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Quick Specifications

  • Length Overall: 50 ft. 6 in. (15.39 m)
  • Beam: 17 ft. 0 in. (5.18 m)
  • Draft: 4 ft. 10 in. (1.47 m)
  • Gross Weight: 66,500 lbs. (30,164 k)
  • Fuel Capacity: 1,000 gals (3,785 l)
  • Cockpit Area: 132 sq. ft
  • Water Capacity: 183 gals (693 l)
  • Power Options:
    • MAN CRM 1100 MHP Base
    • MAN CRM 1360 MHP Opt

Viking 50 Convertible Yacht Description

Serious Anglers should take a close look at the Viking 50 Convertible Yacht packed with all of the features that you would come to expect from its larger siblings. The Viking 50C Yacht is packed full of the special value and quality that only Viking can deliver.

To start with, it is no slouch when it comes to performance. The Viking 50 Convertible Yacht is equipped with 1,360-horsepower, 12-cylinder MANs will provide a top speed of 40.3 knots. and at 2050 rpm you are looking at a little more than a 35 knot cruise and a fuel burn of roughly 96 gallons per hour. If you decide to go with the optional fuel capacity (1,200 gallons) then you should be looking at a range of more than 400 nautical miles or just-enough to make it from Florida to to Mexico by crossing the gulf. Happy with a over 30 + knot cruise and would like to shave off a little of the price tag? The standard 1,100-horsepower, 10-cylinder MANs, will deliver a respectable 32-knot cruise and 36-knot top speed.

Following the design success of the Viking 60 the Viking 50 Convertible Yacht has fine, slightly convex sections forward and a 12-degree deadrise at the transom. The Viking 50's chine flats have slightly more radius at their intersection with the bottom than is common-a feature that will reduce slapping in a quartering sea. Just like the other new generation Vikings, trim tabs (3 total) are used as the propeller pockets to divide the transom. Each tab operates independently to allow the Captain more control. The outboard tabs will handle most trim issues, but if more to muscle is needed to plow through a head sea, the center tabs are available.

The Viking 50 Convertible Yacht should satisfy even the most critical of anglers who have come to expect great things from Vikings "form follows function" design ideology that's customary among tournament boats.