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Tiara Yachts has been boat building for over four decades. Hailing from Holland, MI, Tiara builds Open, Sovran and Convertible yachts for sale in both the American and International markets. It is their conviction that to be the best is not sufficient, for that is only a comparison to the standards of others. Tiara Yachts sets itself apart by pursuing the ultimate goal of perfection, both in the products they make and in the entire conduct of their business. As a dealer of Tiara Yachts, Galati Yacht Sales is proud to represent this prestigious brand. We offer you this opportunity to view our new Tiara Yachts for sale.

Coupe Yachts for Sale

Tiara 39 Coupe

Tiara 44 Coupe

Tiara 53 Coupe

Tiara 44 Flybridge

Tiara 53 Flybridge

Coronet Yachts for Sale

Tiara 3100 Coronet

Tiara 3600 Coronet

Tiara 3900 Coronet

Open Yachts for Sale

Tiara 3100 Open

Tiara 3600 Open

Tiara 3900 Open

Tiara 4300 Open

Sovran Yachts for Sale

Tiara 3900 Sovran

Tiara 4500 Sovran

Tiara 5800 Sovran

Convertible Yachts for Sale

Tiara 3900 Convertible

Tiara 4800 Convertible

Q Series Yachts for Sale

Tiara Q 44

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