George & J.R. Hendricks Said:

Dear Joe,

We have not met through our years of buying boats from Galati Yachts. Hopefully that will change, and we will meet at some point soon! My wife and I have purchased three boats through your company since 2010. We feel it is important to express why we keep coming back to Galati Yachts. Even though we have not been buyers of large yachts, we have been treated by your company  as if we were large boat buyers!

Sean Cardow, your service manager, Matt, Jeff, and all the others in your service department follow through on commitments and do the job right the first time. Your employees who do everything from answering phones to Marissa, who has taken us through  three closings in five years, have made our experience with your company a great one. Of course we are crazy about Brett Driver, who we think you have mentored through his years in the marine business. The guys cleaning boats, painting boat bottoms, and working in the yard have never been anything but courteous to J.R. and me, as we come and go from your business. Then, two weeks ago I mentioned to both Sean and Brett that we were going to The Wharf at Orange beach for a week. It was all they could do to try and provide us a Galati slip at The Wharf.  And through their desire and professionalism, they did just that. We also met Stan and your staff there, who all were as friendly and accommodating as your staff in Destin. I know Stan had to move boats to provide us a slip, and we could not have appreciated anything more. It meant a lot to us, since we never asked for that courtesy. it just came with buying from Galati!

What we are saying is that Galati Yachts is a happy experience from top to bottom for us. Nothing is perfect, but your group works at being better every day. That has to start with someone at the top, and I know it has to be you and your brothers who create that kind of business atmosphere. Service, service, service, and people skills! These are traits that are instilled in your employees and you must be very proud of them.

Obviously, we are happy and felt we should share with you our thoughts with you. Most employees in the sales and service business never hear a lot of good, but do get the complaints. All of your people deserve credit in making dealing with Galati a pleasure. It is easy to see why you have achieved the success that Galati Yachts has in the market place!

Thank you again. Keep making people happy!

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