Jack Culdertson Said:

Just wanted to send you a quick e-mail to let you know I appreciate the hard work you put into getting me into my new 2013 Tiara 36 Open. Needless to say I was upside down in my other boat and felt I would continue to be envious of every Tiara owner on the water. Jim, you put together a package that really works for me, I’m a happy customer.

I also want to thank the rest of the team who helped me through the uneasy feelings that came with me while trading my Old boat for the Tiara; the Galati team put me at ease by answering all my odd questions.

Mike Galati and his service team have gone beyond my expectations, as an example, He even sent a tech to my boat to show me where a switch was.

I also cannot say enough positive things about Chris Galati; Chris offered an offshore fishing trip which I took advantage of. Never has anyone earned my respect as fast as Chris did, Chris thank you for the polite fishing tips, they have improved my catch, and again thank you for a life long memory.

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2014 Prestige 550 Flybridge

Prestige did not cut any corners in making the 2014 Prestige 550 Flybridge. Incorporating clever details for enhanced comfort, the 550’s distinctive contemporary style makes optimal use of its onboard space.

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Sneak Peak Of The New 42' Prestige In The Test Tanks!

Take a look at the new 42' Prestige in the test tanks at the Prestige Factory in Nantes, France. Experience the luxury and distinct design of Prestige.

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Blue Marlin Grand Championship Raises Funds for St. Jude Children's Hospital

Orange Beach, AL—The Blue Marlin Grand Championship created and offered an additional 56th slot to their tournament via silent auction. The winning team received a guaranteed entry into the tournament. It came as no surprise when this year’s fleet of 55 boats sold out early, and event organizers moved quickly to capitalize on the intense interest from the international sportfishing community. 100% of the proceeds from the winning bid are earmarked to benefit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, one of the world’s most notable charities.

Winning the silent auction was Rusty Skalla, owner of the Rise Up, a 52-foot Viking based out of Destin, FL. With a generous winning bid of $20,500, Team Rise Up will have karma on their side as they fish for what is expected to be another million dollar prize purse. With their charitable donation to St. Jude, they will also be fishing to fight childhood cancer, one marlin at a time.

Tournament Director Scott Burt expects Skalla’s team to rise to the occasion. “We’ve had some fantastic marlin fishing so far this year in the upper Gulf,” said Burt, “And with the great fishing also comes the chance to help raise money for a terrific charity as well, so we’re really going to highlight this team with a special slip at the marina and recognition throughout the tournament. They’re fishing not just for themselves but also for the kids.”

Dubbed “The Greatest Show in Sportfishing,” the Blue Marlin Grand Championship is getting ready for another record breaking year. In addition to handing out over one million dollars in prize money, last year also saw the 24 year old Alabama state blue marlin record fall twice in one night, a feat which sent shockwaves through the highly competitive world of big game sportfishing.

The Blue Marlin Grand Championship will take place July 8-13, 2014 at The Wharf Entertainment Complex in Orange Beach, AL.

Originally Published By: Nicole Brister

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Family First

If there is one thing that stands out to me in the industry that I work in, Its the fact that we are a family or a brotherhood as some call it. The sport fish community is relatively small, but spread out all over. Some boats spend much of their time in the bahamas some in the caribbean. Where ever we travel, we all look out after each other. If I need a part that I can not find locally, there is a great chance that one of the other boats at the marina where I am at will have it and they will be more than glad to give it to me. Beyond the boating aspect of the tight knit community, there is a brotherly bond that ties all of the crews together. The phrase, "I've got your back" is a fitting one when it comes to the brotherhood. Recently My Mate tyler got some news that there was a heath issue with a family member back home. He flew home a few days ago and thats where he needs to be. What has stuck me most is the concern everyone on the dock has for Tyler. I am asked many times each day how he is doing. Im asked if there is anything they can do in his absence. Everyone seems to want to know if there is anything they can do and they all keep telling that Tylers family is in their prayers. Makes me proud to work around people like this. We travel a lot and miss many times with our families. We always want to be gone chasing that next big fish, But we always miss our families.

