Reports From the Rip: Never Trust Whitey



I got up this morning just before sunrise and jumped on my bike.  The sun had just peaked the eastern sky here in Cap Cana and the sky to the east was on fire as the sun peaked  though the clouds towards Puerto Rico. The morning air here was not as humid as it has been so, I road the length of the beach and back around the marina. The boat crews  that are fishing today were begining to stir as I rode back around the sea wall in Cap Cana Marina. But for the most part the docks were quiet as most boats here fished all weekend. 

We moved the boat around to Cap Cana two weeks ago from the Marina at Casa De Campo where we had been fishing for the past few months.  Cap Cana is situated on the eastern most tip of the Dominican Republic and is in the area known as Punta Cana. The past few months we fished the FADs off of Casa De Campo on the south eastern side of the DR. There was mostly Blue Marlin. As that season fades, the season around the corner at Cap Cana begins. The Cap Cana fishery consists mostly of White Marlin, though there are a few Blue Marlin caught here as well. In fact, there have been a few slams caught in the past week. ( a slam is three different species of billfish...  example ...White marlin, Blue Marlin, and sailfish ). Capt Rich on the Shark Byte completed a double slam a few days ago. With as many as 7 to 12 whites a day and more, this can be a fun place to fish.


The marina here is nice and modern. While it does not have many of the conveniences that Casa De Campo offers, The short distances you have to run off shore makes up for it somewhat. 

Years back there was a funny movie called the Jerk. It stared Steve Martinewho played a "poor black child" from Mississippi  When he moved away from home his father gave him some advice for the world. " The lord loves a workin man... Never trust whitey... and see a doctor and get rid of it" We use the middle part  of that quote daily when fishing for white marlin. The white marlin that gather here are fast to strike and quick to leave. Just when you think you have figured out how to hook them, you will miss the next few fish for no apparent reason. NEVER TRUST WHITEY.  They will really drive you nuts. But once you have hooked one, you get to see what all the fuss is about. Whiteys tend to be one of the most acrobatic billfish you can seek. They perform multiple jumps and speedy runs that will put a smile on the face of any seasoned angler.


We have fished a few days here in Cap Cana and caught whites every day. Our best day was 5 out of 8. We will fish this coming weekend again before we head further east. Next monday, we will head to Puerto Rico for a couple of days to do some provisioning then we will make for St Thomas. 


another release
Whats he looking at?
Pulled this little guy out for a quick shot
Beautiful Pool right on the beach
Dan letting another one go
Dorsal fin all lit up

Written by: Capt. Ed Thompson

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