Tiara 3100 Open Captain's Report

The smallest boat Tiara makes is a 31 and it offers two models, the Coronet 3100, and the 3100 Open which now comes standard with a hardtop, so she is not quite as “open” as she used to be. Nonetheless, she is a classic and the subject of our report. Not surprisingly she is one of the most popular boats in the Tiara line and her modern styling and go-anywhere hull make her a boat that is appropriate for a wide range of applications, the most popular of which is as a day boat for cruising and entertaining. Her roots, however, are in fishing and she can still do that with élan.

Mission of the Tiara 3100 Open

The Tiara 3100 is designed for multiple uses including fishing, scuba diving, over night cruising and day-boat entertaining. She comes standard with a composite hardtop which allows her raised bridge deck to be buttoned up aft with optional cruising canvas so she can effectively be a three-season boat. She comes standard with twin 375-hp Crusader 6.0 L gas engines and conventional drives. Diesel engines are an option.

The Tiara 3100 Open has continually evolved over the years and as a result her staying power in the marketplace has been impressive.

Tiara 3100 Open


Tiara has long been respected by both consumers and people working in the boating industry as one of the leading exponents for quality fit-and-finish. And while much of the industry has caught up on this score, Tiara remains very much at the top. It's glass work, joiner, upholstery and even the wiring runs and plumbing which can't be readily seen, is first rate.

Virtually without exception, the components that Tiara uses are tops in their category and the builder's installations are without exception by-the-book and generally faultless.

Tiara 3100 Open

There is nothing like the "Test of Time" to refine a product to discover its best use of space. Certainly that has happened to the Tiara 3100 Open which is now better than ever in many ways.

Designed with Personality

Tiara designs have always had their own unique look and it is easy for veteran boaters to recognize a Tiara profile literally a mile away. One of the neat tricks that Tiara's designers have been able to pull off is to keep the exterior lines of the 3100 Open modern, with a slightly reversed transom, rounded stern quarters, and generally softer lines -- yet still recognizable as a Tiara.

The 3100 is usually the most popular in the company's line, and certainly it is the oldest. That is a testament to the functionality and utility of the basic boat and its reputation along the docks of the world. It has stood the test of time, but Tiara has not stood still. Each year or so, the model is tweaked to keep her fresh.

Tiara 3100 Open

The Tiara 3100 Open is actually 36'4" (11.07 m) LOA from the bow pulpit to her swim platform -- the way most builders measure boats these days.

Distinguishing Features

Standard Hardtop and High Windshield. The composite hardtop is integrated with the fiberglass windshield frame to eliminate the need for a strip of isinglass between the windshield and the hardtop which is annoying, and, frankly, less than optimum boat building. The skipper is able to stand at the helm and look through clear glass as he should.

Standard Swim Platform. The fiberglass swim platform is 40” (1.01 m) fore and aft and is rounded on the sides in order to blend harmoniously with the reverse transom and rounded tumble home stern. At the same time, the rounding keeps it from dragging in sharp turns which Tiara says she can make at WOT speeds.

Standard Cockpit Seating. A fold-away transom bench seat comes as standard or an in-transom livewell with wing hatches can be fitted instead for an extra $1,760. There is also a double-wide mezzanine seat behind the helm seat facing the cockpit.

14-Degree Deadrise Bottom. At the transom the bottom’s deadrise is 14-degrees. This is a development that we have seen in larger boats the last number of years as designers make the bow sections finer to slice through waves and the aft section 14 or 15-degrees to be more fuel-efficient, allow the boat to go faster, and add stability at rest.

Tiara 3100 Open

The 3100 can be divided into two parts: On Deck and Below Decks. When it comes to storage on deck she has plenty: ("D") Under seat storage. ("A") Below cockpit deck storage that can be used as fishboxes as they are self-draining. ("B") Access hatch to the "Pump Room" and steering gear. ("C") Location for optional cabinet or refrigerator.

Propeller Pockets/Shallow Draft. By molding-in tunnels for the running gear Tiara is able to reduce the down angle of the drive shaft and have a draft of only 2’8” (0.82 m). The combination of a shallow down angle for the drive shafts and the tunnel effect on forward thrust gives the 3100 improved performance over a standard inboard design.

Fiberglass Fuel Tank. The 3100 has a fiberglass fuel tank which is the safest, most durable material to use on a boat, particularly for gasoline. See the "Fuel Tank Story" below.

Tiara’s Reputation. Tiara is one of America’s most respected family-owned recreational boat builders in this size range. Now run by the third generation of Slikkers in Holland, Michigan, the founder (Leon Slikkers) and the second generation still keep an oar in. The Slikkers’ know that one of the keys to their success is customer satisfaction, and over the years they have done what it takes to keep their owners happy.

Tiara 3100 Open

("A") Hand-hold; ("B") Latch for access to "Pump Room"; ("C") Latch for hatch to storage or fishbox on port side; ("D") 30 AMP shore power connections.


The Tiara 3100 Open has been one of the builder’s most popular models since it was first introduced in 1979. Today’s model is several iterations removed from the original and the only thing that is the same as the ‘79 model is the name. Today, the Tiara 3100 is a completely different boat which has modern styling with a reverse transom, rounded quarters and a slight tumble home, and even a different bottom. Forward she has a moderate amount of bow flare to help keep her dry.

Truth in Advertising. Her on-deck hull length – from transom to stem -- is 30’6” (9.29 m), thus Tiara calls her a 3100. With her standard bow pulpit, which is part of the deck molding, she is 33’1” (10.1 m) long to the transom. Add the 40” (1.01 m) standard swim platform and she is 36’4” (11.07 m) long. In other words, most other builders these days would call her a “36.” Tiara is one of the few builders that holds to the traditional nomenclature, which makes an obvious statement in itself since it is more descriptive to what the actual boat is.

Her beam is 12’6” (3.81 m) and she displaces 13,225 lbs. (5,999 kg) dry. Her cockpit is 64 square feet and her bridge deck is 55 square feet. Below she has accommodations for four people, including one in a Pullman berth above the settee.

Tiara 3100 Open

The "mezzanine" seat faces aft and is on the raised bridge deck platform. Storage is underneath. Anglers will like this seat as it is the best place to sit while trolling and watching the lines.