I wrote this poem a few years ago, I have posted it before and I will post it again.

I sit on the boat and dream of home For months on end, we travel and roam Plying the waters, we fish here and there Home in our thoughts as the ocean we dare When home, we dream, of being at sea Our thoughts of the boat do constantly be We want to be there and chasing big fish Our minds do wander, of travels we wish Torn between two, we are pulled to and fro We live for our dreams that we only know Our homes and our travels pull like the tides Both do controls us for all of our lives -Capt Ed Thompson

Yep Tyler needs to be home right now. Yeah we are a bunch of salty unrefined fishermen but when one of us is down or in need We are all there for each other. My thoughts are constantly with Tyler and what they are dealing with. The Boss says it best!!! FAMILY FIRST!!!!

Originally Published By: Capt. Ed Thompson

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Play Time is Over..Time to Start Fishing Again!

The usual blue skies dotted with passing clouds have been replaced with a haze here in St Thomas. The view from the starboard window of the boat usually shows St. John and Tortola and the entire smaller island as a blue sky and blue water vista with the islands looking almost three dimensional. The sky is now a grey blue and the islands are all grey to the east. The Saharan dust is here. ? This time of year, the Saharan dust field sweeps westward across the Atlantic from West Africa. It tends to impede the formation of much rain when it is here but it also dulls down the tropical views we have. Oh well… We are still in paradise.

The fishing report is spotty. Few boats have been fishing as of the last week. There seem to still be a few fish showing up on the South drop and the North drop as well. Seeing a few blues each day does not seem to be the problem. It’s getting them to eat that is the hard part.

We have been waxing and fixing and organizing for the last few weeks. Yes, there have been some play days down island, but the boss comes back in tomorrow. Woohoo! We get to start fishing again! I think we will fish our way to bitter end, Virgin Gorda, and back over the weekend. We should have some great pics and reports.

Originally Published By: Captain Ed Thompson

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Anne Gau Said:

I wanted to take a moment to recognize one of your yacht brokers, Steve Gilliam. When my husband and I were considering selling our 2001 Tiara Open, we weren’t quite sure who would do the best job for us and actually have a relationship with a broker at Marine Max. We believed that a dealership that sold Tiara’s would have the most knowledgeable brokers about our boat but were concerned that our boat was located in Pensacola and Galati is located in Destin. We decided to try Galati and thankfully, we found Steve Gilliam, who did a phenomenal job! He came out to our marina in Pensacola shortly after our first conversation, spoke very honestly about the boat and spent a good deal of time with us. Within the first week of signing our paperwork, he had 2 potential buyers and 2 contracts on the table to consider. He has spent countless hours on the phone and driving back and forth to Pensacola to finally close our sale today.

We could not be happier and would highly recommend Galati and especially Steve Gilliam to anyone either looking to purchase or sell a boat. Since we will be moving to Tampa soon and will likely not see Steve again anytime soon, please pass along our sincere appreciation for his hard work in person.

Find out more about this yacht broker:
Steve Gilliam
(850) 598-0057
Email Broker
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Mississippi Gulf Coast Billfish Classic

Three big blue marlin dominated the Mississippi Gulf Coast Billfish Classic leaderboard this week as the 2014 event drew to a close. But in the end, it was the first one weighed that earned the biggest prize.

Angler Deb Hebert, fishing aboard Joe Hudson’s 68 Hatteras Iona Louise, landed an 843.7-pound blue marlin on Friday after a fight lasting more than three hours. It turned out to be the largest marlin ever caught by a lady angler in Classic history and earned Hebert the Lady Angler trophy. She also brought in a 38.6-pound dolphin on Saturday. All told, the Iona Louise pocketed $195,040 for the first place tournament award and optional entries in the blue marlin division, top crew award and third place for the dolphin. Iona Louise will represent the MGCBC in next year’s Offshore World Championship.

“I absolutely love fishing,” Hebert explained at the awards breakfast, hosted by Platinum Sponsor, the Golden Nugget Casino and Resort. Hebert only recently started participating in the sport. “I owe it all to my fiancé Joe and my team. They turned me on to fishing and now I’m hooked.”

