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Cruisers Yacht


Want to get on the water quickly? You’ll find many new boats in-stock at one of our in-water displays located throughout the Gulf Coast. Check out these great values and start enjoying your new boat quicker than you thought possible.

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in-stock-flag New Cruisers 338 Bow Rider Yacht

Cruisers 338 Bow Rider

The Cruisers 338 Bow Rider features two huge cockpits and a mid cabin with standing headroom suitable for two people to...

in-stock-flag New Cruisers 38 GLS Yacht

Cruisers 38 GLS

Cruisers Yachts 38 GLS continues to push the boundaries of versatility. Perfectly packaging a bowrider and outboard with big...

in-stock-flag New Cruisers 42 Cantius Yacht

Cruisers 42 Cantius

Stepping aboard the swim platform on the 42 Cantius, boaters will find a single entry to the cockpit on the port side. The...

in-stock-flag New Cruisers 46 Cantius Yacht

Cruisers 46 Cantius

The Cruisers Yachts 46 Cantius is the newest model added to the fleet. She is loaded with all of the latest innovations,...

in-stock-flag New Cruisers 50 Cantius Yacht

Cruisers 50 Cantius

The Cruisers 50 Cantius is a perfect combination of complete luxury and unbeatable craftsmanship. She features sleek lines...

in-stock-flag New Cruisers 54 Cantius Yacht

Cruisers 54 Cantius

For the person who likes to bring the outside in, the Cantius 54 by Cruisers Yachts must be experienced to fully grasp the...

in-stock-flag New Cruisers 60 Cantius Yacht

Cruisers 60 Cantius

The 60’ Cruisers Cantius offers exceptional space, layout, and comfort combined with top performance and joystick docking.

in-stock-flag New Maritimo M51 Motor Yacht Yacht

Maritimo M51 Motor Yacht

Maritimo’s M51 is a compact flybridge motor cruiser that combines a keen sense of contemporary style and a maritime...

in-stock-flag New Maritimo M59 Motor Yacht Yacht

Maritimo M59 Motor Yacht

The Maritimo M59 truly showers its passengers with luxurious amenities, breathtaking wood detail, a spacious layout and...

in-stock-flag New Maritimo S51 Yacht

Maritimo S51

The sleek and stylish S51 is a real head turner. Maritimo has engineered a vessel that takes the rough conditions of the...

in-stock-flag New Maritimo X50 Yacht

Maritimo X50

From its race-infused bloodline, the X50’s powerful exterior form blankets an innovative yet simplistic functional web of...

in-stock-flag New Maritimo X60 Yacht

Maritimo X60

The all new Maritimo X60 is nothing short of spectacular. This new X Series added to the Maritimo line flawlessly...

in-stock-flag New Prestige 420 Flybridge Yacht

Prestige 420 Flybridge

The new Prestige Yachts 420 Flybridge blends contemporary styling, comfortable amenities, and reliable diesel performance to...

in-stock-flag New Prestige 420S Yacht

Prestige 420S

Chic, sporty atmosphere in a coupe version. The new Prestige Yacht 420S, with her distinguished, sporty look, offers an...

in-stock-flag New Prestige 460 Flybridge Yacht

Prestige 460 Flybridge

The Prestige 460 features a two well-appointed staterooms and generous open living spaces that are warm and inviting...

in-stock-flag New Prestige 520 Flybridge Yacht

Prestige 520 Flybridge

This Prestige 520 Flybridge is designed for relaxation and this is evident starting with the extra, extra-large...

in-stock-flag New Prestige 520S Yacht

Prestige 520S

The Prestige 520S is built for high-speed performance and easy handling on the open waters. Her sporty design and open...

in-stock-flag New Prestige 590 Flybridge Yacht

Prestige 590 Flybridge

A generous flybridge and sleek radar arch enhance the onboard comfort and the powerful look of the new Prestige 590...

in-stock-flag New Prestige 590S Yacht

Prestige 590S

A sporty, elegant boat, featuring a large, electrically controlled opening sunroof over the saloon, as well as a very...

in-stock-flag New Prestige 630 Motor Yacht Yacht

Prestige 630 Motor Yacht

The yacht division is set to exceed the passengers experience aboard a luxury yacht. With her bold, clean lines exterior and...

in-stock-flag New Prestige 630S Yacht

Prestige 630S

The Prestige 630S Express inherits the finest attributes of the Prestige Yachts, with a refined, luxurious interior and...

in-stock-flag New Prestige 680 Motor Yacht Yacht

Prestige 680 Motor Yacht

The Prestige 680 Yacht was designed by the Garroni Design group and her hull design was designed by the world renowned...

in-stock-flag New Viking 38 Billfish Yacht

Viking 38 Billfish

Viking Yachts new 38 Billfish takes a contemporary styling on the memory of a classic vessel and is now an integral part of...

in-stock-flag New Viking 38 Open Yacht

Viking 38 Open

Viking Yacht's announcement of the new 38 Billfish and 38 Open models present new and exciting options that attract the...

in-stock-flag New Viking 44 Open Yacht

Viking 44 Open

The Viking 44 Open not only appeals to families ready to take the next step into the Viking lifestyle, it's also a logical...

in-stock-flag New Viking 44 Convertible Yacht

Viking 44 Convertible

The Viking 44 Convertible is a comfortable, capable tournament contender as well as a luxurious cruising yacht with two...

in-stock-flag New Viking 46 Billfish Yacht

Viking 46 Billfish

The Viking Yachts 46 Billfish is the natural progression for the Billfish line. Viking Yachts introduces another exciting...

in-stock-flag New Viking 48 Sport Tower Yacht

Viking 48 Sport Tower

The Viking 48 ST is one of the models within a model of the very popular Viking 48 Convertible, the Viking Sport Tower has...

in-stock-flag New Viking 58 Convertible Yacht

Viking 58 Convertible

Scheduled to make her public debut at the 2018 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, Viking Yachts is proud to introduce...

in-stock-flag New Viking 62 Convertible Yacht

Viking 62 Convertible

The Viking Yachts 62 Convertible composite cored hull is resin infused with a high modulus of Dupont’s Kevlar, carbon...

in-stock-flag New Viking 68 Convertible Yacht

Viking 68 Convertible

The Viking 68 Convertible features the attributes of all the larger Viking Yachts yet delivers the handling and efficiency...

in-stock-flag New Viking 80 Convertible Yacht

Viking 80 Convertible

We proudly present the Viking 80 Convertible, another of Viking Yachts made-in-America, ground breaking designs professing...

in-stock-flag New Viking 80 Enclosed Bridge Yacht

Viking 80 Enclosed Bridge

Like all Vikings, the Viking 80 Enclosed Bridge is manufactured to order and will provide its owner with a one-of-a-kind...

in-stock-flag New Viking 82 Cockpit MY Yacht

Viking 82 Cockpit MY

The Viking 82 Cockpit Motor Yacht provides a seamless transition from a luxurious, high-performance cruiser to a blue-water...

in-stock-flag New Viking 93 Motor Yacht Yacht

Viking 93 Motor Yacht

The all new Viking 93 Motor Yacht is just the latest example of Viking’s never ending drive in pursuit of excellence.

in-stock-flag New Valhalla V-33 Yacht

Valhalla V-33

The Valhalla V-Series V-33 is a new breed of center console designed to excel as a hard-core fishing boat and built to the...

in-stock-flag New Valhalla V-37 Yacht

Valhalla V-37

Valhalla Boatworks V-37 is designed and built with the same DNA as the premium Viking yachts we know and love. This new...


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