Award Winning Prestige 750

Two Awards For The Prestige 750 At The Prestigious 2014 World Yachts Trophies!
prestige 750 yacht for sale
During the Cannes Yachting Festival, LuxMedia Group organised a superb official ceremony for the World Yachts Trophies. This annual grand gala ceremony, which takes place on "la Croisette," gathers all the major players in the cruising world. This year, over 700 people were greeted at Carlton Beach.

The PRESTIGE 750, which was nominated in the category of yachts measuring from 50 to 80 feet in length, received not one, but two prestigious trophies out of four possible titles: "Best Layout" and "Most Achieved."

This double win reaffirms the success of the PRESTIGE brand. The prize for the highest achievement perfectly illustrates the passion of the brand for innovation, as well as our quest for the highest quality, competitive spirit and attention to detail.

The prize for "Best Layout" validates the development strategy of the PRESTIGE brand: to prestige 750 yacht interiordevelop interiors that are ever more innovative and more comfortable, while also offering incomparable volume for the size category.

The PRESTIGE 750 was unanimously praised by the international jury, which included the Editors-in-Chief of Yachts and Boats, Yachts Russia, Yachts Emirates, Yachts Croatia, Yachts Lebanon, Yachts Quatar, Invictus Magazines.

These two trophies distinguish the PRESTIGE 750 from her competition, but they are also a beautiful tribute to her designers, Garroni Design, J&J Design, J.P. Concepts and the Prestige Design Department.

About The Prestige 750

With this new motor yacht, PRESTIGE is bursting onto the very exclusive market of motor yachts over 70'. Once again, original touches in the interior design will surprise and delight, while the exterior design will display its unique personality.

Distinctive, Contemporary Exterior Design

By revisiting the unexpected interior layout concepts that have made PRESTIGE a success, the naval architects and designers have created an original spatial organisation to win the hearts of the prestige 750yacht for sale interiormost exacting owners, paired with a resolutely contemporary exterior design that breaks with established codes.

This new PRESTIGE extends the artistic concept of continuity in space even further. The wide cockpit opens onto the central galley and the vast saloon, which in turn leads to the raised helm station.

The Surprise Inside

The choice of a wide-body design concept creates a unique volume to the fore of the motor yacht, an ideal space to locate the vast owner's cabin, which is level with the saloon and separate from the rest of the interior layout.

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Rampage 41 Express South East Michigan Debut

Rampage 41 Express Makes it South East Michigan Debut at the Boating and Outdoor Festival September 11-14 at Metropolitan Beach Metro Park.

Galati Yacht Sales is proud to present a 2015 Rampage 41 Express at the upcoming show. This is the first boat from the new partnership between KCS International Inc. and Galati Yacht Sales naming Galati Yacht Sales as the exclusive distributor of the brand. According to Broker, Rob McCarthy, “current Rampage owners have been pleased to see the brand back at shows and the boat is turning heads of Express Yacht Owners”. “The boat stands out on its own as it has more beam and a greater displacement than competitors, contributing to a great ride as well as a two cabin layout. When you combine that with factory direct pricing, it is a win for anyone looking at a 41’ Express cruiser to fish or cruise.”

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So Much to Describe

My last post was from the Turks and Caicos. Since then, we fished our way through the southern islands of the Bahamas and back to the States. So much has happened and there were so many cool things along the way, but I have not had the time to catch up on the blog with recovering from strep throat, which I am sure I got while wading through flooded roads in the Turks, having crap internet, and just going hard since the Turks.

Kyle Applefield, one of my old mates, flew to the Turks to make the trip back to the States with me. It was a real pleasure having him along. He arrived during my recovery from that nasty bout of strep and really stepped up to make things happen. We fished our way through some of the southern "Out Islands" of the Bahamas anchoring out at the Plana Cays and fishing along the way. Unfortunately, the fish did not cooperate until we were off of Rum. It was there that we battled for big tunas against the men in the grey suits -the sharks- who were brutal. They ate quite a few of our tuna. The worst part is they did it every time just behind the boat. When we reached San Salvador, the tuna were there, but so were the sharks. I thought we took a good GoPro video of the battle, but the camera never recorded it, so I’ll describe it for you…

The Boss had a big Yellowfin Tuna on his line. Since we had already lost a good number of fish to the toothy critters, the Boss was working his ass off to get this Tuna up as quickly as one can when hooked to an eighty-pound Yellowfin. Kyle and I watched it all unfold from our view on the bridge. First, we saw the gold, silver, blue, and grey of the eighty-pound football-shaped fish. Then, only seconds later, we saw one of the men in the grey suits following our Tuna about twenty-five feet down in a hot pursuit. Kyle reached and grabbed the leader to help the Boss get the fish up quicker. What unfolded next was hysterical and at the same time worthy of a shark week episode. Kyle was grunting to wire the fish within shot of the gaff. The Shark seemed to get bigger and bigger as it raised itself from the depths head long right at us. Just as Kyle took another wrap on the leader and reached for the gaff, the Shark attacked with its jaws open wide attempting to engulf the Tuna from the tail. His eyes rolled back as he chomped his way up the body of our Tuna. We were all screaming and hollering. Kyle could not let go with one hand to reach for the gaff. If he had, the chopping Shark would gain further purchase on our Tuna. The Shark was not phased from the beating he took on the head from the Boss’s fishing pole. The Boss tried his best to gaff the Tuna as the Shark thrashed his head side to side. But then, Kyle lifted up and away on the leader making it tough for Boss to sink the gaff. So, the Boss returned to beating the Shark. Finally, there was a chance to stick the gaff into the Tuna and we ended up getting about sixty five percent of the fish back…. But man, what an epic eighteen seconds.

I know what I described will never do the event justice, but so many things we see and experience are so hard to put into words: Seeing the light house at Landrail Point on Crooked Island encircled by little pink weather washed buildings and surrounded by miles of turquoise water; Running across the Grand Bahama bank with no wind and water so clear that you would think we were going to hit bottom at any second from twenty-five feet in the air. If not for the white water and foam around the boat, it would seem to those onboard that the boat was flying; Surviving a thunderstorm off Cat Island that hammered us for hours; Riding through winds and seas coming up from flat calm to four to five feet in mere seconds with lightening dropping all around us only to die out as quickly as it started and become flat calm again; Approaching Miami after the boat not being stateside for seven months; Walking into a Publix Grocery store in Miami for the first time in a long time. I swear I thought I heard angels singing as I walked through the produce aisle; Watching the sunsets. Man, did we have some good ones. One in particular that we had in the Plana Cays made the sky so red it looked like it was on fire. It’s great to be back in the States. The past two months were a bit tumultuous with having to find mates to fill in, but things will settle down now that we are in Key West. I have a few guys I will be interviewing over the next week to replace Tyler. Sad to see him move on, but I wish him the best. It’s time to move on for me and train a new deck hand. I've done it before and I will do it again.