Tim Falzone and the Reel Worthless team earned $142,660 by landing a 539.1-pound blue marlin. The team switched boats after a fire nearly destroyed the 64 Viking convertible at the dock. They teamed up with Reel Fuelish, a 60 Skulley and showed their spirit and tenacity. The payout includes the tournament award for third place fish and optional entries in the marlin division.

Andy Ryan and his team aboard Patience won second place in the marlin division after boating a blue weighing 680.1 pounds. Patience is taking home $30,530 in prize money for the week.

Blue Smoker, a 53 Hatteras from Orange Beach, Alabama, was the big winner in the highly-contested tuna division. Angler Brian Replogle and the team earned $105,400 for their 173.3-pound fish. Bradley Dudly and the crew on Rise Up, a 52 Viking from Destin, Florida, took second place honors for a 158.5-pound yellowfin. Don’t Blink, a 56 Viking, from Sandestin, won $17,150 for the third place tuna that came in at 147.4 pounds. Sea Mixer, Relentless Pursuit and Quick Time also earned nice paydays by placing in the optional tuna categories.

Bloodsport, a 38 Luhrs from Orange Beach, Alabama, took the top two places in the dolphin division. Brad Laquer and Pip Aljazra landed fish weighing 43.3 and 39.9 pounds, respectively, and added a wahoo optional for a check totaling $29,110. Done Deal also won an optional dolphin payout.

Jimmy Reynolds on Marlin Darlin’ landed the heaviest wahoo, a 67.5-pounder, to win $48,475, while lady angler Taylor Harvey took second place honors with her 66.3-pound fish. Harvey was fishing aboard Four Reel, a 65 Hatteras. James Calloway on Cotton Patch came in third with a 61.3-pound wahoo. Freak on a Leash and Trader’s Hill also won optional money in the wahoo divisions and David Marshall earned this year’s top junior angler title with his 58-pound tuna, also caught on Trader’s Hill.

Conundrum, a 61 Viking based in Orange Beach, won the top Catch and Release title with 1,200 points. Anglers J. Ron Atchley and Dan Haeuser, with skipper Jimmy Crochet at the helm, earned a check totaling $41,275. Cheeseburger, a 50 Hatteras, was second in the release division, winning $30,195. Freak on a Leash took third place honors in the division, while Mollie also won optional cash after releasing billfish.

The fleet of 53 boats were competing for a total of $1.1 million in cash prizes this year. Now in its 18th season, the Mississippi Gulf Coast Billfish Classic is one of the premier events on the competitive Gulf big-game fishing circuit.

Originally Published By: Captain Dave Lear

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Volvo Sweden Visit

Michael and I just completed our visit to the Volvo facilities in Sweden making it back to the US late last night.

Susan Bonivich with Volvo Penta Americas was an incredible host with having everyday planned like clock work. The Volvo team and Swedish people were overwhelmingly accepting, and went out of their way to make us feel welcome.

We had a great opportunity to learn much about the Volvo culture, business philosophy and the pathway for improving communications with servicing issues.

Day One

We visited the foundry were they build the 16 liter Diesel Engine, and Volvo Commercial Trucks. An incredible experience that truly lends to the company Volvo has evolved. The process from a sand/clay and graphite mold, to pouring iron, to building a completely working diesel engine at the end of the assembly line in the same facility is staggering. The experience of thinking only a few people preview the engines from mold to pour to assembly attest for how advanced the company is, the robots are incredible that handle the heavy lifting. The environment was sterile as a test lab, the Volvo workers were extremely positive and inviting to show their work. This was just a small example of the types of work being performed from a dynamic company. To think Commercial Equipment (Buses), Industrial Equipment, Trucking, Auto, etc. are just a few other businesses outside of the marine products. A large percentage of Aircraft Jet Engines built today have Volvo parts in them, and developed by Volvo Aero Space right in Sweden. Gothenburg is the home to several other industries, both in the telecom and electronics, it is obvious how everyone has embraced the Volvo brand, appears to be 6 of 10 autos or more on the road are Volvo.

