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  • By: Galati Broker Jimmy Azzolini is proud to work with Carrie Chambers in our Business office. (10/3/2017)
  •  In recent closing involving the sale of a 2014 66 Viking Enclosed Bridge for $3,500,000 for a new young very successful Galati Customer, there was a lot on the line in the final few days. The customer had a charity fund raising fishing event for some very important VIP clients of his and their son aboard his new 66 Viking that had been scheduled for over one month. He had been working with a local bank that he had conducted business with in the past for his loan. To say they dropped the ball with plenty of notice would be a massive understatement. 
      In the final 24 hours Carrie Chambers of Galati Yacht Sales's in house finance team given only what she had to run with in the last 24 hours until the vessel need to be closed....literally saved the day. Carrie working in house as part of the team recognizes the level we all stride to as a company to exceed the customers expectations. It is not just another boat loan, it involves the kinetic energy from within to make for a seamless closing. In this case with short notice Galati's in house closing team coupled with Carries experience with unlimited contacts and resources and keen sense of product knowledge adding true value to the product and not just another "book value" not only allowed Carrie to fund the vessel on time, but also provide the customer with a better rate than the lender who had been working on he loan for 5 weeks prior. 
     A true testimony to what Carrie Chambers and Galati Yacht Sales can offer for all your lending needs. 
     Thanks again Carrie. 
        Jimmy Azzolini
  • By: Happy new owner Jim (8/29/2017)
  • Thanks, John.
    It was really a great trip - we covered nearly 2200 miles , over half with just the 2 of us.  Overall, the Prestige functioned beautifully.  We certainly are far from expert, but we're getting reasonably competent with most aspects of the boat.  We both love the Prestige. Your mentorship was extremely valuable, and we greatly appreciate your skill and advice in preparing us for some "real world" experience.
    We appreciate your willingness to help- look forward to seeing you at Orange Beach.



  • By: Jane & Joe Savage (6/14/2017)
  • We wanted to let you know how very much we enjoyed the trip to Key West.  It was so fun, and Kerry, Carole and family were gracious and delightful.


    We are so thankful that you offer these Rendezvous.  It adds tremendous value, and it is a great opportunity to get to know other boaters who share the same passion.


    Looking forward to more fun times with the fabulous people at Galati and all the friendly people who were smart enough to buy their boats from them.



    Jane & Joe Savage

  • By: John D. Jassy (5/9/2017)
  • I worked with Andrew Maryott of Galatti Yacht on the sale of my 2006 310 Chapparal Signature. He has been nothing short of amazing. I had a serious skiing accident 3 years ago and was unable to use the boat. Therefore, it had numerous issues. Andrew helped with them all, found a patient, qualified buyer, got me an excellent price for the boat and has always been a gentleman, attentive and responsive. I couldn't give him a higher recommendation. If you plan to sell a yacht you couldn't do better than Andrew.

    John D. Jassy

  • By: A.J. & Lori Boechler (3/24/2017)
  • Last year my wife and I moved to St. Petersburg. We decided to purchase a boat. After visiting several dealers and brokers in the area we almost gave up finding someone in the St. Pete area to help us find a boat. It was amazing that the sales people would never return phone calls! One of my neighbors suggested a visit to Galati. We drove up, walked in and asked if someone there would please sell us a boat. We were lucky that Teddy Garsva was on call that day. He attentively listened to what we wanted to do with the boat and what our initial budget was. Over the next 60 days Teddy and I spent many hours driving around Florida and Alabama looking at possible purchases. I am happy to say we finally purchased a Tiara Sovran 4400. Teddy even helped captain the vessel from Miami to our doc. We are very happy with our purchase and would highly suggest Teddy to anyone who is looking for a well experienced pleasure craft consultant.
  • By: Frank Chase (2/22/2017)
  • “I purchased a boat through Galati Yacht Sales in Orange Beach at the end of May 2011 and I am sending this note along to toy to tell you how much I appreciate the help of Ben Montgomery in this transaction. My wife Teresa and I first met Ben at the annual boat show at the Wharf in the spring of 2010 and were very impressed with him and his knowledge of boats. He also had a great way of helping new boaters zero in on boats that were a fit for their lifestyle and finances. We made up our mind then that if we ever bought a boat it would be through Ben at Galati.


    Through we didn’t find the right boat at that show, Ben stayed in touch with us frequently until the boat show in 2011. While listed by another company, we found the 33’ Blackfin that we were looking for at that show and asked Ben to represent us in buying it. Ben, with great help from Marissa Fritz, made the purchase go smoothly and on time. What I had expected to be a frustrating process was exactly the opposite and we are truly enjoying our boat, now moored at Point Clear, AL.


    After the sale, Ben has helped me build a network of reliable folks to keep the boat serviced, clean, reliable and safe for the family. He has become a trusted advisor to a new boater and I appreciate it very much. Ben is an asset to Galati Yacht Sales and is well respected in the Orange Beach area.

    I value my relationship with Ben, and with Galati Yacht Sales. Please thank Ben for me and try to make sure he is around when we move up to larger boat in the future.”

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