consoles sets evolutionary standards in performance, engineering, quality and fishing capabilities. Valhalla Boatworks is dedicated solely to designing and building some of the best performance center consoles with the same Viking Yacht traits and quality.


Noteworthy features on deck include raised transom live wells, in-deck fish boxes, strategically located rod holders, a port dive door and an abundance of storage space. Valhalla Boatworks utilizes the same resources as Viking’s vertically integrated company. Major components of each build such as hardtops, Marlin & Gap towers and electronic packages are manufactured in house by skilled shipwrights in New Jersey at the Viking Yacht facilities.

Galati Yacht Sales has been the exclusive dealer for Viking Yachts brands on the Gulf Coast for more than 20 years, and we’ve serviced the Viking brand long before that. We are very excited to represent Valhalla Boatworks and bring this center console line to our customers. Our goal of consistently exceeding our customer expectations parallels perfectly with Viking Yachts’ mantra to build a better boat every day. It’s the perfect combination of a great product backed by excellent service and a knowledgeable team.

When considering the purchase of a new Valhalla boat, whether you are fishing or cruising or maybe a combination, your Galati Yacht Sales new Valhalla Boatworks specialists can walk you through all the options, so your days on the water become the best memories of your life. 

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The new breed of high-performance center consoles are equally adept and equipped for coastal or offshore trips. The V-Series features the latest in hull designs, cutting edge fishing equipment, and innovative deck designs for additional storage of fishing accessories. Valhalla Boatworks V-Series will include 3 new outboard-powered Deep-V monohulls, the V-33, V-37, and V-41. All with the same amazing Viking design traits that can be found from stem to stern.

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Valhalla Boatworks Frequently Asked Questions [Valhalla FAQ]

Where are Valhalla center consoles built/manufactured?

Valhalla Boatworks is an extension of the Viking Yacht Company, based out of Mullica and New Gretna, New Jersey. Valhalla Boatworks has a dedicated facility – Viking Mullica – with separate production lines for each model; this manufacturing operation will soon be expanding with an additional 7,500 square feet of production space.

Are Valhalla boats manufactured in-house?

Yes, the majority (about 90%) of every Valhalla boat is designed and manufactured in-house.

Who owns Valhalla Boatworks?

Brothers Bill and Bob Healey founded the Viking Yacht Company (parent company to Valhalla) in 1964 and it remains family- owned and operated. Bill’s son, Patrick J. Healey, is the CEO and President of the Viking Yacht Company. Robert Healey Jr., who is Bob’s son, is the Executive Co-Chairman of the Viking Group. The third generation of the Healey family – Pat’s sons, Sean and Justin – are now fully involved with Viking and have been key players in the development of Valhalla Boatworks.

How many center consoles does Valhalla Boatworks have?

Valhalla Boatworks currently offers four center console models in their V-Series. These models include the V-33— smallest of the V-series, V-37, V-41, and the newest family member— the V-46.

How much does a new Valhalla Boatworks center console cost?

Depending on what model you choose, engine package, and additional accessory packages you add, prices can vary greatly. Base prices range from just over $300,000 for the V-33 model to over $550,000 for the V-41 model. These base range prices do not include additional options, upgraded engine packages, or updated features. Model pricing for the V-46 has yet to be released.

Is Valhalla Boatworks associated with Viking Yachts?

Yes, Valhalla Boatworks is a subsidiary company to Viking Yachts. The Viking Yacht Company prides itself as the premier manufacturer of quality convertible yachts, open yachts, and motor yachts ranging from 37-93 feet.

Where can I find new Valhalla Boatworks center consoles for sale?

Galati Yacht Sales is a certified Viking & Valhalla dealer representing Viking Yachts & Valhalla Boatworks center consoles in the Gulf Coast region, along with Costa Rica. Galati Yacht Sales is the largest seller of new Viking Yachts and has been an authorized Viking dealer for over 20 years; while also servicing the brand long before that.

Our team of Viking & Valhalla Specialists understands the product, performance, and build process of every model. When considering the purchase of a Viking Yacht or Valhalla center console, our specialists can walk you through all the options, so your days on the water become the best memories of your life. Our entire team supports you every step of the way, making your buying experience most enjoyable.