The cockpit can seat four or five people on the fold-down transom bench seat and the double mezzanine seat facing aft. There is storage under the mez seat and an optional refrigerator can be installed in the console under the bridge deck seating to port and accessed from the cockpit. The transom seat can be traded for a standard bait well (add $1,760). There are two longitudinal storage bins in the cockpit sole, port and starboard, that can be used as fish boxes. Padded coamings are standard.

To starboard is a standard transom door that permits access to the huge swim platform. Hawes pipes port and starboard keep the gunwale clean and large cleats are mounted on the bulwarks below. Four rod holders are standard and are mounted in the fiberglass covering boards. The cockpit is self bailing.

There is not enough room in the cockpit to mount a conventional swivel fighting chair with foot rest. Portable fighting chairs can be accommodated.

Tiara 3100 Open

The helm console is a dark color to greatly reduce reflection in the windshield. Note the large expanse of real estate for navigation screens and engine diagnostic read outs. "A" -- Switches to primary equipment. The red rocker is for the horn. "B"-- Molded-in foot rest. "C" -- Circuit breakers to all systems are handy to the helm. "D" -- Manual engine room fire suppression system. "E" -- Lenco electric trim tab rockers. "F" -- Rocker switches for secondary accessories.

Bridge Deck

Tiara 3100 Open

The helm seat slides fore and aft 6" and can hold two people. Like the settee opposite, it pivots forward when accessing the engine room.

The extra-wide helm seat can handle two people and adjusts 6” fore and aft. There is storage underneath. The instrument panel has plenty of real estate for two large screens and other gauges and electronics. The panel is hinged for easy access behind the panel.

Settee. On the port side is an L-shaped settee large enough for three people with storage underneath. The standard fiberglass table has two pedestals for support. A third person can sit here facing forward in addition to the two people on the helm seat. The table is removable which improves access to the seating.

Tiara 3100 Open

The pedestal table can be removed to improve access to the settee. Note the hinge in the deck at right; this is where the bridge deck pivots open to allow access to the engine room.

High Windscreen. The windshield frame is fiberglass, not aluminum, which is commonly used. The safety glass is encapsulated which reduces maintenance and eliminates leaks. Small isinglass side curtains above the glass on the side is standard. With this isinglass in place the bridge deck is effectively enclosed on three sides to make the bridge deck a cozy place to be on cool mornings.

Hardtop. The standard hardtop is affixed to the fiberglass windshield frame forward and is supported aft by a fiberglass arch. The hardtop is composite and has both red and white LED lights overhead, a Bomar hatch on the centerline, and pads on the top for equipment including out swivel-type riggers.

To access the engine room, which is below the bridge deck, there is a hydraulic ram which is electrically actuated from the cockpit.

Below Decks

Tiara 3100 Open

Part II of the 3100 Open's story is her cabin below which is one large open area with an enclosed wet head.

Tiara 3100 Open

The double bed is on an island in the bow; there is storage underneath which is reached by raising the foam mattress. The standard deck is Amtico synthetic. A solid teak or a teak and holly deck are optional. The rest of the wood is teak.

An island berth is forward and has a foam mattress and storage below. Two steps up to port and starboard ease getting into the bed and changing linens. To starboard is a L-shaped settee which can be made into a sleeper. The seat back makes into a Pullman supported by chains from the overhead, allowing the boat to sleep four. Natural light comes in from an overhead hatch and three oval-shaped, stainless steel opening portlights.

A sound system comes standard and there are speakers in both the cabin and in the cockpit.

To port at the bottom of the companionway is a small wet head with Corian counter, VacuFlush head, exhaust fan and opening port light. Forward of that is a cedar-lined hanging locker and what Tiara calls a “pocket galley.” The galley has sink, pressure hot and cold water, a one burner stove top, microwave, and a 2.3 cubic feet / 46 Liter drawer-type refrigerator. The counter top is Corian. The cabin sole is dark walnut Amtico.

A solid teak cabin sole is available ($1,640) as is teak and holly ($1,940). Headroom in the cabin is 6’4”(1.93 m).

Tiara 3100 Open

The settee to starboard seats three. The outboard back rest swings up to form a Pullman berth so the boat can sleep four people.

Engine Room

The Tiara 3100 comes powered with the 6.0 L 375-hp Crusader gasoline engine and twin 330-hp Cummins QSB 5.9 diesels are optional. The drive is a conventional inboard system. Twin 1-1/2” stainless steel shafts go through bronze struts and are fitted with Nibral props. The axe-head rudders are also made of bronze.

The engine room is completely gel coated which makes keeping it clean a dream. The 3100 has bronze seacocks below the waterline, raw water sea strainers, and auxiliary fuel filters. Specially molded fiberglass air intake vents are affixed to the hull, port and starboard. There is an automatic/manual fire extinguishing system as standard.

We would recommend installing the optional oil changing system ($1,840). Other options depend on how the boat will be used. Folks wanting A/C will opt for the 10,000 BTU system ($5,020) and the 5kW Westerbeke generator which will power it ($17,220).

Tiara 3100 Open

Tiara calls this its "Pocket Galley" and it has gotten a lot of functionality into a small space. Standard equipment includes a refrigerator, microwave, sink with hot and cold pressure water, a single burner stove top, and a Corian counter. The steps at right are to ease access to the raised bed.


We have not tested the 3100 Open, so we can not pass on any first-hand information about her ride, handling, running angle or any of the rest of it. The folks at Tiara have posted some performance numbers on their website so we are passing a few key figures along. According to Tiara when powered by twin 6.0 375-hp Crusader gas engines—

WOT Speed – 40.7 mph.
Best Cruise Speed and MPG – 30. 4 mph/1.0 smpg
Range at Best Cruise – 189 statute miles (90% of fuel capacity)

When powered by twin Cummins 330-hp QSB 5.9 diesels, Tiara reported—

WOT Speed – 38.3 mph
Best Cruise Speed and MPG – 30.5 mph/1.35 smpg
Range at Best Cruise – 255 statute miles (90% of fuel capacity)

The "Fuel Tank" Story

In 2000 Tiara discovered that several of the aluminum fuel tanks in some of its boats built from 1983 to 1993, including the 3100 Open, were vulnerable to bilge, water. In cases where saltwater could get into the bilge this water could corrode the aluminum fuel tank eventually causing a fuel leak. Tiara tracked down over 450 of the involved models, inspected them and changed the fuel tanks to correct the problem. This corrective work was done entirely at Tiara's expense even though the boats were out of warranty. The owner of one of the effected boats with whom we spoke with at the time told us that the work was done quickly, the deck was restored perfectly, and it was done at no cost to him.

