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Since a recent change in representation and distribution for Maritimo Yachts in the Americas, Galati Yacht Sales has been discussing an expanded role with the manufacturer. Joe traveled to Australia to begin this process, and for the past few weeks, we’ve been working on a program that we feel makes sense in todays’ market. Some of our focus has maritimo yachts newsbeen on addressing new customer friendly warranty procedures, standard US equipment lists, simplified pricing, and consolidated model offerings. I’m happy to report that we have made great headway, and we will be representing the American Markets for Maritimo at the upcoming Fort Lauderdale Boat Show.

This comes on the heels of Maritimo’s best year ever in North America. The product continues to improve, and two models have risen to the top of the sales charts this past year, the M50 and the M58. Several of each of these have been delivered in the US and Canada in the past year, and I will be delivering an M50 myself after the show. The Australian currency has adjusted to a more historically typical level, and that has allowed us to get even more competitive than we’ve been in the last few years. Maritimo has also just introduced a new model, the M65, and 5 were sold within just a few of weeks of that announcement. This model will prove to be a great seller in the USA as well.

Here’s the BIG NEWS……..we will have two Martimo’s at the show this year, a 2015 M50 MotorYacht (hull 18), and the newly refined M58 MotorYacht (hull 12). Both are fresh, the M50 having arrived just a week ago, and the M58 discharging in Savannah this coming weekend. BOTH ARE AVAILABLE FOR DELIVERY NOW!

Specification sheets on these two boats will be available shortly, and prior to the show, will have new sheets and Maritimo pricing in place, including the new standard US spec packages, and Special Show Pricing.

Maritimo is showing their commitment to us at the show this year by having company founder and President Bill BarryCotter, International Sales Manager Greg Haines, Rosco Willaton and John McCarthy all in attendance. If there are any questions, please stop by and see us at the show.
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