Mr. Starnes Said:


"I recently purchased a Tiara 4000 Sovran from Galati, and I wanted to share my experience with you. As a business owner, I hear about all the bad things that my staff may do but I rarely hear about the good stuff, so when I experience exceptional customer service I want to point it out. Please bear with me, but the best way for me to explain my experience is through some examples.

This is the third boat I’ve bought over the past 4 years, and this experience was as different from the others as night and day. I had complained to my friends that I got more attention to my issues from a $30,000 car purchase than from a boat purchase that was 10 times that amount. In reading boating magazines, my experience with the other dealers seemed to be the norm in this industry.

Your people worked diligently with me in every aspect of this purchase including arranging the financing, keeping me informed on the status of the boat, the delivery and the orientation. I’ve probably driven Howie crazy, but he addressed every one of my concerns and questions immediately and professionally. As with any new boat, there were a few minor issues that had to be taken care of, and Larry addressed all of these issues in a timely manner.

As I look back over this e-mail, it occurs to me that it doesn’t adequately address the contributions both Howie and Larry have made to make this process a pleasant experience. Let me sum it up by saying that they actually put your mission statement into their actions instead of just words.

There were a couple of other instances that I’d like to bring to your attention. After my wife & I took the boat out for the first time, we were cleaning it and realized that we didn’t have a vacuum cleaner for the carpet in the upper cockpit. My wife was taking some clothes to the laundry room at your Anna Maria Marina, and I told her to take the carpet to a car wash and vacuum it. She went into the marina office to ask for some change for the washer, and asked if they had a vacuum cleaner we could borrow. The lady in the marina found some of your detail people and borrowed their vacuum cleaner for us. Up to this point, this just seemed like good customer service. My wife told her that she would bring the vacuum cleaner back when she came back to change the clothes from the washer to the dryer. Your employee offered to come to the boat and retrieve the vacuum cleaner and even to change our clothes out from the washer to the dryer! While we didn’t take her up on this offer, we were impressed that she was willing to go above and beyond to this extent.

Another instance was when we first took the boat from Tampa Bay to Anna Maria. The next morning, I was looking around in the engine room and noticed a flashlight that had been left in the bilge that had gotten underneath a pulley and had some of the plastic shaved off it. I called Howie, not to fuss about it but to see where to take the flashlight so the mechanic could get it back. Within 15 minutes, there was someone from your Anna Maria office at my boat apologizing profusely for the flashlight being left there. Within the hour, someone from your Tampa Bay office was there also apologizing for this. It had slightly frayed one of the belts on the engine, and this was replaced during the next week.

I’d like to close by saying that Galati has truly consistently exceeded my expectations in virtually every aspect of this purchase. It’s such a contrast from the other boat buying experiences I’ve had, that I share it with everyone that talks to me about my boat. Thank you very much, and I can assure you that when I get ready to replace this boat, I’ll come back to Galati."


Kenneth Starnes

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