We know of only one other case of a boat builder in the last 45 years taking such wide-ranging preventive action when a defect was found.

Tank Solution. Typically boat builders use aluminum fuel tanks because they are less expensive and easier to fabricate than are fiberglass fuel tanks. However, aluminum tanks are susceptible to corrosion which can be particularly rapid if salts are in the water. The tops of the tanks are vulnerable if water puddles there, and the bottoms are at risk if they sit in water or sit on padding that holds moisture.

The best solution to this potential problem is to build fiberglass fuel tanks which is what Tiara has done in the case of the 3100 Open.

Tiara 3100 Open

The mezzanine seat is ideal for watching baits when trolling.


The 3100 Open has an MSRP of $293,470 when powered by the standard twin 375-hp gas engines. The boat is well-equipped and not many options are necessary. We have mentioned the cost of most of the major optional components in the report above, the most expensive of which is the generator ($17,220) and the A/C system ($5,020).

When we look over the options list we see only three others which we would consider adding to the boat. The first one is the optional three-piece cruising canvas that buttons up the aft end of the bridge deck, which effectively turns the 3100 into a three season vessel. It costs $1,940.

The second is the cockpit refrigerator that installs on the port side --$1,460.

The third option is purely aesthetic: we would seriously consider having Tiara cover the hull in polyurethane paint. We feel the tremendous improvement in looks of any boat from gel coat white to a beautiful color is worth the cost. Polyurethane paint, when properly applied, also greatly reduces the required maintenance of a boat.

Gel coat oxidizes rapidly and should be compounded regularly, particularly in the south where UV degradation is the worst. Polyurethane paint usually keeps its luster for as long as ten years. The cost savings in maintenance should greatly ameliorate the added cost of the paint for those keeping the boat five or ten years.

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Tiara 44 Coupe Captain's Report

A retractable sunroof and pocket sliding glass salon doors open the Tiara 44 Coupe to the ocean air. An unusual feature is the solid surface counter top on the transom, which can serve as a side board for beverages, ice and food. The optional grill makes it a cooking counter or when engaged in casual fishing, it can be used as a bait prep station. Below decks, the master stateroom features a pillow-top innerspring mattress and upholstered headboard.

Mission Statement

This yacht’s focus is all about entertaining in elegance and cruising in posh style. It’s a classy boat that instills a desire to get properly dressed for the occasion, so no t-shirts and flip flops here. A robust, deep-V running surface lays the ground work for extended ports of call while her highly maneuverable pod drive system eases the work load for the owner and mate. A retractable sunroof and stowable sliding glass salon doors open the yacht to the outside, enhancing everyone’s yachting experience.

While taking her cues from the 50 Coupe, and certainly maintaining the classic Tiara DNA, this new Tiara 44 Coupe should appeal to boaters who want a modern, attractive design specifically intended for entertaining, and serious cruising.

The Stern

Tiara 44 Coupe

The Tiara 44 Coupe offers an open floor plan with an aft galley between an indoor and outdoor gathering area. She is seen here with her standard 60" fore-and-aft platform.

Stern Platform

Because this large platform extends aft of the hull of the boat it makes boarding from a floating dock quite easy. But that is just one of its many uses…

Stern BBQ. The swim platform runs nearly full beam and extends 60" (1.52 m) fore and aft. Because it is so large, it serves as yet another "activity venue". For example, an optional electric grill on the transom console counter makes a fun place for a BBQ. With the grill away from the boat, greasy smoke will not stain the overhead. The wide counter surface insures that there is plenty of room for food prep, and we can see the chef and helpers enjoying standing on this platform as the burgers sizzle.

Naturally, the platform can be used for swimming and there is a recessed re-boarding ladder, hand holds, and a standard hot and cold water shower is tucked into the transom.

Optional Hydraulic Platform. Tiara offers a Nautical Structures hydraulic platform ($43,980) instead of the standard integral one. This serves the purpose of easily launching the yacht's tender or a PWC. Secondary duty will be to be a "teak beach" slightly submerged for both kids and adults to sit on and cool down on a hot summer day.

It should be noted that a tender can be stowed on this platform without the hydraulic option. There are several arrangements possible.

Tiara 44 Coupe

The optional hydraulic stern platform on the Tiara 44 Coupe serves at least five functions -- 1) A submersible platform for stowing the yacht's tender; 2) a "teak beach" for swimming, diving, and launching water toys; 3) an on-deck galley; 4) a fun place to hang out during a cocktail party; 5) a sun deck large enough for two fold-up loungers. ($57,000 with the teak deck.)

Tiara 44 Coupe

This solid surface counter top on the transom serves a number of purposes depending on what the boat is being used for at any one time. During a cocktail party, it can serve as a side board for beverages, ice and food. The optional grill can be installed and then this becomes a food prep counter. When engaged in casual fishing, it can be used as a bait prep station.

Tiara 44 Coupe

We like the optional electric grill on the boat's transom because it creates more utility. This spot is ideal for serving a buffet, cocktails or grilling the catch of the day. Because of its location, its use won’t hamper people moving about the deck, and smoke from the grill won’t cloud the salon and dining areas. Note the large food prep counter.

Tiara 44 Coupe

From the swim platform it is just two low-riser steps up to the aft deck. Note hand hold port and starboard.

Tiara 44 Coupe

The aft cockpit offers seating for four adults in the aft settee and another two people can comfortably sit in the separate lounges located port and starboard facing aft.

Cockpit/Aft Deck

Action Central. For most owners the cockpit will be the epicenter of activities on the Tiara 44 Coupe. It has been designed to be versatile so that the owner can stage cocktail parties, informal lunches, and more formal evening dinner parties without any hassle. The standard table is fiberglass with a hi-lo actuator. There are two stationary, aft-facing seats next to the cabin bulkhead which keep the cockpit open for cocktail parties. A cooler is below one of these seats and storage in the other.