Originally Published By: Capt Ed Thompson

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You're invited to the Boating & Outdoor Festival

View the all new 2015 41' Rampage Express at the show! Sept 11-14, 2014.

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Slick Maneuvers - Tiara 44 Coupe

Last summer after we ran the Tiara 50 Coupe, we reported back with words like “confidence,” and “beefier”. The phrase “significant advance” even came into play. And we don’t use these words lightly. But after spending a day running around Lake Michigan on the newest Tiara, the 44 Coupe, once again they seem completely appropriate.

tiara 44 coupe, yachtFirst, let’s address how and why the 44 Coupe instills confidence. The integrated Volvo Glass Cockpit control system is about as technologically superior to a standard wheel and throttles as 2014 Lexus is to a 1944 Studebaker. And while I personally prefer using the wheel as opposed to a joystick at cruising speeds—don’t worry, you can choose either—that joystick makes slow-speed precision maneuvering a piece of cake. Turn it and the boat spins, push it sideways and the boat slides like it was on tracks. If you had a deficit of confidence when docking in the past, this rig is the sure cure.

Whichever item you use to control the boat, you’ll be down-right shocked the first time you put it into a hard turn. The 50 felt sporty for its size, sure, but the 44 Coupe responds more like a speed boat than a cruiser, digging in and carving out turns that simply wouldn’t be possible on most boats with this much mass.

Ready to find out why “beefier” applies? You may not be able to see construction touches like a resin-infused beam system, structural aluminum buried in pillars, and additional structural support around the IPS pod drives, but all of those things are part of the 44 Coupe. And even if you can’t see them, you can feel them when the 44 Coupe starts crunching through waves. Full disclosure: it was pitifully calm when we ran this boat. In order to do some wave-smacking I had to make a series of S-turns, pull a 180, then roar back through our own wakes. But a 44-footer throws up nice-sized wakes, and when I made the maneuver, the hull bounded right through them without any vibrations, rattles, or shuddering.

Another example of beef: the sunshade. Yes, I know these things are standard fare on modern cruisers, but if you’ve ever deployed one, you probably noticed it seemed a bit on the flimsy side. Not this one (though it is a $17,800 up-charge, which seems a bit steep for shade). Or, look at the bowrail. Slam a galley cabinet. Jump on the companionway stairs. Wherever and whatever you look at, pretty much everything on the 44 Coupe could accurately be described as “beefy”.

Brute strength aside, the Tiara 44 Coupe has another advantage over its competitors when it comes to seakeeping abilities. When designing the boat, Tiara decided to move the iron horses forward and couple them to the IPS pod drives via a jackshaft. Moving the weight forward keeps the boat’s running attitude ideal regardless of its fuel load. On many competitors’ boats, shifting fuel loads cause shifting running attributes. But not in this case. Why doesn’t everyone use this design? There’s a trade-off in interior volume. While moving the engines forward may enhance the boat’s ride, it also cuts into the space available for the mid-cabin stateroom. That explains why on the 50, the full-beam mid-cabin is the master, but on the 44, the master is forward and the mid-cabin becomes a guest stateroom.

Naturally, a few other trade-offs have to be made when a model’s foot-print shrinks from 50’ to 44’. Another difference you can spot between the larger and smaller siblings is in the saloon. There’s less counter space in the galley, the dinette and settee on the 50 are essentially merged on the 44, and there isn’t room for the 50’s slick flip-back passenger’s seat (which can face either forward or aft). Beyond that, the 44 maintains the lines and attitude of the 50 from stem to stern. The anchor is tucked into an integrated hawse and windlass system in the bow, eliminating the need for a pulpit. The saloon is surrounded by glass including a glass sliding door, for 360-degree views. A huge sunroof is integrated into the hard top, and an open companionway—the “atrium,” in modern marine parlance—plus multiple ports and skylights bring natural lighting to every corner of the cabin. And entertaining in the cockpit is enhanced with an aft ground tackle station that wisely incorporates the electric grill. It’s as far as possible from the cabin entry, so you can whip up a batch of fish tacos without the smell wafting its way into your bedding.

One other way the Tiara 44 Coupe is like the 50: its looks. And this is a differentiating factor between the Coupes and Tiara’s past models. These boats have a much more modern eye-appeal, set off by touches like the “levitating” hard-top (just look at the pictures, and you’ll know why they gave it that name), and the sleek profile. In fact, those used to seeing Tiara models like the Coronet 3900 or the 3100 Open will note quite a difference in styling. And some of those styling changes are bound to make their way into other Tiaras. Though they won’t be introduced until the Ft. Lauderdale boat show, updated 31 and 36 Coronets are on the way, and we hear they’ll benefit from touches like the Coupe’s integrated anchoring system, and new exterior upholstery.

Tiara rolled out the 44 Coupe at a base MSRP of $903,000, and with it comes a solid list of standard features, including the Glass Cockpit and joystick control. In fact, the options list is surprisingly short and to get the cost of the boat over a mil you’ll have to start adding glitz and glam like a teak-inlaid hydraulic lift swim platform, that sun shade, and a whole lot more.

So, what about the phrase “significantly advanced”? Where does that one come into play? In case you hadn’t noticed, from stem to stern. While the Coupe 50 represented the introduction of a new Tiara look and feel, the 44 is confirmation that underneath all of that newness, the Coupe series is still all Tiara, through and through.

Originally Published By: August 25th, 2014

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A Newer, Bigger Catalina

A few years back we brought you an in-depth look at the Chris-Craft Catalina 26, last spring we took a long hard look at the Catalina 29, and now we’re getting ready for the first glimpse of the all-new Chris-Craft Catalina 34. This will be the biggest Catalina model yet, and will run with either twin or triple outboards.

chris craft catalina 32Like others in the Catalina line this is a center console model, which tilts far from fishing and much more towards fun in the sun. In the bow, for example, the seating will convert into a big sun lounger with cup holders and arm rests. And inside the console instead of finding rod-racks and tackle stowage, there’s a berth and a head for overnighting.

