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The 2021 Invitational
Gulf of Mexico

Orange Beach, AL

June 24, 2021 - June 26, 2021

Proud Tournament Sponsor

Galati Yachts is proud to sponsor the 2021 Invitational Gulf of Mexico Tournament. 30 Teams. One Fish. One Million Dollars. It’s the newest and highest guaranteed payout tournament in the Gulf of Mexico, held at The Wharf Marina.

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The 2021 Invitational Scoring:

Weighed Blue Marlin:
1 Point Per Pound for weighed Blue Marlin with a tournament minimum length of 112″

Catch and Release:
Blue Marlin: 625 Points
White Marlin/Sailfish/Unidentified Billfish: 200 Points

Tournament Scoring:
1st Place: Single heaviest weighed Blue Marlin wins the tournament
2nd-4th Place: Most accumulated points from weighed Blue Marlin and Catch and Release Points

The winning weighed Blue Marlin CAN NOT be combined with any other accrued team points toward a 2nd-4th place finish for the winning team.

The winning team may however accrue points from catch and release and/or any non-winning weighed Blue Marlin.

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