The Solunar Table: Discussed by Anonymous Experienced Fisherman

Some avid fishermen swear their success with finding the best bite is attributed to following the Solunar tables. Solunars combine data that includes sun and moon movements based on time of day as well as weather conditions.

However, one experienced fishermen wrote an article in The Online Fisherman explaining his theory that not all the information on the Solunar tables is necessary in evaluating the best time to fish.

The experienced fisherman recalled times he was unsuccessful when the Solunar data gave him the go ahead and times the Soluna data said to stay home which he disregarded and ended up catching bass, redfish, and snook like there would be none left the next day.

The fisherman’s theory states that the ‘lunar’ part alone of the Solunar tables is significant to finding the best bite. From his experience, the sun’s movement and the weather are very small factors compared to the moon’s rise and set. The fisherman advises to start fishing one hour before the moon rises or sets; and to fish until the moon is up for one hour or gone for one hour. In addition, the best bites occur two days before a full moon and two days after a full moon.

Originally Published by The Online

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