But like the other Catalina models, the boat is still thoroughly fishable. Along with the 360-degree fishability of the center console design, you get aft seating that folds away to open up the cockpit for working rods, a 40-gallon livewell, two 50-gallon fishboxes, four gunwale rodholders, and a raw water washdown. Outriggers, underwater lights, and a windlass with chain are all options.

Although the 34 Catalina will maintain Chris-Craft’s reputed cushy comfort levels, there will also be a few options cruisers and schmoozers will want to consider. You can get a “Summer Kitchen” in the leaning post, which adds an electric grill, pull-out refrigerator and freezer, and a sink. A generator and cabin air-conditioning is also on the wish-list. And a bow thruster can be added, as well.

A few big-boat features more commonly found on yachts than center consoles will also be on the 34. The T-top, for example, will house one of those extending sunshades that have become standard fare on 50-footers. And if you opt for the teak package, the boat’s eye-appeal should go through the roof.

Will the new Catalina share it’s predecessor’s flair for surprisingly fast performance and exceptional handling? We can’t say, of course, until the first hull hits the water and we get a chance to run it. But if past history is any indication it’s a good bet. In any case, one thing is for sure: this is going to be the biggest Catalina yet, and it seems like a good bet it’s also going to be the best.

Originally published by August 27, 2014

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Princess S72: Open or Express Cruiser?

With the debut of the Princess S72, the first model in a new line dubbed S Class, Princess Yachts now occupies an interesting slice of the uppermost cruise-bomb market. The S72 is a hybrid of sorts as it fuses an open flybridge with the low-slung lines an express-style design. The effect? A hammer-down racy edge. The boat is solidly constructed and elegantly finished, too. With an air of control and the Princess reputation for reliability, it seems the S72 is the chairman-of-the-board sports yacht, awash in aggressive design touches.

There’s a lot to be said for a luxury cruiser with two driving stations. From the lower helm at the forward end of the saloon, you control a pair of inboard engines from an enclosed space that’s so impeccably finished the atmosphere is one of effortless cool. From the driving position at the bridge, you’ll get that wind-in-your-face thrill as you enjoy a bird’s eye view of that shapely bow peeling out in front of you.

To create the sexy-as-sin lines, Princess had to keep the flying bridge compact, but even if it is smaller than the top decks on other boats in this size range, it’s still large enough to accommodate six passengers plus a dining table and wet bar. This open bridge has other virtues, too, including excellent sightlines as there are no obstructions. You’ll enjoy that benefit in dicey inlets, narrow channels and restricted visibility. And, of course, when docking.

Docking maneuvers are made easier with the variable Side-Power thrusters offered with the S72. Also available is an optional Seakeeper M26000 gyrostabilizer, which reduces roll when the boat’s at anchor or underway. With the throttles down, the Princess could kiss 40 knots with the largest of three power options under the hatch: two MAN 1,8000-hp V12 diesels. The hull is a deep-V and could be familiar to those who know the Princess brand. That’s because it’s the same running bottom featured on the builder’s V72, the express yacht from which this new design sprung.

The S72 shares a number of features with the V72. The accommodations level layout, for instance, is identical with three cabins, including a full-beam master amidships, a VIP stateroom forward and twin guest cabins to starboard; each cabin has its own en suite head with separate stall shower. Both models also have a galley-down arrangement, which goes a long way toward creating a more open saloon, where differences between the models really begin to show. On the S72, larger windows and glass sliding doors from Trend Marine make for a light and bright space and offer rock-your-world views of that blue horizon. And on this new boat, woodwork, finishes and custom furnishings are taken to the next level. If you’re an avid cruiser with a penchant for fine design, you’ll find your bliss here.

The saloon leads out to the teak-paved cockpit that’s one of multiple outdoor entertaining areas. There’s also the bridge, and the great space on the foredeck, where a pair of sunloungers face a built-in settee. It’s the type of feature you’ve been admiring on megayachts for years, only now it’s come to roost in a production boat that probably could be handled by a couple who are cruising with friends. For owners who prefer the help of a crew, quarters can be provided near the transom.

When I first saw the Princess S72 at the Miami Boat Show in February, I initially thought the design was a pleasant and well-executed compromise between an express yacht and bridge boat. But that impression changed. The S72 is a fine design in its own right. Apparently Princess thinks so, too, as the builder has plans to roll out more models in the new S Class line in the near future.

Originally published by: Jeanne Craig

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Celebrating 50 Years

(May 2014, New Gretna, New Jersey) Back in April 1964, Brothers Bill and Bob Healey opened the doors to the Viking Yacht Company and focused on building wooden sportfishing and cruising boats in a modest 26,000 square foot building with dirt floors and no heat. The early years were tough but the brothers persevered egged on by a simple passion to build a better boat every day. The dedication and hard work paid off and 50 years later, the Viking Yacht Company is the world’s largest manufacturer of high-performance, luxurious sportfishing convertible yachts ranging from 42 to 92 feet.

The Viking Yacht Company is unique within the marine industry. In addition to being family-owned and operated with second generation Healey members running the day-to-day operations, the company is vertically integrated. Virtually 90 percent of what goes into a Viking yacht is designed and manufactured in our 810,000 square feet facility on the banks of the Bass River near Atlantic City, New Jersey. A pair of five-axis computer operated milling machines produces the plugs to make the various molds for each of the 17 models in the product line. The mill cuts various hardwoods and veneers for structural components, trim and interior furniture. In the metal shop, aluminum and steel is fabricated into bow and safety rails, engine beds, and intricate framework for hardtops, machinery brackets and various styles of backing plates and custom items. In the fiberglass shop, hulls are resin infused, and custom designed fuel, water and waste tanks are produced for every hull to maximize capacity and draw. Wiring harnesses are hand-made in the electrical shop and printed every eight inches with its function.

Subsidiaries, Atlantic Marine Electronics and Palm Beach Towers deliver accessory packages allowing the convenience of turnkey delivery. And with three fully staffed service yards in Florida and New Jersey no one even approaches Viking’s commitment to after sale service.