Day Two

Volvo picked us up and commuted to the Test Facilities on the Coast of the Gothenburg Archipelago, the morning was filled with the opportunity to meet other dealers from around the world, Finland, Brazil, China, to name a few. The President of Marine (Stephan Carlsson) gave a presentation as did others that work within the senior management to provide us a greater understanding of where Volvo has been and glimpse into the future. Volvo owns a large market share gas stern drive around the world and has much to do with their leading the way for the new EPA compliance for emissions. The engineers expressed the market share will grow as competition are having to make proper changes to comply with that new standards, where as Volvo is already exceeding the standards.

We met several others including Michael Rooney, VP of Service for EU and Asia. We discovered a great opportunity to best understand the communication chain from Consumer, to Volvo Dealer, to Builder/Mfg. to Volvo Factory. They believe it is important to have the builder in the equation to track known issues and to assist with pressure on assisting the dealer to provide a better customer experience. This was invaluable for us and has already assisted with supporting a few customer concerns that were in process.

The afternoon was spent on sea trials aboard 4 different boats equipped with every available option provided by Volvo/Garmin. They staffed each with a Volvo Rep and Captain that ran each vessel through the paces highlighting the options and how they operate, including the functions with the Volvo/Garmin Glass dash. This was an invaluable lesson and proved to be a great opportunity for us to challenge our mfg. to provide these awesome features as our customers are only aware of a fraction of what the product can do to make boating more enjoyable.

Late in the afternoon they provided a recap of the day and allow us an opportunity to provide a voice on ways to improve their market strategy, we discussed two topics, improving the dealer communications, and pushing the advantages of Volvo Penta to the consumer back to the dealer, opposed through the traditional method of through the product/builder and boat shows. They have so many options to offer and we really felt they are missing the most important part of the equation, the end user.

The evening was exceptional, they took us by boat 45 minutes North to Marstran Island to enjoy a meal that was incredible. How many times do you get to see a 1600’s circa Swedish Fort from the Water. A summer time fact, days are longer and nights shorter, Sun down is 10:30 p.m. and dark around 11, Sunrise is 4:30 a.m. We departed for dinner at 6:30 and returned around 10:00 and to think you could boat on the water like day this late into the evening is incredible! It was one of the many highlights to the trip.

Day Three

We traveled to the Volvo Museum and toured from the beginning in the late 1800’s with two partners joining their collective strengths to later provide an auto that rivaled Ford for Europe. This later branched into Commercial Equipment, Buses, Aero Space, Marine, etc. Volvo has become a huge sponsor in Golf and Sailing and had an incredible display in the Museum highlighting the sponsorships of the sporting events they support.

We later enjoyed an incredible afternoon spending a few minutes with the other dealers attending, then completed our trip with a dinner of a Swedish King at an incredible restaurant, photo attached.

This was a trip of a lifetime, and greatly appreciate the opportunity to represent the Galati organization at such a function, I must say, Sweden is incredible, Volvo is awesome, this truly was one of the highlights of my professional career.

Written By: Darren Plymale

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Micheal Domzalski Said

Thanks again for all the hard work you and Doug put into selling our boat. You were a pleasure to deal with and I appreciated being kept up to speed on developments related to the sale. For two guys that were rookies to the entire process, we could not have found a better partner to sell the boat. I will continue to send referrals your way ­ knowing that you will provide the same level of excellent service.

There is no sellers remorse, but I¹m already thinking about the next boat. While it will most likely be a 2016 or 2017 purchase, I will certainly be contacting you when the time comes.

I look forward to seeing you around a marina soon.

Find out more contact either of these yacht brokers:
Rob McCarthy
(248) 881-7124
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Doug Glendening
(586) 703-5779
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Kevin Cullen Said:

We received the check for the returned escrow funds yesterday. Now that the deal has been concluded, Phyllis and I wanted to thank both of you and Galati Yacht Sales for the valuable services you provided in brokering our 2005 Tiara 32 Open.

