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  • Introducing Galati Live | Virtual Yacht Tours


    A live interactive walkthrough of our yachts with a certified sales professional from the comfort of your home.

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    We’re making shopping for a yacht easier than ever. Now you can shop remotely, live with a Galati certified sales professional! You’ll do it all from the comfort of your home— or wherever you happen to be. Our sales professionals will provide 360-degree tours, live walk-throughs, and best of all— answering any questions you have, live!

    It’s almost like being onboard!

    Our certified sales professionals will take you from stem to stern describing everything as they go. They’ll answer any questions you have, go into the fine details, and explain any unique features. Want a close-up of a particular option? They’ll get it for you. Want to see that instrument panel again? No problem. You’ll get a real feel for the yacht before you ever step onboard.

    Benefits of Galati Live

    No Crowds, No-Hassle & Completely Free
    Pre-select the yachts you want to see in person
    Get Your Questions Answered Fast
    Shop When it's convenient for you

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