Commemorating a half-century of uninterrupted service, Viking has been celebrating throughout the year beginning with a cake cutting ceremony for over 100 shipwrights that have been at Viking for better than 20 years. Company-wide, Viking employs over 850, making it Burlington County’s second largest employer in New Jersey. This was followed by a family fishing tournament in Key West, Florida, which attracted 45 boats, and more than 300 owners, family members and guests from as far away as Massachusetts and Michigan.

Currently all eyes are now focused on the annual dealer meeting in September at the Golden Nugget Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey, where Viking will unveil its largest boat ever, the 92 Enclosed Bridge Convertible along with a 52 Open/Sport Tower boat, to be followed with a magnificent new 75 Motor Yacht at the 2014 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show in October.

Since its inception more than 50 years ago, the Viking Yacht Company has built over 4,660 boats. As the company moves forward with second generation Healey family members at the helm and third generation Healeys learning boat building from the ground floor, the future of the Viking Yacht Company gleams brightly like a beacon broadcasting across the sea.

Originally published by Viking Yachts

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The 390 Express Coupe by Cruisers Yachts Has Taken its Class By Storm

Jay Jackson and Josh Olsen attended the dealer event this year and had a chance to preview the 390 Express Coupe while attending:

The 390 Express Coupe by Cruisers Yachts has taken its class by storm.

•Largest in class 42 square ft. sunroof

•157 square ft. cockpit and helm all one level

•Full front frameless window with unrestricted visibility

•Spacious sunbathing area found at the bow

•Full beam Master Stateroom providing standing headroom with aft settee and cedar-lined hanging locker

•Movable cockpit seating for a center isle split seating layout, collapsible sun lounger, or a u-shaped dinette

•Great maneuverability with Volvo 500 IPS Systems

•Fully equipped galley with two-burner stove, microwave, refrigerator, freezer, drawer storage and overhead storage

•A fully equipped head features a separate shower stall with ample storage above and below the vanity

•Full beam dinette seating with storage converts into a secondary stateroom that sleeps two with privacy. Optional flip-up backrests can create two additional sleeping berths.

The award-winning, sporty and spacious 328 Bow Rider has recently joined the Cruisers Yachts lineup and is available!

Originally published by: Jay Jackson and Josh Olsen

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Carlos Beruff Said:

I would like to commend Gregg, he was a strong and conscientious advocate for us throughout the process.

His patience, attention to detail, and keeping the boat yard experience as pleasant as it can be, makes him a HUGE asset to the Galati organization. I would find it hard in the future to buy anything in your industry without consulting Gregg.

Carmine thank you for the introduction, he is the right guy.

Find out more about this yacht broker:
Gregg Somerville
(813) 495-0301
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It’s a rare morning in St. Thomas with the sailboats pointing in all directions trying to find the trade winds. As the Red Hook Marina comes to life, a few men stand rigging their lines on charter boats. The larger boats are complaining about the heat and lack of wind while the smaller boats, that normally don’t get to experience the luxury of steering far from shore, are excited to nose their way a bit further today.

Not many boats are fishing right now. The boats that have gone out are seeing 3-5 Blues a day. Most boats will begin fishing again this week as the next full moon approaches. Having my son here was a real treat and big help. He has been aboard many times and knows how to work the boat. It was nice to have him stand in instead of some green horn that has no clue. He is home now, though, and Tyler is back on board. And it’s great to have Tyler back.

Our days onboard this past week have been taken up with oil and filter changes. Fifty gallons of oil takes quite a while to change; I wish we could pull up to a Jiffy Lube. Waxing was another chore on a seemingly endless list of Sea-Do’s.

It hasn’t been all work, however. There have been a few lobster fee-diving trips. We may not get Big number of lobsters here, but they are Big. (Oh! By the bay, Lobster season is open all year round here.)

Yesterday, Tyler and I went out with the crew of Betsy. We explored areas that we had not before. As Tyler and I sailed off toward the clear blue water we passed by Tim who was poking around about 12 ft. down under a coral head. He came up to the surface and told me there was a big bug in the way back of the hole. I took a breath and headed down to give it an extra eye. At first glance, I saw a few lobsters squared off and facing my way. So, I stuck my head and body down a bit further. Just as I was getting ready to snare a good bug, I felt a sting on my left nipple. MAN! You hurt me! I had a shirt on, but it was not enough protection for the fire coral that struck me. You know, I would say it feels about as Fifty times as bad as Jellyfish sting. It’s much better this morning, but last night while lying in my bunk I couldn’t even let the sheets touch me where I had been stung. No lobster is worth that kind of pain.

Some of the reefs we are diving here are absolutely stunning! Even the best pictures wouldn’t do them justice. The plethora of hard and soft coral is amazing to witness. But, what stands out to me is constant great water clarity. Or is it consistent? Both! We are free-diving on rocks that are 10-30 ft. deep in water. Some spots are as deep as 50 ft., but they don’t look a foot over 20ft. deep. Sure, depth perception can be deceiving when it comes to water this clear. It may seem like a struggle to keep going deeper, but the difficult part is coming back up to the surface when you have dove in so deep.

For the most this year, tropical weather systems have stayed out of our way. But as the Saharan deserts wane, the inter-continental convergence zone is becoming more active. While the first system did not turn into anything, there is another far more foreboding storm just approaching from the Mid Atlantic. But we’re not worried.

Originally Published By: Captain Ed Thompson

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Summer Gulf Tournaments Update

This is why you purchased that amazing sportfishing machine! Upper gulf tournaments and the Gulf Coast Triple Crown Series brought in big fish, big bucks and one serious adrenaline rush!

During the first tournament, the Orange Beach Billfish Classic (OBBC), 26 teams competed.

With all the fish in the sea, two teams caught two blue marlins that were identical in length. One marlin, however, was 186 pounds heavier, giving Sea Mixer a 528.8 pounder for the win in the Blue Marlin category.

Jon Gonsoulin and his crew fishing on Done Deal, their new 70’ Viking sold by Galati Yacht Sales, released two blue marlins for 1000 points for the win in the Catch and Release category.

Talk about adrenaline, that’s just what Reel Worthless experienced. They hooked a double header of bluefins and successfully got both into the boat! Excitement was high when Johnny Johnson caught the winning 158.6-pound yellowfin. Standing aboard his 64’ Viking sold by Galati Yacht Sales, Johnson stated, “I can cross off catching a bluefin tuna off my bucket list.” A Work Of Art also released a bluefin.