From the day Rob first met with us to discuss the listing it was clear that we were partnering with knowledgeable professionals who could access a much wider network of prospective buyers than we could on our own. Your communications were always thorough and clear and we knew exactly where things stood during the entire process.

The advice you provided in establishing the initial listing price, adjusting it when appropriate and negotiating the details of the sales agreement was greatly appreciated. The closing process was very straightforward. In short, we would (and have) strongly recommend you to our friends who are looking to sell their boats.

Find out more contact either of these yacht brokers:
Rob McCarthy
(248) 881-7124
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Doug Glendening
(586) 703-5779
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Marlin Fishing in Casa De Campo

What a fun and exciting video. Captain Ed Thompson does it again by providing us this video on Marlin fishing in Casa De Campo.

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Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort to Host 12th Annual Emerald Coast Blue Marlin Classic

Miramar Beach, Fla. (May 27, 2014) – The 12th annual Emerald Coast Blue Marlin Classic, presented by Mojo Sportswear Company and Orca Coolers, is scheduled to take place June 18-22 at Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort, located in Florida’s scenic Panhandle region.

Timed to coincide with the peak of the Gulf Coast’s blue marlin season, and located at the area’s number-one ranked resort destination, the Emerald Coast Blue Marlin Classic at Sandestin (ECBC) has set the precedent for world-class sportfishing tournaments. The event has been ranked #5 in the top ten big-money tournaments by Marlin magazine and gave away more than $1.4 million in 2013. ECBC currently holds the record as the richest tournament in the Gulf, and with more than 27 optional entry levels, there are plenty of ways to win a piece of the pie.

The ECBC is sanctioned by both international and regional tournament series and competitions including the World Billfish Series, Offshore World Championship, Gulf Coast Triple Crown Championship and InTheBite’s Captain of the Year Cup. This popular tournament is a supporter of The Billfish Foundation, Sandestin Foundation for Kids, Harvest House/Hosanna House and Reel Life Adventures.

Tournament week at Sandestin offers something for everyone, from family activities, special events and sponsor exhibits to the spectacular weigh-ins at Baytowne Marina Friday and Saturday nights. All of Sandestin’s lodging options provide easy access to dining, shopping, world-famous sugar sand beaches and other area attractions.

MOJO Sportfishing Gear, the presenting sponsor for the fourth year in a row is joined this year by ORCA Coolers. MOJO will be featuring its sportfishing line at the tournament which offers everything from surfer inspired moisture-wick fabrics to cutting edge marine life graphics. ORCA will be showing off its virtually indestructible coolers – every fisherman’s best friend. Other major sponsors include Visit South Walton, Wind Creek Casino & Hotel-Atmore, Bluewater Yacht Sales & Bertram, Florida Detroit Diesel-Allison & MTU, Galati Yacht Sales & Viking Yachts and Costa Sunglasses. This year’s feature artist is Amber M. Moran and News Channel 7 (WJHG-TV NBC) will once again be covering the action. The tournament website,, will have live webcams and scoring during the event so fans can follow the action.

Originally Published By: Emerald Coast Blue Marlin Classic

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Freedom Alliance Vacation at Los Suenos Resort

Freedom Alliance Vacation at Los Suenos Resort and Marina in Costa Rica was for the many men who were wounded at war to express gratitude for their service. These men had the opportunity to stay on a yacht and fish offshore. Many of them said it was the experience of a lifetime, and one they would never forget. Some were able to “cross it off their bucket list.” One man even said it helped him feel genuine happiness and relaxation for the first time in a long time, and it helped their healing process making it seem as if just for a little while the pain went away. The men felt so serene being able to unwind in the open water for a couple days, and it will forever be a treasured experience.

If you are interested in donating to Freedom Alliance please click here for more information

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Galati Yacht Sales Joins The Boat Village's SE Florida Regional Collaborative


Major Florida Brokerage and Service Company Joins Regional Group to Promote Online Service Coordination and Boat Management.

