The Marlin Bite is Going on Here in Casa De Campo

The fishing is great here in Casa De Campo Dominican Republic. The Blue Marlin are pushing in and the number of bites per day is getting better by the day. The marina is filling up quickly with boats from all over in search of the elusive Blue Marlin. It seems that each day a different boat that fishes out of here is a hero. There is no rhyme or reason at times to fishing here in Casa De Campo. One day a boat will go out and catch 4 for 9 Blue Marlin and see 4 more. The next day they will go out and catch only one. When I say 4 for 9 Marlin, I mean that the boat got 9 bites but caught and released 4 of those fish.

As the sun sets each afternoon and the breeze cools the docks, adult beverages cool sunburned lips of crews that stand around and talk of the ones that were caught and the ones that got away. Talk often goes the way of a debate as to why does one boat catch 6 Blue Marlin while one fishing right next to them only caught two. I always grin when I hear this. We are blessed with good numbers of Blue Marlin fishing out of Casa De Campo. Guys here often lose sight of the fact that there are not many places in the world where one can go out and catch at least one Blue Marlin a day. Hell there are guys in the Gulf or the Bahamas that will catch one Blue Marlin for every two days of fishing and consider that great.

I think the best day for anyone this year is 7 Blue Marlin. While there have been a number of boats that have caught 6 in a day this season. There was one boat that went 3 for 9 and saw 5 more fish. Seeing 14 Blue Marlin a day is unheard of most anywhere.

If you want to keep up with the daily catches, go to the following web site.

Vilma and Jesmine do a great job of documenting the daily catches.

You will notice the Blue Heaven is not mentioned recently. We have been riding the dock lately. The boss should be back soon though. I hope its sooner than later. I sure hate missing out on the great bite going on.

Originally Published by Capt. Ed Thompson of the Viking 64 Sportfish "Blue Heaven"

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