Teak treads on the steps and a teak aft deck are both options.

Tiara 44 Coupe

The cocktail table at left in the cockpit can be interchanged with the double-leaf dining table in the salon to maximize utility of purpose.

Moonlight Serenade. Tiara continues with its policy of providing virtually everything needed to set the right mood, including two JL Audio Polk external speakers and a Polk 8" subwoofer. It is all controlled by the digital amp in the salon. (FYI -- the 44 Coupe has multi-zone volume control.) Remote control cockpit courtesy LED lights are cool and add to the evening ambiance of this outdoor area. (Weather covers for cockpit furniture is standard.)

Tiara 44 Coupe

Passage ways from the stern platform are wide. Note the step up to the side deck.

Tiara 44 Coupe

Port and starboard aft-facing seat modules make good use of space for parties and to maximize cockpit seating. With the BBQ grill and wet bar on the transom it is not needed here. This also reminds us a bit of "mezzanine" seating found on large sportfishing convertibles. The seats also conceal a cooler and storage compartment below the cushions.

Tiara 44 Coupe

The boat's seat cushions are covered in this attractive Sunbrella material which is soft to the touch. How will it handle spilled red wine? According to the folks at Tiara, have no fear, red wine just rolls right off without staining.

Tiara 44 Coupe

There is a thoughful oval hole under the quarter covering board where the bitter end of the dock line can be kept.

Tiara 44 Coupe

The optional extendable sun awning ($17,800) has become popular the last couple of years and is an important addition to any boat.

Tiara 44 Coupe

Another view of the helm deck and salon/dining settee. Galley hidden to right. Note the steps up to the settee platform and the helm deck which provides headroom below in the mid cabin.

Tiara 44 Coupe

Looking from the aft deck forward into the salon of the Tiara 44.


Sliding Door. Entering the salon is through a heavy-duty, polished stainless steel framed sliding glass door. I really liked that Tiara installed a beefy handle on it, as we’ve learned that these doors take a beating over time. Just as important, the handle gives leverage and is a far better design than the plastic vertical sliding latch we find on some boats in class. The door panels stow to the sides, and opens the salon to the aft cockpit for one continued party room.

Opening side windows and the standard electric opening sunroof overhead complete the salon's commune with nature.

However, should the outside become too hot, the 22,000 BTU salon air conditioner can be brought into play. This will be powered by the standard 11.5 kW Onan generator or shoreside from the 65’ (19.8 m) 50-Amp shorepower cord.

Tiara 44 Coupe

Note the narrow mullions and large windows.

Tiara 44 Coupe

Four people can be seated at the dinette table in the salon. A leaf folds out.

Seating in the cabin is comprised of a huge L-shaped lounge that consumes almost half of the salon to port. Covered in buttery soft Ultraleather, this sofa is sure to win buyers over with its decadent comfort. A gleaming teak table that expands with a leaf, to offer dining space for at least four people, compliments the settee. The sofa can be made into an optional sleeper.

Tiara 44 Coupe

A flatscreen TV slides out from behind the cabinet above the galley counter to face the settee. Why not have it fold down from the overhead? Because these TV screens are not designed for horizontal storage which voids their warrantees.

Decking in the salon/galley is solid teak, as standard. Interior wood is architectural teak and wenge. The L-shaped seating to port and the standard, hi-gloss teak, hi-lo pedestal table seats four adults. Tiara even includes 8 throw pillows and a 29" TV with Blu-Ray DVD player.

Tiara 44 Coupe

All steps are protected with stainless steel steps which also alert guests to their presence.

Tiara 44 Coupe

A two-burner cooktop is recessed at right and covered with a filler plate creating a large food prep counter.

Tiara 44 Coupe

The ship's microwave is housed under the counter.

Galley Up and Aft. Immediately to starboard is the long counter top of the galley. Its configuration allows two people to work at meal prep, and not block access to the fridge and freezer drawers in the middle below the counter. The galley supports all the basic needs of cooking while cruising; convection/microwave oven, electric cooktop, deep sink and a solid-surface counter top. When the capabilities of the galley and the grilling station at the transom are considered, the 44 Coupe has all the makings of an epic holiday entertainment venue.

Tiara 44 Coupe

The ss sink is large and deep. Note the back splash and the modern fixtures and metal moldings.



The Helm. The captain is treated to the same plush seating at the helm. A wide, adjustable seat was chosen for the control station and is covered in supple Ultraleather upholstery. The dash features an ‘all glass cockpit’ with two, 12” Volvo-Garmin flat panel displays integrating all the navigation and propulsion monitoring into a touch screen package. The systems’ autopilot is so advanced that you can literally point to a location on the screen, and the yacht will change heading and go to that waypoint.

Tiara 44 Coupe

The Tiara 44 Coupe’s helm is a study in simplicity.

Standing Tall. Tiara is going with nothing short of first-class with the helm area. First of all, the captain is able to actually stand at the helm, as well as sit, and see out the windshield without bending over or having to pop through the sunroof for a look-see. This sets the Tiara 44 Coupe apart from many European-built coupes, and is important for long trips, rugged conditions and when docking.

Steering and all engine controls are drive-by-wire.

Tiara 44 Coupe

This rendering of the Tiara 44 Coupe’s helm deck and salon shows the extra-wide helm seat and the L-shaped sofa opposite the galley which is hidden below a solid surface counter top.

Instrumentation begins with dual displays from Volvo Penta’s Glass Cockpit. This system works in conjunction with Garmin displays and provides integration with all of the ship's systems, from electrical to mechanical, to navigational. Touchscreens provide displays, which can then be customized with preferences ideal to the individual operator.

Glass Dash/Electronics Galore. The remote Garmin Grid controller is installed aft of the joystick. The integrated electronics package also includes a Garmin GPS, chartplotter, radar, sounder, and VHF. A Volvo Penta autopilot makes the electronics suite complete. A set of Kahlenberg dual trumpet air horns are included, to give the 44 Coupe the proper gravitas.

As mentioned, a joystick is standard, as are Lenco electric trim tabs ($). An aluminum windshield frame holds tempered safety glass and there are two windshield wipers and washers.

It seems the only thing that‘s not included with this high-end helm is a spotlight for nighttime operations, but sure enough, one is included on the options list along with a Lenco auto trim system ($3,890 with auto trim.)

