Old Salt Loop Fishing Tournament

Old Salt Loop Fishing Tournament

by Jason Lozeau

Loaded with 700 gallons of extra fuel in bladders, my client Ken Cummings and I pulled anchor on “Hooker,” his 48’ Viking Convertible (sold by yours truly), and charted course for a solid 231 miles, straight into the Gulf of Mexico. Our goal? Winning this year’s Old Salt Loop Fishing Tournament. Our challenge? Overcoming heavy seas to do so.

With the backdrop of a large offshore oilrig standing majestically in the water, fishing for the first day and night was not an option when we reached our chosen destination. Eight to 10’ sloppy seas precluded us from doing so. In fact, fishing conditions were anything but ideal for the next two days, as 35-40 knot winds with steady 6’ plus seas made things a bit rough, at best.

The seaworthiness of Ken’s Viking, however, handled the rough waters in stride. The rigs stood tough and so did our sea legs! Team Hooker never lost sight of our goal – reeling in prize-winning catches. And… reeling in we did! Team Hooker took first place for the winning Tuna, while I reeled in the team-winning second place Tuna. Team Hooker also took first place when I reeled in the winning Wahoo, followed by Team Hooker’s second place catch, too!

With only a few hours left before sundown, and the calmest waters of the tournament yet (only 2’ to 3’ seas), our adrenalin was racing. It was the last day of the competition and the coveted title for the winning Marlin catch was still to be had, but not for long.

With great pleasure, I’m proud to share that I am very fortunate to have won this event with Team Galati in the past and now with Team Hooker, all on different size Vikings. I love the excitement of winning these tournaments with clients and co-workers, as we make memories and friendships that last a lifetime. “Winning isn’t everything,” as the saying goes. But, I’m here to tell you, it sure does feel great!

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