Conundrum, aboard their 61 Viking purchased from Galati Yacht Sales, stood proud with their second place white marlin, giving them 700 points.

The report was that fishing for wahoo and dolphin was slow. However, one fish can turn around a tournament. Just ask Galati customers, Fin Way, a 65' Viking from Destin. They weighed the only wahoo of the tournament at 61.60 pounds.

The Cajun Canyons Billfish Classic in Venice, Louisiana followed the OBBC from May 27th to June 1st. This was their 2nd year as a qualifying event in the Gulf Coast Triple Crown Championship. Pipe Dream won second place blue marlin with a 706.1-pound fish, only 2.5 pounds shy of 1st place. Reel Worthless won the Tag/Release Division with 4 blue marlin, Reel Fire in 2nd with 2 blues and Rehab rounded out 3rd with 1 blue. In the Tuna Division, fierce team Rehab took 2nd and 3rd with a total of 250.3 pounds of tuna!

Let’s load up and hit the high seas to Biloxi for the Mississippi Gulf Coast Billfish Classic! There is big news to report.

Okay ladies, what is the coolest title to hold? Let’s ask Deb Hebert who caught the award for the biggest marlin ever to be caught by a lady in HISTORY, 843.7 pounds of pure monster. It was a long, satisfying fight that lasted 3 hours aboard Iona Louis.

Unfortunately, Reel Worthless experienced some boat troubles, so they teamed up with Reel Fuelish and hooked a 539.1-pound blue marlin.

Patience boated a 680.1 pound blue to take second place in the Marlin Division while Marlin Darlin’ snatched the biggest wahoo at 67.5 pounds. Freak on a Leash also won in the Wahoo Division.

After their 2nd place white marlin at OBBC, Conundrum was focused and amped up. They took home the top Catch and Release title with 1,200 points. Rounding out the Release Division, Freak on a Leash took third place honors.

The last tournament before the Championship was the Emerald Coast Blue Marlin Classic (ECBMC) at Sandestin. Second to none, this tournament hosted 77 boats and 350 anglers. Total, 36 billfish caught 16 blue marlin, 16 white marlin, and 4 sailfish. One of those blue marlins went to Reel Worthless, the biggest, winning 1st place, at 594.9 pounds. Congrats to Steve Brown for winning Top Overall Angler and Top WBS Angler with that catch! Rehab took 1st with Top Dolphin, a yummy 48.2 pounds; while Marlin Darlin’ won 3rd with a 46.6 pound dolphin. Top Tuna awards went to Black Tip with a 131.9 pound tuna, while Freak on a Leash reeled in 3rd. While top wahoo went to Share-E for 68.4 pounds, a replay of OBBC occurred with Done Deal, winning Top Release team again! Controlled Chaos kept it under control to take home 3rd Top Release team with 1 blue marlin and 1 sailfish. Top Crew awards: 1st Reel Worthless and 2nd Done Deal.

Girl Power… a shout out to Katie Gonsoulin on Done Deal for winning Top Lady Angler with her blue marlin. As they say at the ECBMC, “Setting the Precedent. Destined to be a Classic.”

Now back to The Wharf! Wouldn’t want to miss that captains’ party hosted by Galati Yacht Sales!

As the final tournament of the series started at the Wharf on July 8th, the 2014 Triple Crown Championship was up for grabs. The standings were as follows: Sea Mixer 500 points Team Reel Worthless 475 points Tico Time 275 points Iona Louise 250 Done Deal 250 points Conundrum 225 points Pipe Dream 175 points Patience 175 Reel Fire 100 points Let’s also hear it for Reel Worthless and Done Deal that get bonus points for having competed in all five sanctioned tournaments.

With the tournament sold out, they headed out in spectacular fashion Friday morning! During 2.5 days of fishing, 15 blue and 10 white marlin were released by the 57-boat fleet.

A few fish were weighed in Friday night, but the scales were busy Saturday night. Up To It came in second place with a 442-pound blue marlin, while Reel Worthless owner Johnny Johnson, Capt. Myles Colley and the team took fourth place.

Congratulations to Plumb Crazy and Rebel who also earned a payout for tag and release billfish!

The 2013 Grand Champion, Real Fire, took home Top Release Boat this year thanks to Connor Ferrara and William Duke’s two blue marlin.

One More had the second-heaviest tuna at 130.8 pounds, caught by Jane Soloman.

Controlled Chaos and Get Reel won cash for their wahoos.

Buell Polk weighed in a 38.8-pound dolphin caught aboard Share-E, while Mollie took home 3rd with a 38.4-pound dolphin, but it was Rick Olsen on the Breath Easy team that won 1st place with a 39-pound fish. It was a close one though; less than one pound separated all three dolphins weighed in. Rebel and Get Reel also scored for their dolphins.

Big congratulations to Brenda Dedrick on Black Tip for winning the 2014 Top Lady Angler award for her blue marlin release!

Everyone had a great time and is already talking about next year’s Gulf Coast Triple Crown Series. See you next year!

Bastante Tournament News! Galati Yacht Sales customers break Texas state record! Congratulations to Captain Kevin Deerman and the Legacy team for breaking the Texas State Record Blue Marlin at the Bastante Tournament on July 11th.

Poco Bueno The invitation-only, family-run fishing tournament everyone in Texas loves, Poco Bueno, was unfortunately canceled this year due to bad weather.

Galati Vikings are now 3 in a row and 3 for 3 in Texas tournaments!

The 82 Viking No Compromise just won the the Texas International Fishing Tournament with a 685 pound blue marlin. Owner, Alan and Robyn Roberts, Captain Bill Cannon.

1. Bastante Tournament - 56 Viking Legacy, new state record 972 blue marlin, George and Donna Gartner, captain Kevin Dearman
2. Lone Star Shootout Tournament - 70 Viking Done Deal, 2 blue marlin releases. Owner Jon Gonsoulin, captain Jason Buck
3. Texas International Fishing Tournament - 82 Viking No Compromise, 685 blue marlin. Owner, Alan and Robyn Roberts, Captain Bill Cannon.

Next up is the Texas Legends Tournament based in Port Aransas - August 6th- 10th 2014.