The seat is 38" (.96 m) wide.

Tiara 44 Coupe

The Tiara 44 Coupe’s accommodations layout.

Below Decks

The accommodations below are comprised of a large centerline island berth for the owner forward, and a VIP stateroom aft. Surprisingly, Tiara was able to incorporate two head compartments, one to starboard that serves as a day head and guest compartment. And a second, larger compartment to port, that is en suite to the master stateroom to ensure privacy for the owner.

Tiara 44 Coupe

The forward cabin serves as the master. There is much-needed storage in the side panels.

Master Stateroom. Another bright feature of the 44 Coupe is the master stateroom’s cabin door. A bi-fold design allows the cabin to be opened to the atrium when desired, expanding the openness of the room considerably. Large hull side windows with portholes deliver plenty of ambient light, plus a view of the water.

Tiara 44 Coupe

The door to the master can be a single show here or a double to open up the space when a couple is cruising alone.

The master stateroom is forward and is fitted with an island berth. The opening deck hatch above includes a built-in Ocean Air screen and separate privacy cover. While the deck is solid teak, the risers to either side of the island berth are carpeted. For the berth itself, Tiara went with a pillow-top innerspring mattress, upholstered headboard, coverlet and pillow shams.

Tiara 44 Coupe

A panel in the side houses stereo equipment, among other things.

Bedtime Details. The foot of the berth lifts, and is held open with, the assistance of gas struts to access storage beneath. When the screened portlights and overhead hatch are not providing ventilation, the stateroom is cooled with the 8,000 BTU air conditioning system that also feeds to the head. Entertainment features include a 19” (48.3 cm) flatscreen TV and a Bose Soundlink speaker system with Bluetooth functionality.

Tiara 44 Coupe

The private entrance to the master head is to port.

Tiara 44 Coupe

This private master bath is large for a 44 footer. Note that it not only has a separate shower stall with seat, but also a toilet and wash basin.

The master head is to port and it has a fully framed door, allowing private access from the master stateroom. A separate shower stall has a glass door and a teak seat. The counters are fabricated from teak with solid surface accents. Storage is via a lighted and mirrored medicine cabinet above a vanity and storage is below the vessel sink. As with the master, the sole is teak.

Tiara 44 Coupe

Looking into the master bath from the forward stateroom. Note the wood countertop.

Tiara 44 Coupe

The mid cabin is private and has a door with 6'2" of headroom at the entrance and a bit less headroom when entering and then crawling in bed. There is a settee at right for pulling shoes and socks on and off.

Tiara 44 Coupe

The cozy VIP stateroom has reading lights and enough clearance over the beds to allow sitting up in bed and reading. Twin beds make up the berthing, and a filler cushion can be installed to expand the sleeping potential.

VIP Stateroom

Both beds in the VIP cabin are fitted with innerspring mattresses, upholstered headboard, coverlets and pillow shams. Storage is under the forward berth. The usual accommodations for cedar hanging lockers and hullside cabinets are present. Hullside windows and a skylight provide natural light. The stateroom is cooled with the 6,000 BTU air conditioner. A washer/dryer unit is also optional.

Tiara 44 Coupe

By keeping the VIP head out of the stateroom it can also serve double duty as a day head, something that would be inappropriate on a proper yacht for the master head.

Tiara 44 Coupe

View from the bed of the guest stateroom to the seat which is adjacent to full-standing head room.

Guest Head/Day Head. Most important, is the second head which is to starboard. This is the detail that so strongly sets the Tiara 44 Coupe’s layout plan apart from other boats in this size range. The builder has managed this feat by placing the toilet under a teak seat in the separate shower stall, so this space serves two purposes. This is considerably better than a wet head that incorporates the sink. Its shower door is also glass and the sole is teak. Both heads have VacuFlush toilets, ventilation fans and opening portlights with screens.

Tiara 44 Coupe

This is the guest head/day head. Note that the water closet doubles as a shower stall, which we think is a good use of space. The master head has a separate shower stall.

Hull Design

Blue Water Hull. Tiara designers utilized its proven “Blue Water” hull rather than risk a new bottom design that could compromise ride quality in rough water. The blue water hull is an 18-degree dead rise deep-V running surface that is used on Tiara’s sportfishing boats. What better than a battlewagon bottom that spends it’s life pounding the swells off-shore?

With a sharp entry warping to an 18-degree deadrise at the transom, Tiara has combined efficiency with comfort. The construction of this hull is solid, laminated fiber-glass nearly ¾ of an inch thick below the waterline, with balsa coring on the hull sides for maximum strength and lightweight.

Tiara 44 Coupe

The Tiara hull is time tested on the company's offshore fishing boat hulls which have proven to be an excellent sea going design. The sharp forefoot can be seen in this rendering, transitioning to flatter stern sections which end up with a deadrise of 18-degrees at the transom.



A pair of Volvo IPS600 Diesel pod drives with 435 horsepower each propels the 44 Coupe. This configuration is standard and there are no other propulsion options available. When I asked Tiara why they did not offer any other power package, they confidently explained that this set-up provided optimal power for the boat without sacrificing performance or economy. (Many builders under power a vessel in order have a lower entry level price point, then they offer upgrades that raise the overall cost and value). It’s a novel approach, and after spending some seat time in the Coupe, I understood completely.

The yacht has an amazing amount of acceleration considering she’s nearly a 33,784 lb. (15,324 kgs) displacement and a 15'0" (4.57 m) beam. She hops up to plane in 13.1 seconds at 3000 rpm and 26.4 miles per hour.

Tiara 44 Coupe

We like the blue hull color on the new Tiara 44 Coupe and recommend it. (DuPont paint job: $19,150.)

The Test Numbers. Her WOT speed was 36.7 mph (31.9 knots) at 3600 rpm where she burned a total of 44 gph. Best cruise was found to be at 3250 rpm where she went 31.2 mph (27.1 knots) and burned 36 gph for a range of 273 statute miles (237 nm) with a 10% fuel reserve. Her endurance at that speed is 8.8 hours.

Slowdown Lowdown. For those who are not in a hurry, at 11.6 mph (10 knots) she has a range of 416 sm and 362 nm. Pull her back to 1250 rpm and and go 9.1 mph (7.9 knots) and travel 983 sm or 855 nm. Check out our "Test Results" tab above for all of the details.


