Done with pirating now it’s time to head south


The weeks leading up to a departure date is a mind bending time. You prepare and prepare and shop and fix and refinish but it never all seems to get done till the very last second. For the last week we have had the boat down at Galati Yachts in Anna Maria Island painting the bottom and getting her ready to go. I can't say enough good things about bringing the boat here. Everyone is so friendly and professional. We hauled the boat last week and Mike Galati was right on schedule for me.

The week before that we had the boat over at Tampa Yacht Club preparing for the Gasparilla Pirate Invasion. The actual invasion consists of hundreds of boat following a huge pirate ship loaded with conquering pirates across Tampa Bay to the city of Tampa. The day went without a hitch and there was plenty of pirate booty for all.

I had a bunch of refrigeration work done on the boat over the past few months by Peterson Marine. After completion, Pat Peterson called me and asked if I would be interested in Beta testing, a system that tracks the pressure of my freezer compressor. A guy named Rob Mathews has a product that acts as a transducer and broadcasts the pressures of my freezers to my iPhone via blue tooth. An alarm goes off on my phone if the pressure gets low. It’s pretty slick.

You can contact Pat Peterson of Peterson Marine at (813) 854-2252 to learn more about this product made by Transducers Direct.

As I was saying, the weeks leading up to leaving are a whirlwind of preparation and loading of tackle and supplies. Matt and I have every compartment and freezer packed to the hilt on the Blue Heaven. Preparing a boat to travel from February to August is fun but it will turn your brain to mush. As I sit here writing this my brain is going over lists and checking them twice.

We depart tomorrow morning for the Dominican Republic stopping first in Miami. I have a spot secured at Miami Beach Marina for the night but if I arrive early enough, I may just shoot over to Bimini. We will make our way south through the Bahamas over the next week. Our next cold front is pushing in by Thursday night and I would like to at least be in Nassau by then. These back to back fronts have enormous north swells pushing through the islands. We will just have to pick our weather windows and make time when we can.

I am looking forward to sharing the trip with everyone as we begin this next season.

Originally Published By: Capt Ed Thompson

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