Mr. Gonzmart Said:

Good morning Terry,

"I have already told a half dozen people about my most recent great Galati experience. I have a General Manager’s meeting for our company coming up in a couple of weeks and I am going to share the positive experience I enjoyed with you and your team.

Last week I lectured at a USF Management MBA program and I shared that in a tough economy companies need to focus on their customers and providing exceptional service. Too many companies are focusing on reducing payroll, services, and quality believing this is the only way they can survive this challenging cycle. As a student of the history of service oriented companies, I have only this to say, those that do not focus on exceeding customer satisfaction will fail! Everyone was so nice to me yesterday when I came to pick up my boat. I felt as if I was among close friends.

Our great country was founded by family businesses and they are the backbone to our continued growth. I have been making it a practice to try ad only do business with family owned companies, they stand behind their name and do not look at the customer only as a number. I recently fired my bank; I didn’t know anyone any longer. Although I was one of their great accounts, I felt as if they were only concerned about their problem loans. I took my business to a community bank where they know us and care about us. They know when we shake hands, that is more binding then any contract. That is how I feel about the Galati Family, their word is binding.

Galati has always met and exceeded my expectations, from Pep Shappee who sold me the boat and stays in contact to be sure I am happy to the entire service team. Having had boats most my life as a child and as an adult I have never had this sort of relationship. I went without having a boat for almost 20 years because of the lack of confidence in my provider. I have this to say, that when I see the economy turnaround, I will be back in to but my next boat from the team at Galati, possibly that 520 Cruiser.

Please forward me the names of those that worked on my boat happen so I can formally thank them. Also please share my email with anyone at Galati."

My ride home left me wanting to go boating right away.

Cheers, Richard Gonzmart 4th Generation Columbia Restaurant Group

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