CDC Tournament

Tournament Time! The Casa De Campo Marlin Tournament was last weekend here in the Dominican Republic. Unfortunately the 2 and a half weeks of strong winds we had here proceeding the tournament flipped the prevailing current that normally feed the blue marlin thru the area. While fishing was a bit slower than expected, there were still some good showings at the end. We were in and out of the money a number of times. On day one caught the first fish of the tourney but by the end of the day, we had dropped to fourth place. Day two saw one more blue for us and for that it had us back into third but soon we were back in seventh place. Day three we caught one more blue and it pushed us to fourth place. We had another blue one hooked but it broke the line on us when it got to close to the FAD. That fish would have pushed us into third place for the tournament. Over all even though fishing was slow we had fun and enjoyed the competition. Congrats to the Shoe, the Contango and the Betsy.

The weather here has been outstanding. (with exception of the winds two weeks ago) We have had very little rain and the temps have been mild. Nightly it still gets a bit cold. That should all change here soon as April nears. The winds will begin to prevail from the east and with that we will see more showers.

The strong winds that pumped thru the area last week created very high seas and broke off a number of FADs. But we have seen a steady increase in the numbers of new FADs being deployed by the local fishermen. One of them pulled up to us the other day and we got a good view of the anchor, 10,000 feet of line and the FAD in his boat.

This coming week brings Samana Santo. (Easter Week) Easter here is as big a holiday as anything, anywhere. The entire island seems to just shut down. Families take the week to vacation and spend time together. Casa de Campo will be absolutely packed from the coming weekend thru the following weekend. I better stock up on supplies, as the store will be packed from open to close.

I spent much of the morning rebuilding our golf cart. Not sure what Matt did with it last night but it took me 5 hours to put it back together. Looks like he was playing dukes of Hazard with it. As much as I would like to sit here and type in the air-conditioning, I have to do some more work to do in the engine room. Gotta keep the girls (the engines) happy.

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Maritimo M65 Motoryacht

Inspired by the Australian lifestyle and beautiful coastlines unique to this part of the world, the craft are designed and built on the Gold Coast with all the luxury you would expect, together with unparalleled engineering for long range capabilities and the elements to withstand the roughest seas. Maritimo’s founder knows what it takes to produce a high quality yacht.

Bill Barry-Cotter (founder of Maritimo) talking about the new M65

The new M65 option of hydraulic swim stairs

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Miami Results Please Australia's Maritimo

Date: 10 March 2015

The recent Miami International Boat Show has proven a winner for Australian luxury cruiser manufacturer Maritimo with the two boats the company displayed now sold and another two sales under negotiation.

Maritimo’s sales and marketing manager Greg Haines said the show was a huge success with more than 3000 boats on display.

“There was generally a very positive mood at the show and I think the economic conditions in the USA are generally positively impacting on boat sales,” he said.

The M58 cruising motor yacht and the M50 both sold at the show and are destined for Florida home berths.

The two additional deals being negotiated involve Latin America prospects.

Mr Haines said this year’s Miami show was the first one the company had been involved in under its new Maritimo America’s dealership arrangement which involves Galati Yacht Sales, Hampton Yacht Group and Sandy Hooke Yacht Sales based in Jersey.

“Joe Galati has a very strong business in the USA and a lot of his clients over many years are being exposed to the Maritimo range for the first time as a result of his involvement,” he said.

“Galati Yacht Sales have an extensive network in the USA and we are finding that their clients are warming to a cruising option that provides luxury, quality, liveability and performance with the ability to be a fish boat without being purely a hard core fish vessel which many of the American boats are.

“Maritimo gives them the perfect blend of both so the family is happy and comfortable and the skipper who loves to fish still has the ability do to some serious fishing without compromising.”

Mr Haines said there was considerable interest show at the show from dealers and customers based in Venezuela and Costa Rico.
The success of the Miami show has Maritimo keenly anticipating the results from the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show later in the year where it will have the largest on water boat show display in its history.

