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Reasons to Consider a Viking Motor Yacht

By: Mary Strauss

Date: 4/9/2018

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With three distinct models now in the Viking Motor Yacht line, there are many options for making your own unique, one of a kind motor yacht. Whether you choose the Viking 75 Motor Yacht, 82 Cockpit Motor Yacht or the 93 Motor Yacht, you can be confident that your boat will live up to your expectations. This new Motor Fleet has all the bases covered.


10 Reasons to Consider a Viking Motor Yacht:

  1. Great Ocean Ride
  2. State-of-the-art Hull Construction
  3. Right Engine Power
  4. Structurally Sound
  5. Clean & Accessible Engine Room
  6. Construction Techniques to Maximize Performance & Improve Efficiency
  7. Fuel range & efficiency
  8. In-house R&D
  9. Customer Centric
  10. Dealer Network

When it comes to covering the basics of what it takes to meet the requirements of “being a Viking Yacht” the new Motor Yachts had to have all the characteristics expected from this world class brand in order to create higher expectations for the Motor Yacht Buyer.

1. Great ocean ride

It all starts with the same deep V hull design that earned Viking Yachts the nickname of “Battle Wagon”. This nickname was earned by boaters who are going out on the water whether it’s rough or not to chase game fish and demand a boat that they can rely on for pursuing their sport.


In order to be worthy of the Viking buyer, the all new fleet of Motor Yachts has a hull bottom engineered to provide its owners with comfort equal to their tough sportfish siblings. The motor yachts’ hulls effortlessly pierces through the waves with its bow lifted above the water slicing through the impacts to shield you from the forces of nature. The hulls have to be able to do all this without sacrificing performance and that means reduction in unnecessary drag to improve water flow wherever possible. Bow thruster openings are scalloped to keep water flow away from the inside tunnel, water intakes and struts are recessed to maximize cruising speeds and maintain overall performance enhancing characteristics.


Viking Motor Yacht Hull Design

2. State-of -the-art hull construction

A Viking Motor Yacht hull must be strong without compromising performance, range, or fuel capacity. Viking Yachts has been an industry leader in the art of resin infusion technology which reduces unnecessary weight while providing superior tensile strength and rigidity resulting in larger fuel capacities, range, and faster more efficient cruising speeds. Quality control is greatly improved by ensuring that laminate and coring materials are precisely patterned and precisely fitted eliminating the chance of inconsistencies that human error sometimes causes in hand laid solid fiberglass construction. The vacuum suction in resin infusion works by drawing out air from the materials while pulling the resins in to replace the empty space. This process allows for the resin to be evenly pulled into every pore of the materials resulting in stronger hulls and superstructures with dramatically less chance of delamination issues or weight inconsistencies.

Viking Motor Yacht Hull Construction

3. Always the right power for the job 

Viking knows that your time is valuable, and that outfitting your Motor Yacht with the right engines for the job is more important than the right engines for the average market price point. Having added performance with larger power options not only means the engines won't have to work as hard but can also make the difference between pulling into your destination in time for lunch or rushing just to tie up before the sun goes down.

4. Strong backbone 

Propelling a yacht of this size and weight at high speeds is accompanied with incredible forces at play in the engine room, especially when the ocean isn't cooperating. In order to get the job done, your Motor Yacht needs to have the structural strength to handle it. Viking has spent decades perfecting their stringers to handle the loads in stride by adding rigidity where it counts including structural steel beams over the stringers for precise alignments and secure mounting of the engines.

5. Clean & accessible engine room

Viking takes the engine rooms in their motor yachts seriously and knows how important it is to have good access to all your key components when you need to get to them quickly. Great headroom and outboard space for moving around the engines is an important ingredient for improving the ownership experience. All equipment is expertly laid out and installed in the best places possible while maintaining a clean and uncluttered look with painted surfaces that are easy to keep clean and maintained.

Viking Motor Yacht Engine Room

6. Construction techniques to maximize performance and improved efficiency

The number one killer for performance and efficiency is weight, and every unnecessary pound in the construction process takes energy that could be used to carry passengers and supplies for extended trips.


Viking uses every conceivable modern construction method to eliminate wasteful burning of fuel by designing lightweight, yet strong, components. For example, the interiors have beautiful hand-crafted wood cabinetry but behind those elegant wood finishes are cutting edge composite cores. When you have as many custom crafted cabinets as the motor yachts do this construction method adds up to more fuel capacity, longer range, and faster speeds.

Viking Motor Salon

7. Fuel range & efficiency

By eliminating all the unnecessary weight and drag from their builds, Viking is able to provide your yacht with larger than usual fuel capacities without compromising performance, resulting in better range and shorter trips to the destination.

8. In-house R&D

By consistently reinvesting into the business, the Healey family and Viking is able to control their own destiny and are constantly developing new features into their boats. Viking has the ability to tool new designs and fiberglass components in house and not rely on outside contractors. Having the ability to develop and create the molds in-house means better quality control and the ability to release new designs and features for customers at a faster pace

9. Customer Centric

Extensive infrastructure along with a substantial financial backbone for riding out any storm is essential if you want to build a Motor Yacht like Viking and be successful.


Viking is always moving forward with new innovations and new products making it almost impossible for others to keep up. Now with two state of the art manufacturing facilities in New Jersey and two factory-owned service facilities in NJ and South FL for customer support, Viking is committed to the customer's ownership experience.

10. Dealer Network 

Choosing the right dealer is as important as the motor yacht brand you select. To be a Viking dealer, you have to live up to Viking’s very high standards. Fortunately, the Galati family was already a perfect match the day these two companies met, so many years ago, and Galati Yacht Sales, just like the Viking Yachts, never stops improving the customer experience.  Galati has made major investments in education of the sales professionals and service team, multiple marinas with haul-out capabilities and  extensive mobile service teams covering the Gulf coast from Galveston, Texas to Naples, Florida including Costa Rica and Mexico.

Viking Motor Yacht and Galati Yacht Sales

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