For more about our event schedule, Click here

Originally Published By: Angela Jackson

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Cruisers Dealer Meeting 2014

Joe Galati, Darren Plymale, Jay Dee Jackson, and I just returned to Florida from our trip to Wisconsin for the 2014 Cruisers Yachts Dealer Meeting. Having been a Cruisers Yachts dealer since 1983, the four of us were excited to represent Galati Yacht Sales and celebrate 32 years of partnership.

The entire team at Cruisers and KCS International put on an incredible event packed with a new model release, vendor meet-and-greets, breakout sessions, factory tours, and an awards ceremony and dinner. We had many great opportunities to interact and collaborate with other Cruisers Yachts dealers and the management team at Cruisers and KCS International. Cruisers has adopted the theme of “Power UP!” this year and is applying it to all of their efforts, including R&D, sales, and customer service. We left the event excited to see what the coming year brings for Cruisers Yachts and the dealers that represent the company.

Day One:

After an easy trip from Tampa, Florida to Green Bay, Wisconsin with a quick layover in Detroit, Michigan, we arrived at Stone Harbor Resort & Conference Center in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin. We made our way to the vendor booths and spoke with several vendors that have partnered with Cruisers Yachts and were sponsoring the event, including Raymarine, Volvo Penta, Mercury, GE Capital, and more. We participated in a dockside reception where we met and greeted dealers from across the country and around the world, a unique opportunity to gain insight into other markets. After dinner, everyone in attendance was asked to once again gather outside on the docks for an introduction to two new models in the Cruisers Yachts lineup, the 328 Bow Rider and the brand-new 390 Express Coupe. The 328 Bow Rider, having enjoyed great success in the Cruisers Sport Series lineup and having been awarded Boating Magazine’s Boat of the Year in 2013, has been moved into the Cruisers Yachts lineup to allow Cruisers Yachts dealers, including Galati Yacht Sales, the opportunity to share in that success. The 390 Express Coupe is a brand new model for Cruisers Yachts and is sure to be a hit with its great performance and ride on a C. Raymond Hunt designed hull and an incredible layout for entertaining family and friends on the water.

Day Two:

When we arrived at breakfast, it became clear that the buzz surrounding the 390 had not subsided and everyone attending the event was very excited to learn more about the boat on sea trials and walkthroughs. We had the opportunity to sea trial both the 390 Express Coupe and the 328 Bow Rider and came away even more impressed, as both boats performed admirably, even in a confused chop driven by the previous night’s cold front. After lunch, we sat in on two breakout sessions organized by Cruisers Yachts. The first session operated as a moderated discussion between the Research & Development team at Cruisers Yachts and the dealers to discuss the 390 Express Coupe, as well as several other future models. The most immediate future model is the upcoming 58’ Cantius, which is also certain to be a success and appears poised to take its class by storm. Our next breakout session was an introduction to the Cruisers Yachts iPad app, which primarily serves as a resource for dealers and their sales teams to better present the product to customers. Everyone came away from the session impressed with the app and its ease of use, and we all look forward to testing it over the next few months. The day concluded with yet another amazing dinner, and most importantly an awards ceremony. Both Cruisers Yachts and Cruisers Sport Series recognized their top 5 respective dealers, though every dealer in attendance was recognized for their efforts this year. Galati Yacht Sales is proud to have been recognized as the #2 Cruisers Yachts dealer in the world this year, and we look forward to continued success over the next year!

Day Three:

During our final day in Wisconsin, we made a short trip to Oconto to visit the Cruisers factory. Our first stop was the R&D building, where there is no shortage of activity. While there was plenty going on, we were most anxious to tour the mockup of the 58’ Cantius. Having never seen a mockup on that scale, it was an awe-inspiring experience to see how well a plywood mockup of both the upper salon/galley and lower accommodations could convey what the finished product will feel like. There is plenty of work remaining on the 58’ Cantius, but after seeing the mockup, the Galati Yacht Sales team and the other dealers we toured with came away looking forward to the introduction of the new model in 2015. We were then taken to the main production factory where we made stops in the upholstery, lamination, and rigging shops. Cruisers has embraced vacuum-infusion for key components on several models, which is a cleaner and quicker process than traditional methods and will serve to increase quality and decrease production times. We walked through several boats in various stages of production that Galati Yacht Sales customers have ordered. We will provide those customers with pictures and updates of their boats during the build, something few boat owners ever have the opportunity to see.

Attending the dealer meeting was an incredible opportunity and provided a unique perspective into the product and the company that stands behind it. Having seen the dedication that Cruisers Yachts shows to constantly innovating and striving to exceed customer expectations, I have no doubt that Galati Yacht Sales and Cruisers Yachts will enjoy a continued successful partnership for many years to come.

Originally Published By: Josh Olsen & Jay Jackson

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Introducing the Princess 68

The Princess 64 has been one of the most successful models in our market in recent years. Production will continue for this model for the coming year, with several hulls scheduled for retail delivery. Building on the success of the Princess 64, we are pleased to provide you with information on the new Princess 68, which will fill the current gap in the model range between the 64 and the 72 Motor Yacht. On track for a European premiere showing this fall, followed by a North American debut at the 2015 Miami Yacht & Brokerage Show, the Princess 68 is destined to rewrite the rulebook on flybridge luxury, space and performance.

Wonderfully progressive, incredibly capable, and classically Princess, the 68 has been designed with features that are typically found on much larger yachts:

Key features:

Private access to the owner's stateroom The full beam owner's stateroom is accessed from its own private stairwell running off the main salon. The stateroom includes a full en-suite and dressing area with vast hull-side windows for the most dramatic views and a sofa to watch it all from in complete comfort. A stateroom lobby houses a washer/dryer with space for an additional dryer.

Three large guest cabins Guests will enjoy three further cabins, two en-suites, plus a generous crew quarters. The stairwell to the guest quarters will lift to give access to a huge storage space.

Incredible social areas Two separate seating areas are designed into the main salon with two more areas on the vast flybridge, which also comes with the option of a hardtop with integral sunroof. A high specification aft cockpit comes with surround seating, speakers, bar access from the galley and a wonderful transom seat for the most magical evenings at anchor.

Galley aft doubles your social options The galley aft layout delivers some wonderfully flexible dining options with seating and tables opposite the galley and out in the cockpit. The galley's aft window also opens up at the touch of a button to create a bar area for the cockpit.