Most notable is the boat’s handling. Since the boat can be steered using either the wheel or the joystick, the captain can perform tight turns at speed by simply tilting the joystick to the side. The 44 Coupe does dip it’s shoulder as would be expected, but it is a very smooth transition as the boat rolls in and out of the turn. I noticed very little, if any, cavitation from the forward facing duo props regardless of how hard over I pushed the yacht. It should also be noted that this boat has passed the ABYC Quick Turn Test (H-26.8.3.) at WOT.

Tiara 44 Coupe

Her height from the waterline to the top of her navigation light is 12'8" (3.86 m). She will have no trouble with the Great Loop as the lowest bridges in the Loop are in New York waterway where 15'6" (4.72 m) is the lowest.

Engine Room

The engine room is accessed through a hatch in the cockpit deck. Tiara selected a pair of 435-hp Volvo Penta D6 engines driving IPS600 pods through jackshafts. Volvo's "Active Corrosion Protection" system is standard. The entire compartment is protected with acoustical insulation. A plate mounted, through-bolted engine mounting system ties into vibration mounts. A three-port oil changing system will service the mains and single generator.

A single 350-gallon (1,325 L) fuel tank is ahead of the engines and mounted athwartships. An FE-227 automatic discharge fire protection system is also standard. Bronze seacocks are on all underwater thru-hull fittings.

Electrical. Tiara builds all of its own electrical panels and harnesses in house to maintain maximum quality control. On...

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Maritimo 2015 M65 BoatTest Captain's Report

A company’s flagship, as a rule, is the model that it is most proud of. It encompasses everything the company has to offer all rolled into one model that is the best of the best. This is the case with the M65 from Maritimo, its largest and most luxurious long range motoryacht to date. She features four cabins, including a full-beam master and three heads. She also includes the trademark Maritimo enclosed flying bridge with inside stairway that has come to define the brand. There we discovered a sky lounge that is truly amazing on a 65' yacht.


Being founded in Australia, the Maritimo models have the benefit of three oceans, the Indian, Southern, and Pacific to serve as the proving grounds and they’re designed to take on them all. These yachts also have premium features and an exemplary level of fit-and-finish that is augmented by their most recognizable feature -- the enclosed flying bridge.

With the enclosed flying bridge feature, the elevated helm becomes the primary operational station with no lower. The flying bridge also becomes a second salon in every respect, with the notable exception of size. We’ll start our features inspection there.

Maritimo M65

The M65's six foredeck hatches bring light and air to three of the boat's four cabins below. The sun roof is optional.

Features Inspection

Pilothouse/Sky Lounge

The flying bridge includes a spacious elevated salon which some builders have been calling a sky lounge for years. Certainly the M65's enclosed flying bridge fits the definition because it has so much comfortable seating as well as a cocktail table and cabinet for a wet bar. This is where guests will want to be when underway not only for the view but also to be able to interact with the owner/operator.

To starboard is the helm which has two seats, full instrumentation, and a commanding view forward and to both sides.

Maritimo M65

The enclosed flying bridge is accessed from an internal staircase. It’s as luxurious a gathering area as the rest of the yacht.

As social areas go, the enclosed flying bridge is as welcoming a sight as the rest of the yacht, perhaps even more so. For it is here that all can experience the astounding views enjoyed by the captain. Being fully enclosed, inclement weather is no longer a factor and operations from this elevated position are now all-weather.

Of course with a large amount of glass we will need either opening windows or serious air conditioning. Maritimo allows for both. Standard is a set of dual 24,000 BTU air conditioning units. The hardtop has a standard electrically opening sunroof that will allow flow through ventilation right out through the opening back doors to the balcony. Additionally, optional opening side windows ($10,295) will further allow natural ventilation.

Additional options to consider for the flying bridge include a stainless gate at the top of the stairs ($3,300) that includes a fiddle rail to the helm station, a stainless bar refrigerator ($3,565) and a natural teak balcony table ($3,335).

Maritimo M65

On the flying bridge -- sky lounge/pilothouse -- looking forward from the balcony. To the left of the helm in the background is a comfortable L-shaped sofa, in addition to the one at left with the two ottomans. Notice the optional icemaker in the side table.

Maritimo M65

In the enclosed flying bridge looking aft: to the far right are the inside stairs coming up from the main deck. With the bi-fold doors completely open, the sky lounge will be the place to be.

From a gathering point of view the flying bridge is one of the most welcoming that we’ve seen, even when compared to larger yachts. A pair of sofas to either side of the helm provide for dual gathering areas. Both are luxuriously upholstered in leather. Two stainless steel pedestals at the aft sofa support a teak dining table. High-gloss teak can be seen throughout. An entertainment unit is to port, along the stairwell. It includes six storage drawers, two cupboards, a vinyl inlay top and a handrail. Provisions are included for an LED television.

There is a glass rear bulkhead with bi-fold doors leading to the balcony. This entire area is surrounded by stainless steel rails. There is a wet bar with a stainless steel sink and Corian top. LED lights make the area accessible after the sun sets.

Sky Lounge Extraordinaire. Without question, this is the best executed sky lounge we have ever seen in this size of sedan or convertible. In our opinion, the builder has done a superb job of squeezing a lot into this space. We would definitely opt for all of the amenities available for this salon as it adds mightily to the utility and entertainment possibilities of this yacht.

Maritimo M65

The aft balcony provides what is among the best views available on the boat. Notice the optional joystick control station at the rail ($9,315). We think this is a "must" for owner/operators.

Maritimo M65

The helm includes a pair of luxurious seats, with the captain’s being electrically actuated. The panel is large enough to accommodate triple 19” (48.3 cm) glass screen multifunction displays. We like the uncluttered nature of the instrument panel as well as the excellent visibility afforded because the builder kept the screens low as they should be, but often are not.

Main Deck

Maritimo M65

The main deck of this 65' (19.8 m) yacht is something special: her aft deck is huge and is deal size for a cocktail party; her salon/formal dining area is versatile and comfortably seats a crowd.

Aft Deck

The main deck encompasses two more of the M65’s social areas, the aft deck and salon.

