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Written By: Ben Roberts

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Galati Yacht Sales is coming into the winter season on the tail winds of an extremely successful year, but with the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show – or The Superbowl, as COO of Galati Yacht Sales Darren Plymale puts it – only days away, we find out how Galati reads the market to effectively place their inventory in the right waters.


A Positive Year
The U.S. brokerage firm is bringing its largest inventory ever to the docks of the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, and after delivering over four yachts over 100ft in the second quarter with 1 sale over 200’, the positivity of the American market is already apparent in the face of imminent change.


“That momentum was able to carry us through to the summer, again loading the cannons and gaining quality listings supports our show efforts with getting back out to the market," explains Plymale.


“It’s our largest display of product we’ve ever had in the show and when you look at it, we’re displaying over 100 million dollars in listings in a time where the pre-owned market is as competitive as ever in 8 years. Simply because the available listings are shrinking.”


With shows like Fort Lauderdale presenting a platform for hundreds of yachts spread across over three million square feet, Galati Yacht Sales looks at just more than an opportunity to show people on the docks on board.


The Indicators
“We call Ft Lauderdale and Miami the World Series and the Superbowl," adds Plymale. "It’s just a matter of timing, it could be the economy, it could be consumer confidence, it could be the stock market.”

“When you take a look at it, our stock market is hovering over 18, our consumer confidence is over 100 and our fuel costs are still way down as we’re looking at around 45 dollars a barrel.” 

“Our interest rates are still extremely aggressive; we have so many positive factors although we have one of the craziest elections going on. I think people are looking past that and making their decisions regardless and saying ‘We have worked very hard over the last few years and looking to go have fun with our family and friends.” 

“That’s what we start looking at for headwind and the signs now are very positive. There’s a lot of wind in the sails, those indicators are all pointing at positive trends.” 


With a team of professionals boiling down the key factors, a view on gaining high quality listings and then attaching key market predictions to marketing and sales, Galati Yacht Sales is riding a wave of positivity which will take them past the uncertainty of the U.S. elections.


We’ll be on the docks of the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show with the goal of delivering filmed interviews with experts like Darren Plymale and capturing an in-depth take on the American Market as it stands in the face of the U.S. elections and beyond.

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