Command Performance - Helm Stations

Viking 52
viking 52 yacht helm station
Not all helm accoutrements need to be high tech. Take for example this striking teak console, made by Release, and seen here onboard the new Viking 52. Smooth and muscular, traditional yet still pleasingly sleek, it borders on art. It imbues the helm station with a minimalist feel while simultaneously reminding you that you’re not exactly piloting a New Bedford dragger. The price will remind you of that fact too. Currently it retails for $5,775. That ain’t cheap for what’s essentially a block of wood, but if aesthetics matter to you as much as performance, it might just be worth it.

Tiara 50 Coupe
tiara 50 coupe yacht helm station
Perhaps the most talked-about helm station in the past year or so is the one onboard the Tiara 50 Coupe—and rightly so. The Glass Cockpit system it employs was inspired by aeronautic design and was developed by Tiara in conjunction with Garmin and Volvo Penta. All the Garmin electronic and Volvo propulsion systems on the boat, as well as sundry other systems built by Tiara, are fully integrated, making for an ease of use that some feel is unparalleled. The helm is also advanced in an ergonomic sense, since the button-and-knob system that controls it is fully accessible even when sitting down (a trait we wouldn’t mind seeing more of, come to think of it.)

One last point, the 50 Coupe doesn’t even need a steering wheel. She can be fully controlled—even at speed—using her joystick, just in case you feel like going into Han Solo mode. May the force be with you if you choose that route, bold sir.

Originally Published: Power & Motoryacht April 2014

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