92 where are you?

The Viking 92 Convertible, our new flagship, which launches next summer, is commanding all the space in Building 5. The massive hull plug is a work of art, with a whole lot of sanding going on as Viking shipwrights continue to shape and detail the plug to make the mold. Even in this raw state, you can appreciate the beautiful, breathtaking lines of the hull.

Alongside the hull plug are the first few parts of the deckhouse plug, which consists of 10 major pieces and a few smaller ones. The foredeck pieces are in place with the starboard side of the deckhouse now in position. (Right) Moving up is the port side deckhouse component.

Back in the plant's R & D, an aft tank plug for the 92 Convertible gets a coat of wax in preparation for building the mold.

Originally Published June 18th, 2013

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