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leaders of yacht industry

Carmine Galati, as an owner and operator of Galati Yacht Sales, Carmine Galati knows a thing or two about selling boats, providing value and unsurpassed customer support, as well as consistently exceeding the expectations of his customers. It all begins with strong family commitment, the ability to work well together, and also the dedication and continuity of every team member of the company.

PMY: How long have you been involved in the industry?

Galati: Nearly 44 years. Our company was founded in 1970 by my father, Michael, and my mother, Anna Maria. We started with meager beginnings, and although my siblings and I were quite young (ages 10, 8, 7, and 6), we were required to work everyday. My father sold boats; my mother ran the store and kept track of the books. My brothers, my sister, and I washed boats, worked on the docks, and sold fuel and bait. We did whatever was necessary to serve our customers in any way we could.

Today I am happy to say that the hard work, perseverance, and commitment of our family and the team members who worked along beside us have proven successful. We’ve built our business from one location on Anna Maria Island to nine locations in total. We have expanded throughout the Gulf of Mexico with locations in Florida, Alabama, and Texas. We also have opened locations in Michigan and Costa Rica.

I am also proud to announce that our family commitment continues. Some of the third generation have graduated college and have joined our business. We expect more to follow.

PMY: What makes your company unique compared to the competition?

Galati: I don’t believe that our main competition is other boat dealers, but rather other recreations such as RV ing, world travel, golf, etc. People who have recreational dollars to spend make a conscious decision on where to spend those dollars that give them the most enjoyment.

It’s our job to provide the lifestyle of cruising and fishing, and at the same time create value and earn their business. In order to do that, we have to provide them first-class products along with exceptional service. We do more than just sell boats. We offer an array of services to our customers all as “standard” amenities.

We don’t charge more for them…it’s all part of the “Galati Difference.”

In addition to value, the cost of ownership is very important. We work hard to provide services and maintenance that help control those costs. When a customer purchases a vessel from us we are there for them … each and every day ... from the day of delivery until the day they sell or make another purchase.

PMY: Has your philosophy ever changed due to market influences?

Galati: It hasn’t changed a bit. Yes, market influences have created both good times and tough times in this industry over the years, but our philosophy and core has not changed. We never waiver from what we believe is “right and wrong.” We don’t change our business practices and ethics because times get tough. We continue to do what we’ve always done and our sales have increased every year. With this growth we are also selling and listing superyachts with great success.

PMY: What do you think the biggest challenge in the market is today, and how is your company meeting that challenge?

Galati: I think the biggest challenges are things that we simply can’t control such as the economy, fuel prices, and things of that nature. We meet these challenges like we always have. We stay true to our core and continue to provide value, customer support, and ways for customers to enjoy their family, friends, and time on the water.

PMY: How can companies such as yours help to grow boating participation with younger children?

Galati: We strongly promote boating for all ages. Families and children are a huge part of our business. We teach women and children how to run boats with our programs, “Ladies at the Helm” and “Teens at the Helm.” Our own children have been boating their entire lives. They take young people out on the water to cruise, fish, dive, water ski, wakeboard, etc. They also participate in rendezvous and fishing tournaments. We highly encourage family boating. I myself have priceless memories spending time with my family on the water. I look forward to doing more with the next generation as well.

Originally Published by Power and Motoryacht on January 2014

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