“We have some very big things planned for Fort Lauderdale and given the response at Miami we are very excited about the prospects there,” he said.

A special Maritimo owners and supporters tour is being organised to coincide with Fort Lauderdale and the world offshore powerboat championships at Key West the week after. “It will be a fantastic tour for owners, supporters or just people who love their boating,” he said.


Greg Haines, Sales & Marketing Manager, Maritimo.
Phone 07 5588 6001

Ph: 07 5593 2011.
Mobile: 0438 761 785


Australia’s youngest luxury boat building company, Maritimo, is continuing to expand its product development program and to grow its distribution network around the world. Founded in 2003, Maritimo is born of the passions of one man – an icon of Australian luxury boat building, Bill Barry-Cotter. The Maritimo fleet now covers 17 separate models across five different lines – Cruising Motor Yachts, Sedan Cruisers, Offshore Convertibles, Sports Cabriolets and Mustang Sport Yachts.

Orginally published by: Martimo Yachts

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Old and new friends ( And Pedro)

When I last posted, I had been making my way to Casa De Campo on one engine do to a broken fuel line. The day that I arrived here, my buddy DR Kurt Theodore (proctologist) and my old mate Tyler landed in Cap Cana with the parts to repair the engine. We did indeed repair the fuel line and spent the entire next day cleaning fuel out of the engine room. But man was it nice to know we were fixed and up to running speed again.

The next day we took the boat offshore for some practice marlin fishing. We had a blast. We went 2 for 2 on blues. That means we got 2 bites and hooked and caught both fish. We also saw a bunch more fish. At one point we had a triple of Blue marlin in our bait spread behind the boat. Marlins were darting from bait to lure to bait and back, but to our shock they did not eat on bait. It’s still an awesome sight to see. Tyler was a big help! While Matt is an accomplished fisherman, he has not done much Marlin fishing. Tyler was an awesome teacher. It was nice to see the top of Tyler’s head again from my perspective on the bridge.

Fishing has been better and better each day. Most boats are seeing 5-9 fish day and catching 4 for 7. If it is this good now, I can't wait to see what it is like in March when it is normally the best.

Being back here in Casa De Campo is great. Its as if we never left. We are treated as locals instead of a boat that is just passing through. There is a lot to be said for that.

A few days ago, Matt and I went to the grocery store out in La Romana. I had Duarte, the Dominican guy that helps out a little on the boat join us. I got a cart for him and a cart for the boat. I had him put some essential groceries in his cart. Most of the things were food items he would have never afforded for his family or could afford. After checking out, we made our way to Duarte's house. Duarte lives with his wife and 4 kids in a small house that is not much more than plywood and corrugated tin sheets fastened together. He was so proud to show us around and introduce us to his family. It was one of those moments that give you real perspective. He was a proud man showing off his home and family to friends. I was honored to have made that visit.
The boat season is beginning to really get going here. While most of the slips are full, the empty slips are just waiting for boats that are still trying to get here. I know of a few boats that are in Long island and the Turks and Caicos that are just waiting on a weather window to make it here. Marina Casa De Campo is hosting the fishing season kick off party this Saturday night. It’s a heck of an event that they put on.

Some of you may remember Pedro from last season here in Casa De Campo. Pedro is a Dominican guy that seems to have gone fishing on every boat in the marina last season. He showed up last week and Matt and I had a few beers with him. He is quite the party animal. It will be interesting to see what the coming season brings for Pedro and the situations he seems to get into...

Orginally published by: Capt. Ed Thompson

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Jeff Wine Said:

I just wanted to pass along to you and the Galati Management Team my sincere thanks for the great job Pep did in putting together the deal to get my Cantius sold. This could not have been accomplished without Peps tenacity.

Pep has that special sales skill where you know he cares about you more than just making a same. He is an asset to your business for sure.

Rickard also gets a big assist as he always kept me informed along the process of he status and worked hard to find a buyer as well.

Galati is second to none in my book and I will always refer friends and should I ever decide to get back into "big " boating you will be who I call!!

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