Commanding helm position The 68 will feature a uniquely social and usable helm area, with the driving and navigation positions to starboard, and, at the same height, another L-shape guest area to port. The commanding helm position will also offer a door to the starboard side deck.

Walk-through foredeck The walk-through foredeck has proved a massively popular feature with owners, offering a private retreat when in harbor or a thrilling vantage point when at sea. The 68 takes this innovative area and turns it into the most detailed foredeck entertaining area yet with seating, sunpads and huge storage lockers for all your day boating needs.

Window area Following our incredible developments in the use of glass, the 68 will include vast glass sections to the main salon, master cabin and forward VIP. In the master cabin the windows will measure over 17 sq ft.

Internal volume The 68 will offer the highest level of internal volume per square foot of any Princess yet built.

Performance Fitted with twin diesel engines of up to 1400hp, speeds of around 33-34 knots are expected with fast efficient cruising in the mid-twenties.


Originally Published By: Princess Yachts America

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Another First

With Tyler home and attending to his father, I had my son fly down to fill in for a week while out of school. It’s been neat to have my son on board. Both of my kids have grown up around boats and it comes to them naturally. Patrick has visited many times during my travels, but has never actually worked for me. It makes me proud to see him work alongside me and take pride in the boat.

Yesterday, we fished the North drop here in the Virgin Islands. We invited two crew members from the "Lala" to join us for the day. After departing the dock, we ran 25 miles NW to the drop from Spanish town, Virgin Gorda, where we are staying for the weekend. Patrick has fished with me many times, but it always seems like it is when we are traveling before or after a season in a location. He has never caught a blue marlin. Around 11 am we hooked our first Blue. The boss harnessed up and had a good fight in store. The fish never jumped. Instead, it went straight down and stayed down. After a lengthy duel, the fish finally came to the surface. It was one of those fights that reminded me of why I prefer to drive the boat rather than turn the handle. After the fight there was a long lull, but at around 2 we had a fish come into the spread and knock down bait. It failed to get hooked, but a few seconds later it piled on the right short and took off jumping. It was a good 300+ lb. Blue. Patrick and the guys started clearing lines. But the Boss looked at Patrick and said, "This one is yours.” The fish steadily pealed the line off the reel and as Patrick harnessed up, the fish headed for the horizon. We chased that fish backwards for about a mile as Patrick sweated and grinded the reel to gain line back. He did a great job and after twenty-four minutes, we got the release. But then, the fish pulled away as we tried getting it alongside to get the lure out. The ensuing battle lasted another thirty-five minutes with the entire crew at the siting. Sometimes, those fish just don't want to give up. We ended up 2-2 on Blues. Patrick was glowing with pride. You could just hear it in his voice the rest of the afternoon. Steve (Boss) was happy as well. He always says he enjoys watching someone get their first Blue as much as catching one himself. (Thank you, Boss, for letting Patrick get his first)

We were ten minutes away from the dock and running at 28 knots when I heard Patrick call up from the back deck. He was holding the release flags already attached to the halyard on the out rigger. He wanted to know if he could raise the blue marlin release flags. I grinned at seeing his excitement and pride, but told him to hold on till we slowed down. As with anyone’s first Blue, there are two things that happen back at the dock: First, the word spreads that someone caught their first and everyone congratulates that person after they repeat the story of their epic battle. Second, that person gets thrown in the water at the dock.

Patrick must have forgotten about that in his excitement because after tying up, he went to the bow to start washing the boat. I called to him from the dock and said, "Come check this out!" as I pointed at the water under the dock. Steve joined me by also pointing under the dock and added, "Have you ever seen that?"…SUCKER!!!!!!! I gave him a big shove and he flew off the dock into the water. While he was in mid-air, I heard him yelling, “Aw man!” He knew he had been had.

As I said, we are down in Virgin Gorda, BVIs right now at a marina called Yacht Harbor in Spanish town. It’s a sleepy little marina but well appointed. It’s not all about fishing with us, however. Since we have been here we have also spent time snorkeling and cruising around. I love the snorkeling and exploring days. Two days ago, we went down to Bitter End and the Boss tried his hand at kite boarding. Tough sport! But the boss impressed us all with his ability to handle the kite in the gusty winds. Today, we are headed back to St Thomas. It’s always tough to leave the BVI's, but we will be back.

Originally Published By: Capt Ed Thompson

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Tom Brussee Said:

Just a quick note of thanks for your assistance in the recent purchase of our Tiara 3200 open. Your extensive knowledge and experience realIy helped make this deal possible. I appreciate your willingness to go “above and beyond” and really felt like you were looking out for my best interest during this whole process which made this long distance transaction do-able. I look forward to working with you again in the future.

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Galati Rendezvous to the Florida Keys June 21st – 29th 2014

The 2014 Florida Keys Rendezvous started on June 21st when Team Galati, a magnificent 2014 Prestige 550 Flybridge, left the St. Petersburg Pier en route for the Naples Boat Club. Located in the historic heart of the Olde Naples waterfront, the boat club served as the perfect venue for a kick-off “docktail party.” Here we enjoyed food and drinks and listened to the captains meeting, where they discussed the cruise to Duck Key.

Early the next morning the group headed for Hawks Cay Resort Marina. This island retreat is located midway down the Florida Keys where boaters gather to relax and celebrate the sea! Our guests were hungry by the time we arrived and enjoyed dinner at one of the many local restaurants. Some dined at Ocean, where the menu embodied the feeling and flavors of the Mediterranean, while others enjoyed Latin dishes at Alma. Some chose Caribbean seafood dishes at Beach Grill, while still others opted for chicken wraps and PB&J sandwiches at Indies Grill.

Overnight boaters have access to Hawks Cay’s pools and attractions, and on Monday, June 23rd the crowd took advantage of these spectacular amenities. Guests chose from a number of adventures that best suited their style and experience levels. Some swam in the saltwater lagoon, while others swam with the playful dolphins. Others opted to get exercise on the tennis courts or during a challenging game of ping-pong. For the more adventurous, kiteboarding lessons and guided diving explorations were available. That night, appetites were hearty, and Team Galati grilled burgers and brats for all to enjoy, along with delightful dishes that guests brought to share.

