Family First

If there is one thing that stands out to me in the industry that I work in, Its the fact that we are a family or a brotherhood as some call it. The sport fish community is relatively small, but spread out all over. Some boats spend much of their time in the bahamas some in the caribbean. Where ever we travel, we all look out after each other. If I need a part that I can not find locally, there is a great chance that one of the other boats at the marina where I am at will have it and they will be more than glad to give it to me. Beyond the boating aspect of the tight knit community, there is a brotherly bond that ties all of the crews together. The phrase, "I've got your back" is a fitting one when it comes to the brotherhood. Recently My Mate tyler got some news that there was a heath issue with a family member back home. He flew home a few days ago and thats where he needs to be. What has stuck me most is the concern everyone on the dock has for Tyler. I am asked many times each day how he is doing. Im asked if there is anything they can do in his absence. Everyone seems to want to know if there is anything they can do and they all keep telling that Tylers family is in their prayers. Makes me proud to work around people like this. We travel a lot and miss many times with our families. We always want to be gone chasing that next big fish, But we always miss our families.

I wrote this poem a few years ago, I have posted it before and I will post it again.

I sit on the boat and dream of home For months on end, we travel and roam Plying the waters, we fish here and there Home in our thoughts as the ocean we dare When home, we dream, of being at sea Our thoughts of the boat do constantly be We want to be there and chasing big fish Our minds do wander, of travels we wish Torn between two, we are pulled to and fro We live for our dreams that we only know Our homes and our travels pull like the tides Both do controls us for all of our lives -Capt Ed Thompson

Yep Tyler needs to be home right now. Yeah we are a bunch of salty unrefined fishermen but when one of us is down or in need We are all there for each other. My thoughts are constantly with Tyler and what they are dealing with. The Boss says it best!!! FAMILY FIRST!!!!

Originally Published By: Capt. Ed Thompson

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