Hobe Sound, Fla. – May 7, 2014 – Galati Yacht Sales, a major yacht brokerage, dealership and marine services organization operating in nine locations worldwide, has joined The Boat Village’s regional collaborative in southeast Florida, uniting with other top marine businesses in the region to promote online service coordination and boat management.


Galati Yacht Sales, which has more than 450 boats in brokerage and specializes in Viking, Princess, Tiara, Cruisers, Grand Banks, Maritimo, Rampage and Prestige brands, will use The Boat Village Premium Service, a consumer platform that simplifies communication and collaboration, to make it easier for owners to coordinate service and maintain their vessels. Galati Yacht Sales will provide their customers with a digital profile of their vessel and all of its relevant information, including digitized operating manuals and a custom maintenance plan based on manufacturer recommendations for the equipment onboard.


Galati Yacht Sales, a member of the Boating Industry Top 100 Dealer Hall of Fame, is already using the My-Villages DockMaster suite of marine software, and will install The Boat Village on a new Tiara 5800 Sovran, Team Galati Viking 82 Convertible and a pre-owned Viking 66 Convertible. Galati Yacht Sales is also working with My-Villages to designate a boat, loaded with The Boat Village, to participate in the Gulf Coast regional fishing tournament circuit this summer.


“Galati Yacht Sales is one of the great names in boating and we are thrilled to have them onboard,” said Kevin Hutchinson, founder and CEO of My-Villages, which created The Boat Village. “Having Galati Yacht Sales join the other great names in the marine industry who are already part of The Boat Village is further validation of the need for better boat management tools and online service coordination.”


“Putting the customer first goes beyond just sales—it has to extend to service,” said Darren Plymale, vice president of Galati Yacht Sales. “The Boat Village allows us to use technology to make that process easier for owners, and that’s always our goal.”


The Boat Village Premium Service, an application that works on any smartphone, tablet or computer, keeps an inventory of all onboard equipment, which is personalized with digital manuals and automated maintenance reminders. Owners can send electronic service requests, communicate with service professionals (including the use of photos and videos), get updates on work in process, access service records, follow their favorite experts and even chat with other boaters—all within the application. The result is instant access to information and stronger two-way communication between owners and the village people who help them operate and maintain their vessels. Records are preserved electronically and the boat’s service history, usage trends, trip logs and other useful information are readily available 24/7 using cloud technology.


Galati Yacht Sales joins a growing list of major marine firms who have signed on as part of the My-Villages southeast Florida regional collaborative to promote online service coordination and boat management. They include boat builders like The Hinckley Company and Regal, as well as dealers like FastBoats, marinas like Aqua Marine Partners and Old Port Cove, and service yards like Whiticar Boat Works and Marine Professionals Incorporated (MPI).


“Coordinating business online is an everyday occurrence in the world of retail, banking, healthcare and other industries, and we are working collaboratively to bring that to the marine industry,” Hutchinson said. “Our job is to build and support the technology and companies like Galati Yacht Sales are making it a reality in the industry.”

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Jeff Saplis Said:

Anna and I want to thank you and the entire Tiara family. We accepted our new little girl into the family last week, had a proper christening and finally was able to take her for a cruise.

The day was perfect,and the Galati team really made us feel special. Joe, hats off to you and your crew as well.

The second day we took her out again to complete our orientation. I did not touch the helm on time. Anna was in command from the time we stepped on the boat until we returned. Even as we practiced docking 5-6 times at different locations.

I wanted to share a few pictures from that day. We attempted to record the event but my friend had operator error with her phone, so the stills will have to do.

She will stay at Galati this week and part of next and they will finish the punch list we identified on our walk through. She will make her way to West Palm Beach loaded on a ship for a delivery in mid-late May in STT.

Now that we have seen her, and taken her out for a ride the next 3 weeks will be tough to wait out until she is finally home!!!

Please let your entire team know, we love her and will take great care of her.

Take care my friend.

