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From the largest hull to the smallest detail, every component of a Princess yacht is meticulously designed and crafted. There will probably be some finite elements you may never notice. But combined together, they create something truly exquisite that draws attention. As a dealer of Princess Yachts, Galati Yacht Sales is proud to represent this top of class brand. We offer you this opportunity to view our new Princess yachts for sale.

M Class Yachts for Sale

Princess 30M

Princess 35M

Princess 40M

Flybridge Yachts for Sale

Princess 43FB

Princess 49 FB

Princess 52FB

Princess 56FB

Princess 60FB

Princess 64FB

Princess 68FB

Princess 72MY

Princess 75MY

Princess 82MY

Princess 88MY

Princess 98MY

S Class Yachts For Sale

Princess S65

Princess S72

V Class Yachts for Sale

Princess V39

Princess V48

Princess V48 Open

Princess V52

Princess V58

Princess V58 Open

Princess V62-S

Princess V72

Princess V85-S

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