Play Time is Over..Time to Start Fishing Again!

The usual blue skies dotted with passing clouds have been replaced with a haze here in St Thomas. The view from the starboard window of the boat usually shows St. John and Tortola and the entire smaller island as a blue sky and blue water vista with the islands looking almost three dimensional. The sky is now a grey blue and the islands are all grey to the east. The Saharan dust is here. ? This time of year, the Saharan dust field sweeps westward across the Atlantic from West Africa. It tends to impede the formation of much rain when it is here but it also dulls down the tropical views we have. Oh well… We are still in paradise.

The fishing report is spotty. Few boats have been fishing as of the last week. There seem to still be a few fish showing up on the South drop and the North drop as well. Seeing a few blues each day does not seem to be the problem. It’s getting them to eat that is the hard part.

We have been waxing and fixing and organizing for the last few weeks. Yes, there have been some play days down island, but the boss comes back in tomorrow. Woohoo! We get to start fishing again! I think we will fish our way to bitter end, Virgin Gorda, and back over the weekend. We should have some great pics and reports.

Originally Published By: Captain Ed Thompson

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