Reports From the Rip


Burke caught his first Blue Marlin and got thrown in 


The past few weeks have seen very pretty slow fishing here in Casa De Campo. The last week was brutally rough, with 25 to 30 kt winds nearly every day. The main body of fish has yet to show up here. But they do every year, so we are all waiting.

We have fished a little and had limited luck so far. We have hooked and lost a few and caught some fish. One of the Fish we caught was a Blue Marlin that could not have weighed more than 30 lbs. As Capt Tim Richardson of the Ambush said " It was kinda like a blue marlin... only smaller". We actually had one even smaller chase up a bait as we cleared the spread but it did not eat.

Well as it Does every season about this time, We have run out of American milk. We met some crew off of a yacht here and talked the Stewardess into smuggling a little milk off of their boat. Dan And I each savored it as if it was a fine wine.

Casa De Campo had their 2016 Season kick off party/ banquet last weekend. They really did a great job. Somehow they found a rock group that played southern rock. The food spread was so over the top good. Its a good thing I did not see the deserts before my main meal or I would have saved more space. Keep up the good work Vilma. Looking forward to the Gringos vs the dock attendants this sunday night.


Like a blue marlin only smaller


Blue Heaven as viewed from La Casita Restaurant 


By: Captain Ed Thompson aboard the Blue Heaven

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