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The Best Cruising Locations on Florida's Gulf Coast

Florida is the boating capital of the world. The Sunshine State has over 1,350 miles of coastline, not to mention 7,700 lakes and 10,550 miles of rivers. There are more registered boats in Florida than any other U.S. state. From anglers fishing the Keys for bonefish and tarpon to Miami businessmen turning their Princess yachts into weekend party cruises, boats are a way of life in Florida – and “Life is Good.” Florida’s Gulf Coast has a pick of great boating destinations. Here are the best places to cruise, fish, explore, or simply anchor down in the sun.

Tampa / St. Petersburg

Tampa Bay is Florida’s largest estuary, which means it’s one of the top boating destinations in the state. The numerous inlets and hidden waterways surrounding the metropolitan area are perfect for that boater who fancies himself a modern day Spanish explorer - a Ponce de Leon with GPS. Shell Key, Egmont Key, and Anclote Key are all popular boating destinations, and the islands are just a short run from the Tampa / St. Petersburg area. Cruise south out of the mouth of Tampa Bay and it’s just a short hop to Sarasota. Instead of anchoring in Sarasota, however, head over to Siesta Key. The barrier island has one of the top rated beaches in America.

Pensacola / Destin

Pensacola and Destin are located in northwest Florida and part of a region known as the Emerald Coast. This sliver of the Sunshine State is often referred to as "Old Florida", as it has a more laid-back vibe than the bustling Atlantic side of the state. Boaters come to the Emerald Coast for sugar white beaches, picturesque harbors, and deep-sea fishing.

Pensacola has a long sailing tradition, and many sailing magazines have named it as the top rated port in the Gulf for cruising. Destin, on the other hand, has been called the World's Luckiest Fishing Village. Of course, how Destin really earned this title is anyone’s case, but it certainly has the ring of a classic fishing story. Still, cruise 10 miles beyond Destin’s East Pass and the red snapper always seem to be biting. With 27-miles of sun-kissed shoreline – which, in turn, is packed with 27-miles of Coppertone-kissed bodies during Spring Break – Panama City Beach is a must stop boating destination, especially if you want to flaunt that new Viking yacht.

The Florida Keys and Key West

There's no better place to cruise and island hop than the Florida Keys. It’s 125 miles from Biscayne National Park to Key West, and whether you enjoy snorkeling reefs and shipwrecks, fishing for tarpon, or simply relaxing with a run-runner in a beautiful port, each island and cay has something unique to offer. But don’t kill the engine or take down the sails once you reach the marina at Key West. From the southernmost tip of the United States, it’s just a 70-mile run to the Dry Tortugas – a small group of islands where Ernest Hemingway liked to fish. It's also home to Fort Jefferson and a national park.

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Command Performance - Helm Stations

Viking 52
viking 52 yacht helm station
Not all helm accoutrements need to be high tech. Take for example this striking teak console, made by Release, and seen here onboard the new Viking 52. Smooth and muscular, traditional yet still pleasingly sleek, it borders on art. It imbues the helm station with a minimalist feel while simultaneously reminding you that you’re not exactly piloting a New Bedford dragger. The price will remind you of that fact too. Currently it retails for $5,775. That ain’t cheap for what’s essentially a block of wood, but if aesthetics matter to you as much as performance, it might just be worth it.

Tiara 50 Coupe
tiara 50 coupe yacht helm station
Perhaps the most talked-about helm station in the past year or so is the one onboard the Tiara 50 Coupe—and rightly so. The Glass Cockpit system it employs was inspired by aeronautic design and was developed by Tiara in conjunction with Garmin and Volvo Penta. All the Garmin electronic and Volvo propulsion systems on the boat, as well as sundry other systems built by Tiara, are fully integrated, making for an ease of use that some feel is unparalleled. The helm is also advanced in an ergonomic sense, since the button-and-knob system that controls it is fully accessible even when sitting down (a trait we wouldn’t mind seeing more of, come to think of it.)

One last point, the 50 Coupe doesn’t even need a steering wheel. She can be fully controlled—even at speed—using her joystick, just in case you feel like going into Han Solo mode. May the force be with you if you choose that route, bold sir.