Team Galati led the rendezvous partygoers to Key West, Florida on Tuesday. After the fleet of Prestige, Tiaras, Cruisers, Sea Rays and Carver yachts pulled into the beautiful Galleon Marina and settled into their slips, guests were free to do as they pleased for the rest of the day. Some of the group chose dinner and drinks, while others made their way to the world famous Mallory Square, where talented street performers entertained large cheering crowds just before sunset. In anticipation of Wednesday’s full day of fun in the sun, after the show, most guests called it an early evening.

With full bellies and the breakfast dishes cleared, everyone jumped on the 550 Prestige Flybridge at 10:30 a.m. on Wednesday morning and set off to the beautiful reefs of Key West. The crystal-clear water was perfect for snorkeling; we saw coral, lots of tropical fish and a couple of barracuda. Once back aboard the Prestige, guests enjoyed a delicious lunch and a wonderful sightseeing cruise back to the docks. On Thursday, we spent the day exploring Hemmingway’s home, The Butterfly Emporium, The Little White House, and many of the unique shops along Duval Street. After a full day of sightseeing and shopping, it was back to Team Galati for a breathtaking sunset cruise around the Gulf of Mexico.

The next morning we departed for Pink Shell Resort in Ft. Myers Beach. The resort was wonderful with its three pool areas, breakfast buffet, bar and grill, and beach front with rentable water toys. The group’s activities ranged from relaxing poolside to parasailing around San Carlos Bay. On Saturday, Galati Yachts (with tremendous help from Phil and Mary Letourneau and the sponsor, Frank Baker of Baldwin Krystyn Sherman Marine Insurance), hosted a party and served tasty hors d’oeuvre and succulent desserts. Everyone expressed their excitement about the rendezvous and shared experiences about their trip. On Sunday morning, we said goodbye to all our friends, then the 550 Prestige departed for the last leg of our journey home back to St. Pete, Florida.

To view additional photos click here:

Originally Published By: Jay Jackson

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Sea Mixer Wins 2014 Gulf Coast Triple Crown Championship

Sea Mixer, a 66 Spencer owned by Ronald Davis of Orange Beach, Alabama, was crowned the 2014 Gulf Coast Triple Crown Champion after a third-place finish in Blue Marlin Grand Championship last weekend. Led by Capt. Devin Potts, the family team won the title after earning the most points in the grueling five-tournament Gulf series.

"It's a dream come true," Davis said after the results were announced at Sunday's awards breakfast at The Wharf in Orange Beach, Alabama. "The main thing is it was accomplished by my whole family and crew. It was a total team effort."

Sea Mixer compiled 700 points based on first place in the Orange Beach Billfish Classic with a 528.6-pound blue marlin, a 708.6-pound first-place blue in the Cajun Canyons Billfish Classic in Venice, Louisiana, and a 368.2-pound marlin in the just-completed BMGC. Davis and his family also competed in the Mississippi Gulf Coast Billfish Classic in Biloxi and the Emerald Coast Blue Marlin Classic in Sandestin, the other two qualifying events. Sea Mixer used a live bait in the Green Canyon to land the marlin that put them over the top last weekend.

Triple Crown points are earned by winning the top three spots in blue marlin weight or catch-and-release divisions. Bonus points are also scored if a boat breaks an existing blue marlin tournament record and competes in all five sanctioned events.

Team Reel Worthless came in second in the 2014 Triple Crown standings, followed by the preceding two-time champion Done Deal. Reel Worthless was the top release boat in the Canyons Classic, took third place in the blue marlin weight division in the MGCBC and caught the only blue marlin weighed in the Emerald Coast Blue Marlin Classic. The team's first place tuna award in the Orange Beach Billfish Classic and fourth-place marlin award in the Grand Championship did not accrue any points.

Done Deal, Triple Crown winner the past two years, was the top release boat in the OBBC and ECBC. All three boats earned extra points for fishing the five tournaments.

Sea Mixer takes home a beautiful 6-foot metal marlin sculpture created by marine artist Frank Ledbetter and bragging rights for the next year. Davis said he didn't think the outcome would be this close.

"It's a special honor to compete with some really great boats and owners," he said. "It was pretty challenging and took a lot of commitment. We'll see if I'm personally able to defend the title next year. There are no guarantees and at 71, the Triple Crown competition stressed me out a lot. But Sea Mixer and my family will definitely be in the mix next year, for sure."

Originally Published By: Scott Burt

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Gary Hitch Said:

In May of 2014 I contacted Galati Yacht Sales regarding a boat listing I saw online. The listing did not pan out, however I had the pleasure of speaking to Rob McCarthy in detail about other listings. Usually I prefer to deal directly with the listing broker, but in this case Rob was so knowledgeable and helpful that I decided to go through him to with my search for a new boat. Although I do not write recommendation letters often, I feel Rob’s level of professional service has been outstanding and he deserves the recognition.

During the next few weeks Rod and I spoke often until we found my 2000 3500 Tiara in Grand Haven, MI. I traveled 1000 miles to see the boat and have a survey performed. I had been looking for a boat for months and was ready to put my endeavors on hold. Rob helped me feel confident by spending a lot of time with me on the phone. I can be a bit demanding when it comes to a major purchase and Rob impressed me with his ease of conversation and willingness to promptly respond with answers to my questions.

Rob stayed engaged with me during the boat showing, survey, sea trial, sale and the shipping of the boat to the Chesapeake Bay! He still answers questions regularly and his service before, during and after the sale has just been over the top. I feel obliged to go find him more clients!

In closing, I’d like to add a positive comment about Jodi. She assisted with all aspects of the settlement process. Her knowledge and effective manner helped all go smoothly. Together with Rob, these two employees gave me a wonderful experience!

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Jack Culdertson Said:

Just wanted to send you a quick e-mail to let you know I appreciate the hard work you put into getting me into my new 2013 Tiara 36 Open. Needless to say I was upside down in my other boat and felt I would continue to be envious of every Tiara owner on the water. Jim, you put together a package that really works for me, I’m a happy customer.

I also want to thank the rest of the team who helped me through the uneasy feelings that came with me while trading my Old boat for the Tiara; the Galati team put me at ease by answering all my odd questions.

Mike Galati and his service team have gone beyond my expectations, as an example, He even sent a tech to my boat to show me where a switch was.

I also cannot say enough positive things about Chris Galati; Chris offered an offshore fishing trip which I took advantage of. Never has anyone earned my respect as fast as Chris did, Chris thank you for the polite fishing tips, they have improved my catch, and again thank you for a life long memory.

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