The aft deck is entered by stairs to both port and starboard and a large forward-facing sofa allows relaxing under the protection of the extended overhead. The square footage of the deck is large enough for a square dance. Maritimo has wisely left a table off the standard boat so that owners can configure this space to fit their application.

One of the reasons this space is so large and versatile is that there is no ladder or stairway to the flying bridge taking up space. To port and starboard are compartments for storing fenders and lines. A set of engine controls can be added to the port side of the cockpit ($8,450).

Maritimo M65

Now that's an aft deck! Maritimo kept the aft deck open and uncluttered so that each owner could fit it out for individual applications. The hatches lead to the engine room, but there is another access door in the transom.


The galley is laid out with both ergonomics and aesthetics in mind. Inside of the large island there is enough clearance for two people to pass each other. Because the layout has an island rather than a dead-end alley that we sometimes see on boats of this type, two people can comfortably work in the galley.

Maritimo used high-gloss teak for cabinetry and Corian for the countertops. The island features a much-appreciated grab handle running its full length on the aisle way side. This counter together with an L-shaped counter to starboard provides more food prep space than we normally see in this size and type of boat.

Standard appliances are from Miele and include a two-door stand-up refrigerator freezer, a 25-bottle wine cooler, a four-burner cooktop, a microwave, a dishwasher, a full-size opening pantry with adjustable shelves, a double basin stainless steel sink, two rubbish receptacle drawers and eight LED lights. Galley decking is Amtico. Optional teak decking is available ($8,222).

Maritimo M65

Notice the teak inlay to the overhead leading all the way forward into the salon. Decking is teak and holly Amtico.

One major benefit to having the galley centrally located is that the host or hostess is never far away from either of the boats gathering areas. It is just a few steps to the dining area forward or the aft deck. Further, with the inside flying stairway adjacent to the counter it is easy to pass sandwiches and snacks above.


As first impressions go, when first stepping into the salon, this one might well last a lifetime. The entire area is surrounded by windows for outstanding views. Adding sliding side windows ($10,925) will improve ventilation, eliminating the need to continually running the 24.5 kW generator. We would also recommend the sliding starboard salon door ($13,202) as it further increases airflow and makes for a welcome transition from outside to the inside.

Maritimo M65

Looking forward in the main salon: all guests will be able to see out from the dinette or the sofa in all directions.

Maritimo M65

Looking aft from the companionway: Seating for eight can be had at the dining table that includes storage underneath. Remember, this yacht has four staterooms so seating must accommodate eight people.

Maritimo M65

Take a second, good look at that picture. Note the size of the place mats, dinner and salad plates and cutlery. This is a large table with its leafs folded out and it can serve 8 with a little economy of plating.

While Smoky Quartz carpeting in the salon is standard, Maritimo will accommodate requests for either Amtico decking ($6,785), or genuine teak ($13,225). Furnishings are upholstered in an owner's choice of either Sable leather or Panna leather.

Accommodations Deck

The lower deck has four staterooms -- the master, two VIP staterooms, and a bunk bed or Pullman cabin -- and three heads. This is somewhat unusual in a 65' yacht and we like it because it gives the vessel such versatility. Four staterooms make the boat ideal for chartering and it solves lots of problems when children with grandchildren are aboard.

Maritimo M65

The size of the M65 becomes evident when looking at this interior layout. First, note that the boat's 18'8” (5.71 m) beam pays off in numerous ways: 1) it permits a true household size king bed that does not have to "cheat" on the corners; 2) note that the vanity and stool have clearance in the master; 3) there is room for a modified queen bed in the port VIP stateroom, a cabin that is about the size of a master in a 55-footer; 4) there is room in the starboard guest cabin to close the door without having to negotiate around it, etc.

Master Stateroom

The master stateroom's king-size island berth has an innerspring mattress, and upholstered headboard with two reading lights and floating teak side tables. Full height hanging lockers to the sides are high-gloss teak and drawers are located below. A pair of 12,000 BTU units provides air conditioning. Natural light is provided from four fixed portholes, two to either side of the stateroom. There is a day lounge to one side and a desk/vanity with four drawers to the other.

Maritimo M65

Maritimo struck a natural balance of beauty and functionality by mixing the high-gloss teak with varying shades of gray.

Maritimo M65

A love seat to port in the master stateroom makes a comfortable place to unwind at the end of the day. Notice the chest of drawers set into the bulkhead forward, something that is a bit unusual but quite functional. A large hanging locker is at left.

Master Bath. The master stateroom is separated from the forward engine room bulkhead by the full beam head. It includes a separate toilet and bidet, a walk-in shower, vanity with mirrors, four top lockers, two down lights, two robe hooks, and a pair of his and her sinks. A pair of opening port lights provides ventilation along with an exhaust fan.

Maritimo M65

The master head features a full-beam layout that includes a pair of sinks recessed into a Corian counter. Note the large shower stall in the background. The medicine chest with mirrors above the sinks makes it just like home.

VIP Staterooms

It’s certainly not a bad state of affairs being a guest on board the Maritimo M65. Up to six guests can be accommodated in three separate staterooms. We think that both VIP staterooms have lots to recommend them and owners will not be embarrassed to invite two other couples for a cruise and then have to pick which one gets the better stateroom -- both are top-notch.

Each stateroom includes a 12,000 BTU air conditioner, upholstered headboards and plenty of storage accommodated in varnished teak lockers. Both have easy access around the bed, although it is slightly better in the port cabin. The forward stateroom does have to share the head if there are any guests in the fourth cabin, and it also doubles as the day head.

Maritimo M65

The port VIP stateroom easily resembles a master stateroom on other yachts.

Maritimo M65

The VIP stateroom nestled into the bow is made cozy by the use of high-gloss teak. We’d like to see storage added to the open space on the upper bulkheads, but that can be added in the aftermarket by people planning on serious cruising.

Maritimo M65

Both guest bathrooms feature separate walk-in showers and Corian counters. The beautiful teak woodwork makes a stunning contrast to the gleaming white of the rest of the room.

The Fourth Stateroom

Typically sedans and convertibles of this size have three staterooms, but because of the M65's prodigious beam (18'8”) she has the width to get two staterooms and a passage way across the beam of the boat. This is never easy, and we think Maritimo has done a good job of fitting this in.