Originally Published: Power & Motoryacht April 2014

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Great Friends and Swordfish Steaks

While the boss is away the mice will play… The past two weeks have consisted of fun filled road trips and boat trips.

Most people who visit the locations we go to never leave the marina unless it is to go fishing. I had some local friends take me on a trip to a bar near Boca Chica that’s on the water and has a view people would pay big money to enjoy. I’ve done a few road trips to places like Bayahibe and Dominicus and I’ve done a few boat trips in a friend’s 36 foot Yellow fin out to Saona Island and Palmia Island. It’s a shame that so many crews never take the time to do these things or see these places. We had a blast free diving the reefs; there was not much to shoot, but the reef was pretty. The beach at Dominicus is beautiful and a few local places serve you food right on the beach. It’s hard to beat eating a whole fresh Yellowtail Snapper along with plantains while sitting with your toes in the sand. Just one note: Always have the servers bring out the fish before it’s cooked so you can choose what fish you want; if not, you’re liable to get a nasty old Parrot Fish on your plate.

The fishing has been slower than usual at this particular location. In the past, boats were catching 2 to 7 fish per day; but on this trip most boats have only been catching 1 to 3 Blue Marlin per day. That’s great fishing elsewhere, but I’d consider it slow fishing for this spot. The reason is probably the coming full moon. The bite should turn back on and the numbers will go up after the moon begins to wane.

A few boats have been going Sword fishing. In fact, yesterday, there was a nice 375 lb. Swordfish caught by the “Contango.” In addition, there were 4 other swords caught on other boats. The fish are being caught 9 miles south of the marina in 1700 feet of water and are being caught day and night.








Originally Published by Capt. Ed Thompson of the Viking 64 Sportfish "Blue Heaven"

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Tiara Yachts Introduces The 44 Coupe

Tiara Yachts’ highly successful 50 Coupe will soon be sharing the limelight with a brand new Tiara 44. The new 44 Coupe will be introduced in the late summer of this year at a private, invitation-only engagement, followed by her retail debut during all the major fall boat shows around the United States.

“We have enjoyed tremendous success with the introduction of our 50 Coupe and based on our analysis of the retail market today and demand for the near future, a new 44 in the same class will yield parallel success,” said Tom Slikkers, President and CEO of S2 Yachts, Inc.

The 44 Coupe will build on the modern styles, new technologies and classic Tiara heritage that have made the Tiara name a great success in yacht building design and production. Everything you love about the 50 Coupe, the great lines, the indoor/outdoor living and layout, the advanced glass cockpit and the architectural interior will translate to a new Tiara 44 Coupe in a smaller package packed with the same quality and luxury. The exterior appointments and design integrations are evident, such as the hardtop with sunroof and the salon-to-cockpit transition that brings the water right to your back door.

Volvo Penta IPS drives paired with the dependable, sweet riding Tiara hull will deliver an exceptional driving experience. The joystick operation and glass cockpit instrumentation are all built to make the Tiara 44 Coupe easy to navigate and increase the overall enjoyment of yachting.

A forward master stateroom with private head complemented by a central guest stateroom and day head will offer the perfect amount of overnight space for a family or guests who join for an extended cruise. The 44 will feature an aft galley arrangement with large sliding doors opening to the cockpit styled around outdoor entertainment. A port side walkway brings you to the huge swim platform, aft grill and access to the trunk and mechanical spaces.

Rich solid wood floors, modern wall coverings, architectural finishes and heavy-duty hardware will highlight interior finishes. As usual, Tiara Yachts customers will be able to customize their interiors to match their own unique tastes and styles.

“Our rich design heritage combining luxurious, modern appointments and traditional teak interiors is meant to appeal to our loyal Tiara Yachts customers and new markets alike. We are advancing the line with the 44 and expect to take advantage of the winning formula that has brought us so much success,” stated George Hetzel, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, S2 Yachts.

Tiara 44 Coupe - Through the Eyes of a Designer

Originally Published By: Tiara Yachts April 9th, 2014

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