Let Me Paint A Picture For You

Let me paint this visual for you. It's 8 pm. the sky is clear except for a few puffy clouds being pushed thru by the warm tropical Caribbean breezes. The constellation Orion is directly overhead. We are seated on the stone step seats of a replica of a greek amphitheater. The lights go dim…

A small thick man sporting a blue sequined Blazer and brilliant blue round lensed sunglasses saunters out onto stage. He takes a seat and begins to play. What I am referring to is the recent Elton John concert here at Altos Chavon in Casa De Campo.

The Amphitheater looks like it is three hundred years old and the stone steps are not the most comfortable seats, but the acoustics and ambiance were outstanding. Sir Elton John and his band played way past the normal concert durations of ones you may see now a days. He sang all of his greatest hits and he sounded as good as he did 20 years ago. His work on the Piano. was mind-blowing. At 68 years of age. a normal persons arms would have fallen off if they jammed on the piano with the intensity he did for that long of a duration.

There was a middle aged Dominican man sitting to my right. I politely asked if he spoke english. He said no, so I conversed with him a bit before the show in my broken spanish. But when the show started, He belted out every word to every song in perfect clear english. It was a really cool event to have been a part of.

I do owes thanks to both Jesmine and Vilma for being such heroines and saving the day for me on the concert tickets. Y'all are the best.

There are now 22 boats here in Casa de Campo Marina. Fishing still remains a bit slow by CDC standards, But most boats are catching 1 to 2 blues a day out of 2-3 bites. There are not to many places in this hemisphere that can boast numbers like that in March. As the bait continues to show up, the numbers will steadily increase. Soon we will be seeing 3-7 blues a day.

The docks seem to be alive each night with new boats arriving, old buddies reconnecting and talk of todays and tomorrows catches. Each night there are steaks grilling , fish frying and other awesome food smells wafting down the dock. Its kind of a strange yet familiar feel as the numbers of boats increase and the crew community grows. Each boat brings a different vibe from the area or state they are from. And oh did I mention the food?

Originally Published by Capt. Ed Thompson of the Viking 64 Sportfish "Blue Heaven"

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