Different Strokes. Every owner will use this boat slightly differently. For some this cabin will be used for children or grandchildren. Other might use if for a nanny or a steward. Still other will use it for a couple who drew the short straw. Maritimo would be glad to reconfigure this space into an office, a laundry room, or a mammoth storage compartment.

Maritimo M65

Not all guests can be considered couples, and as such having a set of bunk beds makes a wise choice. Note that there is enough room between the open door and the bed for a person to stand -- this is the acid test for a cabin of this type.

Power for the Glory

Standard power for the M65 comes from a pair of Volvo Penta D13 engines putting out 900-hp each. This is the only boat in the motoryacht series that Maritimo will offer optional engines on. Owners can choose to upgrade to a pair of 1000-hp MAN V8s ($134,550) or 1200-hp MAN V8s ($162,150).

What Speed Glory? We have not yet tested this boat so can make no suggestion as to the most appropriate engines for any particularly application. However, we can say that at a displacement of 79,000 lbs. (35,834 kg), dry, her standard engines should be able to give her a cursing speed of from 18 to 20 knots, maybe a bit more. WOT will be several knots faster. We like cruising at those speeds, so we would be happy with the standard engines. Those who want to hit 30 knots will have to go for the bigger engines.

Those boaters who want to use the boat for long distance cruising at displacement speeds will be happy with a pair of 900s.

Standard Thrusters. A pair of standard electric bow and stern thrusters provides maneuverability that in our opinion is every bit as good as what one might expect with pod drives and a joystick. An upgrade to hydraulic thrusters is offered ($28,750). Our tests of Maritimo yachts have shown that this is a great combination, offering complete maneuverability around the dock and in close quarters.

A Joystick Option. Some owner/operators may not feel comfortable operating a boat of this size unless it has joystick functionality. That being said, Maritimo offers a system that includes an upgrade to the hydraulic bow and stern thrusters, dual lever control at the helm and separate joystick stations for both the helm and cockpit ($107,905).

Maritimo M65

Because of the boat's 18'8’’ (5.71 m) beam she can have both wide side decks and a large interior.

Mechanical Considerations

Depending on how the owner plans to use the boat, it might be advisable to opt for the option of having two 17 kW generators instead of one 24 kW generator set. That will cost an extra $28,000, but it can have its advantages. First, the electrical load should match the generator's constant output to prolong the life of the unit. Clearly this is easier to do with the 17 kW unit. As more power is needed -- say, when all of the AC units are on, plus the stove and then mom and daughter turn on their hair dryers -- the second genny can be brought on line. This will allow a lower fuel usage while electricity is used for smaller things like refrigerators and freezers.


The Maritimo M65 has a MSRP base price of $2.923M, well-equipped. As we stated, options are available, but the M65 boat is among the most luxurious we've seen in class, pretty much as is.

Maritimo M65

Note the relatively deep bulwarks on the foredeck of this 65' (19.8 m) yacht. We like this design as it provides a lot more safety than on a flush foredeck when going forward to anchor in snotty conditions at night.


Maritimo takes great pride in its level of fine finish work and its attention to detail is self-evident as one walks throughout the boat. While we have not yet tested the M65, our tests of other Maritimo models have shown exemplary handling characteristics, and a level of comfort and amenities that are world class. We expect that when we get on board the M65, that feeling will be matched yet again.

Cruise-Worthy Offshore. Regular readers know that we happen to think that a sedan motoryacht design makes a fine cruising yacht because generally they can be more comfortable in a sloppy seaway than a conventional flush deck motoryacht with a lot of top hamper. Because the M65 has a relatively low CG -- even with the added weight of the enclosed flying bridge -- and because her hull was designed for those three oceans around Australia, we think she will be exceedingly seaworthy.

Offshore Ride. But to make a good thing even better, Maritimo has made provisions for an optional SeaKeeper gyrostabilizer to be mounted abaft of the engine room. Experienced boaters know what to expect offshore. For those concerned about guests on long cruises, this option is a good one in our opinion.

Our general suggestion is that people in the market for a flush deck or raised pilothouse motoryacht of this size and capability, should take a good look at the Maritimo M65. We think they will be surprised at what they find.

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2015 Suncoast Boat Show

Last weekends big event was the Sarasota Suncoast Boat Show. The 33rd annual show was a record breaker for numbers of exhibitors and number of boats on display. We were no exception with our largest show lineup to date. Read excerpt below from the Herald-Tribune.

"As another indicator of how good the market is right now, consider that one of Southwest Florida’s oldest yacht dealers, Galati Yacht Sales of Anna Maria, last year completed a $3 million expansion.

For the business, the average bill of sale is $500,000 to $1 million.

“That is kind of our meat and potatoes,” said Darren Plymale, vice president and a board member.

Galati happens to be selling the largest yacht at this year’s show, a 130-foot Westport tri-deck motor yacht built in 2011. Brand new, the yacht cost $20.5 million, and today, you can acquire it for a mere $16.9 million.

“That’s the nice thing about our market,” Plymale said. “We’ve got the people here who could walk up to me today and buy it.”

Read Full article here.

Friday night was Show Management’s VIP Yacht-Hop. Cocktails and hors d’oeuvres were enjoyed while a violin player charmed the crowed aboard our New 750 Prestige Motor Yacht.

To see more photos of the event, Click Here.

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Mark Wilson Said:

Mike and Stan, want to sincerely thank the whole Galati team and Mike in particular for absolutely stellar handling of the listing and sale of my Hatteras boat. I knew the boat was going to be at the low end of the scale you normally work with, but I was treated exactly the same as if mine was a $1m versus $100k boat.

I went to Galati because you appeared to me to be the most professional and prestigious brokerage in our region, this turned out to be absolutely the case. Even Marissa Fritz, the closing coordinator, was a professional and skilled and responsive member of your team.

Mike went so far beyond the call of duty to help me with numerous things from handling the lines as we moved the boat from slip to slip, to helping me interface with repairmen and captains and bottom cleaners, to even pulling my tools off the boat for me after he sold it. I cannot say enough about Mike Ludvigsen. He was everything and more anyone could ever ask of a boat broker. If you ever need a reference for the company or for Mike I am your guy!

Thank you all so much! Can’t wait to buy the next one!

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