Sock-footed Angler

Many times in past posts I have written about guests catching their first blue marlin. It’s always special. But this past weekend we had a father and son that we took fishing. Neither of them had caught a blue marlin before.

The first day we managed to catch the father his first blue marlin. It was very exciting and he was ecstatic. The blue was on the smaller side but gave him a great fight on 30 lb tackle. We had a couple other shots that day but only came tight on one other fish, only to pull the hooks.

Upon returning to the dock, tradition has it that when an angler catches his or her first marlin, they get thrown in the water. We talked about it, but decided that we would wait till his son caught his first blue as well.

On day two, once again we had some good shots on fish but just could not capitalize on the shots we had. Day three proved very slow. We had one fish in the spread around midday that barely bit the left short rigger bait. The day wore on and the anxiety increased with each minute. I wanted to catch a blue marlin for our guest’s14-year-old son so bad.  This young man had not felt well at all for the three days we had fished and never complained one time. He was a real trooper.

Things were looking bleak as the clock pushed to 15 minutes till 5 pm. It was not looking good. Then out of nowhere a nice size blue marlin popped up behind the left teaser. As soon as I started to retrieve the teaser, the blue faded back and clobbered the lure just behind the teaser. Everyone went into fight mode and everyone was screaming for Mason. All the lines were being retrieved but the young man was still in the cabin. (perhaps thinking we were pulling his leg.) When he finally walked onto the back deck, there was chaos of all the lines being retrieved. Seeing the line steadily pealing off the reel with an aggressive marlin on the other end stunned him. He was still a bit groggy standing there in his socks after napping on the couch. He soon realized that he needed to jump into action. He did so like a champ. He stepped up to the rod and reel and showed the marlin that he was not asleep anymore. Gone too was the nausea.

The fish headed down sea and played give and take for the first 15 minutes of the fight. With his arms and hand beginning to cramp, and still in his socks, the young man toughed it out. We nearly got the leader to the tip of the pole a few times but this fish was a mean one. The fish had no idea that the 14 year old at the other end of the line was more determined that it was.

Once Matt grabbed the leader there was a loud unison cheer that I believe was heard in Japan from everyone onboard. We worked the fish along side and got some great pics. I am not sure who was prouder ... the angler, the father, my mate or me. Lots of high fives and congrats to one hell of a sock footed angler.

Originally published by Captain Ed Thomas

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